O2 Revolution - strap-on dildo by Tantus - review by Buttercup Green

Love, Sex, Magic- Part 1 *O2 Revolution*

I love Revolution so much that words simply cannot explain. The large diameter plus the large head makes for an incredible orgasm machine! It will not be like this for everyone though. It does lack a curve, but this certainly does not sway my opinion. The base is small enough to keep me comfortable, and the veins just add that extra something to the already great shaft. The O2 material is different than anything else, and I am glad I have been able to experience it.
Plush yet firm, Dual density silicone, Gorgeous color, Base, Thick, Comfortable for thrusting
Too big for some, Pronounced head may catch on pubic bone, Slight curve not for everyone
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Warning: Review has a lot of pictures in order to show details and comparisons!!

Revolution is yet another amazing dual density dildo. It is part of the non-realistic O2 line by Tantus, but Revolution is the most realistic in this line. It comes in pink, blue, and purple. All of the colors are gorgeous, but I simply had to have the blue. The candy colors really get me in a sweet mood. Revolution would be great for those who do not like the realistic and skin colored dildos, but the size is not great for beginners. This dildo has a flared base. The base makes this dildo anal safe and harness compatible.

Revolution has a nice length and blunt head, so I suggest caution when using this toy for the first few times. If you have a shallow vaginal canal, this dildo could be a little too long for you. I have not had a problem with this toy hitting my cervix, but I do not think it would hurt as much as a glass dildo would thanks to the super soft head.

To help it feel more realistic, Revolution can be put in warm water for about 5 minutes prior to play time.
When it comes to traveling, Revolution is just way too bulky in my opinion.
Revolution is perfect for males and females. There is little to no curve, but the larger than average diameter will easily fill you up and possibly rub the G-spot or P-spot. Some may find that the shallow curve and soft material will not be stimulating enough to provide those awesome G-spot or P-spot orgasms.

Material / Texture

Revolution is made out of Tantus's O2 dual density silicone. This just means that this dildo has a firm inner core which is then topped with squishy, skin-like silicone. O2 helps make the dildo feel like a real erect penis. The head is completely plush. The shaft is soft as well, but it does get firmer the further you go down the shaft. Silicone is non porous and can be sanitized by bleaching or boiling. Non porous is just a way of saying that the toy will not harbor any bacteria. Revolution came to me without any smells or tastes. It does attract every piece of lint and hair within a 5 mile radius, but silicone is known for this type of behavior.
This dildo should only be used with water based lubricants, but if you would rather use your favorite silicone lube I suggest doing a patch test on the base first. Revolution has quite a bit of drag to it, so I do recommend using lubrication. If using this toy for anal, be sure to use as much lube as needed.
As far as texture goes, Revolution does have some veins on the shaft. The shaft is flexible, but easily bounces back to its original shape. I would say that the texture and material are beginner friendly, but unfortunately the size is not. The bottom is smooth and shiny, and it is also firm yet flexible. The shiny base may be difficult to hold onto with lubed up fingers.

    • Harness compatible
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The head of the dildo is made entirely out of the plush outer layer of silicone. It is easily squished in and makes insertion much easier and comfortable. The head is somewhat realistic due to its blunt, phallic shaped head with a pronounced ridge. Raised veins run up and down the shaft, and they can be felt while thrusting. Speaking of thrusting, I find that the outer layer really allows my husband and I to heavily thrust this dildo. The veins do not bother me at all, but then again I love texture. Those who are sensitive to textures may find the veins to be irritating. The base is perfect! It is flared enough to prevent any accidents, but the base is also small in length and width. Since this toy is too big for anal play, I used this toy for vaginal play while my husband was in my bum. For the first time in a long time, we did not have a problem with the base causing pain to my hubby's testicles. It was such a smooth and comfortable ride! The base has the Tantus logo on one side. When held by the base, Revolution flops around a little. However, it still remains upright and proud! I think Revolution would do well in a harness. I find that the underside of the shaft is softer than the inside of the shaft. This just helps apply more firm pressure where you need it the most. While the Revolution does not directly look like a penis, it is obviously an object used for sexual purposes. The overall diameter may be very intimidating to beginners, so I suggest the Revolution to intermediate or advanced users.
Total length-7 1/2"
Insertable length-7 1/8"
Diameter of head-1 3/4"
Diameter of shaft-1 1/2"
Length of base-1 3/8"
Width of base-3/8"


