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Medieval Mace Spiked Balls Torture Device

While the Colt Rammer has nice looks it really doesn't perform as expected. For the money there are loads of silicone dildos that will do a better, hygienically superior job. If this toy is to be used anally the base is wonderful, preventing loss and the size is great. Personally the Rammer didn't fit the demands of my girly parts and I recommend you not waste your effort on this naughty looking toy.
Bad-Boy looks. Design focused on clitoral stimulation. Sleek quality with realistic size.
Rubber construction, metal chain gets in the way. Head of the dildo is not pronounced.
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The Colt Rammer is designed for use either vaginally or anally and because of this could be enjoyed by either sex. It definitely has a BDSM or 'bikerish' look to it. Hopefully I didn't offend any bikers out there in the audience but the black color and spiked balls coupled with the metal chain just remind me of a tough motorcyclist! The base is large enough to prevent loss if used for the back door while the curve and spiky nuts could provide some G-Spot and clitoral stimulation when used vaginally with the toy upside down. This dildo is manufactured from rubber so hygienically is not a very good choice. This means not switching users or entry points without covering the Rammer with a condom. As for the chain, I'm not really sure what the point is.... The big ball sac makes it easy to hold and makes for a wide base so a retrieval method isn't required. It is rather fun to swing around by the chain and could make for a nice weapon if necessary. Or maybe use as a key-chain for those with a big enough purse!

Material / Texture

Upon arrival, this Colt dildo did not have much of a smell and a thorough washing even further decreased the faint rubber odor. The scent always turns my husband on.. I think because it reminds him of new tires! The quality of construction is excellent with no seam lines evident and the shaft surface is super sleek and smooth.

The head of this cock is meant to resemble uncircumcised equipment and, while it's been some time since I've had that in my bed, my memory says that California Exotic has done a good job. The head is not pronounced, just a subtle ridge as though the foreskin wasn't pulled back. Firmness is just about right as the shaft bends to the users body but isn't so floppy that insertion is difficult. The spikes on the balls of the toy are not too pointy and shouldn't cause any injuries, but they didn't do much for me in the performance department. Personally, I'd say they're meant for eye-candy with the goal of making the user feel more naughty (ie. Bad Biker!). The metal chain has a nice chrome finish to it and is about 6" long including the ring at the end. It looks like only one link is embedded in the rubber and my opinion is that a good tug will pull the chain out of the toy.

Design / Shape / Size

This dildo has a realistic enough length and girth to it. The spec's are all on the Eden Fantasy's product page but I will say that this toy is comparable to a slightly larger than average cock. No monster dick for size queens nor mini tool that doesn't measure up... just a nicely endowed package! The head of the Rammer is quite realistic but the shaft has no veins or bulges so it's not a pecker clone. And really, I haven't met any man with spikes on his sac yet thank goodness. But I imagine that there are piercings for that too. This toy is certainly not something I'd travel with due to it's size and the fact that the chrome chain would probably light up airport metal detectors. The downward curve of the Colt Rammer seems odd to me as well as any cock I've seen hard always has a slight upward curve. Like I mentioned earlier, if this toy is used upside down, it seems to perform more like a regular penis and the spikes will then hit the clitoris. Another option is to turn your body into the woof-woof position. Voila, same thing.


Performance wise, this Colt dildo just didn't really do much for me. I didn't really find that the strange design of the balls rubbed my clitoris like I thought they would. The cock head isn't pronounced enough for me either and I could feel something was missing. An uncut man would have his foreskin pull back on insertion leaving the head ridge more exposed but this dildo can't do that. We both found that the metal chain is a pain as it just gets in the way. It will soon be pulled out of the base purposefully. I wouldn't recommend this dildo for harness use, unless the chain is pulled out or the wearer will get an awful poking on their pubic bone from the embedded chain link. Personally I would prefer a full suction cup base to the dumb chain idea.

Care and Maintenance

As far as caring for this dildo, it's not too labor intensive. It is not made from silicone so boiling/complete disinfection is not possible. We cover it with a condom for each use because the rubber, although sleek, is still porous. Water or silicone based lubricants work wonderfully with rubber and will not disintegrate this toy. For storage, we keep it in a ziplock plastic bag as it's just a habit. Because it's not jelly, it shouldn't go mushy or destroy your other toys on contact. Our idea is, why take the risk!

Lint attraction hasn't been a problem thus far.


California Exotic Novelties has used the standard thermo-molded plastic packaging for the Rammer. It serves it's purpose but is none too fancy. I always rip up the labeling before discarding in the trash but the garbage men will always know what was in the plastic container courtesy of it molded outline. Maybe that's why they always smile at me?


Personally I've used the Rammer to 'ram' the heck out of my pussy without much luck. It feels OK but isn't earth shaking and other dildos in our collection perform much better. I've had orgasms but not without some added stimulation either from my partner or another buzzing type toy. With the curve pointing upwards or downwards, in either the doggy or missionary position this cock hasn't won me over. Squatting on it has had the best results with my weight grinding the spiked balls into my clitoris but still not enough for orgasm, it just feels 'nice'. My husband has taken this toy anally (condom covered of course) while I've given him oral and he has no complaints... then again he hardly ever does. I envision this rubber dick becoming a strictly anally used dildo for only him in the near future as I've got better insertables to enjoy.
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  • Femme Mystique
    This is scary looking!
  • ToyingCouple
    You've got that right PG, maybe a toy for the Halloween season??
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    How firm is this?
  • ToyingCouple
    Adrianna, I did mention that I thought 'Firmness is just about right as the shaft bends to the users body but isn't so floppy that insertion is difficult'.

    I don't really know how else to describe it.
  • Midway through
    Great review, it looks pretty scary though!
  • Kcito
    looks like BSDM kind of thing
    Nice review
  • zandria
    Good review!
  • celibacysucks
    Ouch. I guess it wasn't as painful as it looked. Thanks for the info!
  • Serendipity
    Great review! Can you remove the chain?
  • lezergirl
    the chain does look like quite a nuisance - nice review though!
  • Fearsome
    Got mine years ago and it smelled, so I packed it and hid it away. I found it cleaning out my closet just recently-and it still smells.

    Thanks for the review!
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