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Tango dong

Double ended dildo by Happy Valley

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So many different ways to Tango

The Tango is a fantastic double dildo. Made of pure silicone that's stiff enough to provide control yet soft enough for comfort, the Tango works well both with and without a harness. The vibrator works for both the getter and the giver, and both ends are well equipped to hit the G-spot or P-spot during use, as well as the giver's clit.
Works well, feels great for both partners, works with or without a harness.
Vibrator can be hard to remove, only one size available currently.
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extremely useful review
Happy Valley has a winner with their new double dildo. The Tango builds on earlier designs to create a design that feels great and works well for anyone, both in and out of a harness. You don't even need a partner to enjoy the Tango – the pony end works great as a handle, or it can be inserted to enjoy the internal massage and external stimulation of the clit pad while jacking the dildo.

The getter's end is a perky blue dildo jutting 6-1/4" out of the junction/base. The combination of the dildo and the silicone wings (which strengthen the Tango and help secure the dildo if you use a harness) makes the Tango look a bit like a slightly off-balanced, phallic fleur-de-lis. At first I thought the head of the dildo looked a bit funny (the bump is at the top only), but there's a good reason - it allows the Tango to have a head for added stimulation while minimizing the added girth that a full head gives, good news for those worried about the girth. The curve of the dildo is shaped so it can easily hit the G-spot and the A-spot, but unfortunately the getter's end has little to stimulate the clit.

The pear-shaped giver's pony is shaped well to help hold it in during harness-free use. The lip at the bottom catches against the user's pubis bone, and the two bulges rock against the the G-spot. The Tango also works very well with the pony inserted anally, either by a man or a woman. With the pony is held anally, the clit pad turns into a very pleasant perineum massager|Bad boy - Prostate massager, while the pony rocks against the P-spot if you're so equipped.

As of early 2009, Happy Valley offers only a single size of the Tango and while there will certainly be people wanting a larger size this model's a good start size-wise.

Happy Valley uses easy-to-clean and completely safe 100% silicone for the Tango, and they made an excellent choice for the firmness. It's softer than the Feeldoe so a wayward thrust isn't uncomfortable yet stiffer than the Nexus to allow for more control and easier penetration. Like all strapless strap-ons, the Tango requires good PC muscles or a harness to work well, but the wide thrusting pad helps to keep the dildo aligned and on course when it's used without a harness. The thrust pad has a few tricks up its sleeve, though - Resting right over the clit and labia, it's textured to improve stimulation and a bullet vibe is diagonally mounted just ¾" away, keeping it close to the giver's sensitive bits and out of the way of other objects so it doesn't get caught or turned off accidentally. The combination of internal and external stimulation is hard to resist - it's highly unlikely that the giver will lose interest in using the Tango, which is good news for both partners. The getter isn't left out of the vibe action either - the vibrations are conducted all the way down the shaft to the head, giving a decent amount of stimulation to whatever body parts the front end of the Tango encounters. Sadly, the vibrations are much weaker at the pony end, but they can still be felt.

The vibrator that Happy Valley supplies is a standard waterproof bullet, running on 3 watch cells and with an on-off control, but it gets the job done. The only trouble I had with it is removal - the vibrator is almost flush with the opening, often requiring fingernails and a strong grip to remove. A cord or pull-tab on the end would help ease removal substantially.

The junction of the dildo and pony is well-designed. It's strong enough so the dildo sticks out at a usable angle on its own, but soft enough to allow the two ends to flex for maximum comfort. The Tango works well in most positions, and the upward curve makes the dildo easy to insert and stimulating.