Revolution is worth every penny in my opinion. Even though it lacks a curve, this dildo fills me up very nicely. The girth plus the round head can really rub my G-spot. I cannot explain it. Maybe the girth makes up for the lack of curve.
I find this toy to be an amazing overall dildo. I love using this dildo for shallow, fast thrusts and for slow, deep thrusts. I love giving Revolution blow jobs, but I absolutely adore sucking on the head! Even though I cannot take this anally yet, I look forward to the day when I can. I do not find the length to be too much, but some might especially if they have shallow vaginal canals. I find myself grabbing this toy all the time. I find that the O2 material is more firm than the VixSkin material, which is great for those who prefer firm pressure.
My husband and I found this toy to be very, very comfortable for double penetration. I also love to use Revolution as a stress reliever. Revolution begs to be squeezed!
I have had Revolution for almost 6 months now, and it has held up just perfectly. The blue color is still as vibrant as the day I got it, and the material looks and feels brand new.

Care and Maintenance

Simply clean with warm water and antibacterial soap before and after each use. You can also substitute your favorite toy cleaner.
For a deeper clean you can wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, boil it for 3-5 minutes, or stick it in the top rack of your dishwasher without any soap.
Always be sure to use lube with the Revolution. I suggest only water based lubricants. I also suggest using a condom with this toy if you plan to share it with a partner. Always be sure to properly clean before switching between anal and vaginal use.
The original packaging can be used for storage, but I use a Ziploc bag.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Revolution comes in the typical Tantus packaging. Revolution is completely in view thanks to the see through plastic box, so this is not discreet packaging at all. The dildo is held inside by a plastic tray. The box can be used for storage, but mine broke after a few months. There are a few cleaning and care instructions as well as some company information located on the side of the box.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Somewhat informative

Personal comments

Just like some of my other reviews, I want to do some comparisons in order to give you a better picture of the Revolution. I will be comparing the O2 Revolution to the O2 Cush, O2 Flurry, and VixSkin Raquel.

1.) Revolution vs. Cush.
Both have a bigger than average diameter. Where Revolution has veins for texture, Cush has one raised ridge located mid-shaft. Both textures can be felt when thrusting, but Cush's ridge seem more raised or pronounced. The heads are completely different. Revolution has a more phallic shaped head, while Cush's head has more of an arrowhead shape. Revolution's head is more blunt and therefore harder to insert when compared to Cush. However, both heads are pronounced. Revolution's base is thinner and more comfortable to me.

2.) Revolution vs. Flurry.
Flurry is quite thinner than Revolution, which makes it more beginner friendly. Flurry's base is pretty thick, while Revolution's base is thin. As with Cush, the heads are differently shaped. Flurry's head is arrowhead shaped and easier to insert thanks to the tapered tip. Flurry has two ridges located underneath the head, and all are pronounced. Both lack a great G-spot curve.

3.) Revolution vs. Raquel.
The two biggest differences with these dildos are the softness and the shape. Raquel is much more floppy and flexible than Revolution. Raquel is super plush compared to Revolution. Even though Raquel has a larger curve than Revolution, I find that Raquel is too soft in order to firmly hit my G-spot. I cannot have a G-spot orgasm with Raquel, but I can with Revolution. Raquel's shaft is completely smooth, and is thinner than Revolution. Raquel's base is larger in length and width. Raquel would make a great dual density dildo for beginners. Both are perfect for those that hate realistic dildos. Both have blunt heads, but because Raquel is thinner it is easier to insert. Raquel's head is not pronounced though.
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