Let's Do-Et.

The Royal Duet is a beautiful, textured glass dildo that can be used for masturbation (with either end) or for female/female double-penetration. The small diameter really allows for the swirled and nubbed texture of this sex toy to really shine. The smooth surface of the glass requires very little lubrication for use, and the quality production of this glass dildo means that this in an investment that will last for years to come.
Interesting textures, perfect length for masturbation, glass uses little lube.
A little short for female/female use, nubs can be painful unless aroused
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The Royal Duet is a double-ended dildo crafted by SSA Glass. Each side of the dildo provides a different sensation by differences in the raised texture of the glass. This dildo is nine inches long and has a diameter of about an inch on some of the textured parts. This textured glass dildo is made from Pyrex glass which improves the strength of the glass. This sex toy weighs less than a pound and is extremely smooth to the touch. The dildo also comes with its own storage pouch.

This glass dildo was intended for vaginal use. Using this for external stimulation will not provide much extra stimulation, and this should not be used anally because it is lacking in a flared base. This could also be used between lesbian partners for double-insertion, but it is unrecommended for heterosexual partners for double-insertion since that would involve using this anally.

This toy is most-likely best suited for masturbation or a careful partner. Because of the unforgiving nature of glass along with the long length of this dildo, careful and attentive thrusting is required to avoiding hitting or bruising of the cervix by too rough thrusts.

Because this sex toy is made from Pyrex Glass, this dildo is also a good candidate for temperature play. Placing this toy in warm water or cool water and allowing it to sit for a bit before using the dildo will change the temperature of the dildo itself. Avoid placing it in extreme temperatures like the oven/microwave or freezer. This will end up harming the integrity of your dildo and will decrease its lifespan.

Material / Texture

This dildo is made from Pyrex Glass. Pyrex Glass differs from other types of glass because it is fully intended and made to be extremely hard to break and to withstand extreme temperatures. If broken (which is hard to do), this piece of glass will actually break apart in large chunks instead of breaking into small pieces. Glass also doesn't have much "grip" to it, so many times, very little lubrication will be needed to use a glass sex toy. The glass doesn't absorb any of the lubricant, so the lubricant you use will last a long, long time without needing to be reapplied either. Glass has no scent to it, is very very firm, and has no give to it. It is extremely smooth to run your fingers over and will provide no drag to the skin.

The texture of Royal Duet differs depending upon the side of the dildo. Both sides of the dildo have a pronounced "head" designed to look like the head of a penis that has been etched out by use of the blue-colored, raised glass. It is possible to notice both of these heads in the product pictures.

One side of the dildo (4 inches worth) is covered in small, little nubs. Each nub is painted blue. The nubs are very elevated from the surface of the toy and can easily be felt by the hand. The nubs can feel a little painful during use unless you are already turned on. The nubs cover then entire circumference of the toy for about two inches of full nubs. In between the two sides is about an inch of plain, non-textured glass dildo.

The opposite side is the swirls. The swirls are just as elevated as the nubs are, but because of the continued nature of the swirls, they do not feel quite as pronounced. The swirl is just one long line that spirals downward towards the nubbed end of the toy. There ends up being four completely swirls made around the dildo in the two inches of swirl texture that is provided.

When used for masturbation, this toy is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Advanced users may find themselves longing for more girth while beginners will enjoy being able to use a firm, smooth toy. When purchasing for use by a partner, it is recommended that you and your partner be aware and conscious of each others' needs before use of this sex toy. Because of the length and the firmness of the dildo, it's possible for a partner to get too sex toy happy and over-thrust and cause pain. With couple's use, it is recommend you both be familiar with each others' needs. With female/female double-penetration, this is recommended only for advanced users because of the small length and the firm body of the toy. Beginners should start off with something longer and softer.

Design / Shape / Size

The nine inch size is perfect for masturbation use. In fact, there's actually lots of extra inches for masturbation, so if you prefer your toys to be longer than average, this is a recommended toy. For double-penetration with two partners, this size is a bit on the small size and will require some interesting maneuvers to successfully use.

The diameter is a good fit for most beginners. An inch is smaller than the average diameter of a penis and about the size of two fingers placed together side by side. This diameter may leave a lot to be desired in people who enjoy large diameters with their toys.