If you want a more secure setup, the Tango is compatible with any harness that has a through-hole, with silicone wings at the thrust pad and vibrator pocket that securely catch a harness with a 1/2" - 3/4" O-ring. Generally, I like using doubles with a harness, but it's nice to have the option of using the Tango harness-free, and it's definitely something we'll investigate more in the future.
The Happy Valley Tango is different from my other double dildo, a Nexus Maximus. The first thing I noticed when I was taking the Tango was how controllable it was - whereas the floppy Nexus required a bit more wiggling to get inserted, the Tango slid right in. The second thing I noticed was the vibrator - it really works in the Tango, and having the head vibrate as it rubbed past my P-spot added a new dimension to pegging (the Nexus Maximus also has a vibrator, and while the vibrations are a bit stronger at the clit ridge on the Nexus, the soft silicone doesn't carry them down the dildo). The giver has a slightly different experience with the two dildos (the Nexus thrusts a bit, whereas the Tango wiggles), they're both very pleasurable. I'm glad I have both dildos - the Nexus' softer silicone and length make it better for some positions and moods - but if I had to choose only one it would be the Tango. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the Tango as a first double ended dildo - it's excellent anally and vaginally, both in and out of harness, or as a hand-operated dildo. On top of that it's a great value. Happy Valley deserves a round of applause for this toy.
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  • Epiphora
    Wonderfully thorough review!
  • Sexalicious K
    Great Review Scott! We didn't like how floppy the Nexus is and you put everything in perspective. We will be purchasing a Tango soon.
  • ScottA
    You're going to like your Tango. The consistency of the Tango silicone is like the soft Tantus silicone or the Ophoria silicone - very nice and all-around.
  • Liz2
    Great review! Glad you found the Tango as satisfying as I did! Great to hear from a guy! I have always been curious about the Nexus, esp the new one with a vibe but you have satisfied my curiosity and I so enjoy the Tango.
    Do want by b/f to try it anally with me for DP but we are not there yet. Have you tried it this way yet?
    On the bullet; mine is somewhat difficult to insert, even with lube, but is so easy to remove. It must be the silicone mold they are made from.
  • ScottA
    My partner's not interested in DP, so my tests were theoretical, using my hands to simulate. It will work, but there are two things to think about - firstly, when holding the pony anally you will probably need to consciously hold the bulb end in during thrusting if there's drag on the dildo, otherwise it can start to work it's way out.
    The second thing to keep in mind is that the clit pad doesn't help stabilize the dildo, so you'll need to use your hand to help insertion.

    Other than that it should work great, as long as you compensate for the reduced "working length".
  • her.royal.redness
    Wonderful review!!
  • deceased
    Great review!!!! I am DYING to try the Tango once it gets back in stock!
  • ......
    The Tango seems to have a very defined curve for the getter. Does this limit the positions that a couple can get into for pegging?
  • ScottA
    The curve and stiffer silicone of the Tango does limit positions somewhat for anal-receptive use - I find that my favorite position is doggy with the Tango, since my curves seem to fit best with the Tango's curves that way. I find that the Tango can catch a little on some internal fold sometimes in other positions, limiting penetration. It doesn't seem to be an issue when using the Tango vaginally. For use in a variety of positions my favorite as a receiver is probably the Nexus Maximus ([https://www.edenfantasys.com/dildos/double-ended-dildos/nexus-maximus]), as it's soft enough to work around corners and long enough to use in any position without it slipping out. The downside with the Nexus is that there is no way it will stay in without a harness and it isn't quite as stimulating to either party (the Tango gives better G-spot stimulation and the vibrations carry farther down the shaft of the Tango).

    The Tango's stiffness makes insertion easier and provides stronger G/P-spot stimulation, though.
  • dp_ware
    My wife and I have done our research... well, ok, I did most of it... and looked at the Feeldoes, the Shares, the Nexus', and we've finally settled on the Tango. It gets here on Wednesday and I can't wait!
  • dp_ware
    6 months and no new posts? Isn't anyone else trying this toy? We haven't made too much use of this toy yet, only a couple of sessions that were a little clumsy but fun. There will be more, but I wonder if a Share XL wouldn't have been a better choice.
  • ScottA
    Tango vs. Share XL: Share XL is bigger and more textured and doesn't vibrate, but it might stay in the giver better. Tango vs Share: Share doesn't vibrate and has the flare at the base of the getter's end.

    Sadly the Tango isn't imported right now, so there's not likely to be much discussion until it is.
  • mikebooks
    A nice review. It is a pity that EF do not sell the product anymore :/. Thanks!
  • lesbianlesbian
    I love my Share, but I'd really like to try this. Sad they don't import it any more.
  • Alex Time
    I have a share but I wanted to try something with vibration. I wonder if Eden will ever bring this back? I sure hope that they do!
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