The texture works well for what it is supposed to do - provide texture. The small diameter plays a background part in making sure that the texture is the most focused-on part of this glass sex toy instead of feeling full from the diameter of the toy. This sex toy is good for straight-on thrusting, but it will not provide any g-spot stimulation.

The sex toy does appear to be glass and decorated in nature, but because of the obviously long shape and interesting texture along with the pronounced heads on both sides of the dildo, this sex toy is not discreet if left out in the open. This sex toy becomes more discreet if you choose to store it in its storage pouch. This dildo would be suitable for travel as long as you could find a storage pouch or pad it with clothing to avoid harm coming to your glass dildo.


The texture on both sides is better felt with shallow thrusts. While deeper thrusts will still feel pleasurable, the texture is best felt within the first couple inches of insertion. Since the toy is lacking in a large diameter, this toy may not feel as filling as possible for deep penetration. Neither heads of the dildo provided much of a "pop" like I was anticipating. The nice, rounded curves of the head did allow for extremely comfortable penetration however.

The swirled texture provided an interesting, "rippled" sensation. It was easily felt during use. Depending on how deeply the dildo was used, it was possible to begin feeling part of the nubs as well. The texture provided an interesting sensation. The nubbed texture on the opposite side is felt strongly. I'd recommend against inserting the nubbed portion of the dildo unless you are already aroused. If you are not aroused, the nubs may end up feeling more painful than pleasurable.

Unless you switch ends during use, both sides will work perfectly as handles for use as well. If the lubrication tends to cover a larger area than you intended, a paper towel to wipe up your hand and the dildo is recommended since, even with texture, glass is very slippery when lubricated.

Since this dildo is intended for double-penetration, caution should be used if you are intending this for use between two female partners. For one, the length is a little small to be used between two partners - both partners will receive the benefit of the texture, but it will not feel too filling or go too far in. For two, because of the rough, unforgiving material of this dildo, I'd recommend against wild and passionate thrusting at first. Start off gently and move into it slowly to get a feel for how the dildo is used. This is best to avoid pressing the material of this sex toy into an unpleasant place.

Pyrex Glass requires little lubrication to use. For some women, no lubrication at all would be required. The lubricant that was placed on the dildo lasted throughout an entire use and then some.

Care and Maintenance

This glass dildo is a Pyrex Glass dildo. Because of this, it shouldn't get hurt during use or break off either. Glass is completely non-porous, so it can be sterilized. I'd recommend using a bleach solution to sterilize this since boiling water may not be safe for this piece of glass art. Any type of lubricant will work with the Royal Duet. This sex toy is also top-shelf dishwasher safe.

For storage, a padded bag is recommended. The padding will keep the dildo safe from harm in case it happens to fall somewhere or get placed under a heavy object. However, the unpadded storage pouch that this dildo comes with will keep the dildo from receiving any scratches on the surface of the toy.

This dildo shouldn't chip or scratch unless dropped or otherwise harmed, but if it does end up chipped, the dildo should not be used again. Throw it away and purchase a new one. A chip could end up scratching up your insides - does that sound enjoyable enough to warrant using it?


This dildo actually doesn't come in any specific packaging. However, this glass dildo does come in a nice, protective drawstring pouch. The pouch is pink satin on the inside with purple microfiber material on the outside. The pouch is not padded. This pouch appears to be the EdenFantasys brand pouch that is sold here on EdenFantasys. The pouch easily has enough room to fit the entire double-ended dildo as well as lubricant and condoms. Again, the pouch is not padded, so be careful with where you choose to store this pouch to keep your dildo out of harm's way.

If this dildo is being purchased as a gift, this pouch will work perfectly for storage and "wrapping" for your gift. No instructions were included in the packaging.

Personal comments

This dildo is a gorgeous dildo and feels amazingly well-made. It has the proper length for masturbation use and can still be used as a female/female double-penetration toy. I did not actually use the toy for that (though I wish I did) and my experiences of the female/female experience are all based upon my single-female experience with the sex toy along with my knowledge of sex toys.
Follow-up commentary
The Royal Duet is a gorgeous glass dildo. I don't use it as much as a dildo, but I do let it sit out since it looks so gorgeous. Even after multiple uses, it still looks great. I just have other toys I prefer a lot more. However, this is definitely a quality dildo that's going to last you a long time with a unique, textured sensation.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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