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The FunFactory Amor makes it easy to enjoy a smaller-length dildo with the diameter of your average, favorite dildos. This makes it optimal for users who want to use it anally or those who dislike the sensation of larger dildos touching the cervix.
Short length is great for anal, Shorter dildo, Average diameter, Velvety silicone, Suctions
Requires extra lubricant for insertion
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The FunFactory Stubs Amor is a short dildo made by FunFactory that is virtually a smaller version of the FunFactory Magnum. The Stubs Amor is about five and a half inches in length, and the base spans about three inches as well. The Amor has a diameter (which is constant throughout the body) of an inch and a half, and it has four and a half to five inches of insertable length. The base of the toy can also act as a suction cup, and this toy also is waterproof.

The packaging for this FunFactory dildo resembles most FunFactory packaging. It comes in the grey and red box with the obvious window that shows the toy inside the box. Unlike other FunFactory toys, though, there isn't a small, magnetic window that will reveal the toy that is waiting inside. Instead, it just shows the toy on both sides, so you'll be able to see the toy. The packaging is really cute, and it would definitely be suitable for gift-giving. Along with the box, the dildo also comes with a FunFactory promotion pamplet, instructions for the dildo, and a sample of their water-based lubricant for use with the dildo. The box can be used for storage, but it's honestly a bit big in size for me to want to use it for long-term storage.

I think the main purpose of this dildo's creation was to appease a small, but well-needed, purpose with a sex toy. A lot of toys with a decent diameter (an inch or so) also happen to usually be about seven or eight inches in length. What if you want that regular-type diameter but you don't want the whole length of most of the average dildos? There isn't much out there. However, this FunFactory Stubs line definitely does help cover that need. Other Stubs-line dildos include the Tiger, Magnum, Paddy Pinguin, Cavalier, Bandito, and Scrudy.

So what, exactly, does this dildo follow after in terms of design? Yep, you guessed it! The FunFactory Magnum! This dildo is virtually the exact same dildo except they took a couple inches off of the long length of the Magnum and turned it into this Amor dildo. The bases are even the same in terms of design, but the Amor's dildo base does happen to be smaller in size than the base of the Magnum.

The neat thing about the Amor is the type of silicone that FunFactory used. With most of my silicone toys, I'm used to the silicone feeling slightly sticky or silky smooth. This toy just happens to be somewhere in the middle. The base of the toy is extremely slick, but the shaft and the top of the base have this really odd texture. It's almost like the silicone of the toy is made from velvet. It has that odd sensation of a dragging feeling that I haven't felt before in a toy. Some of the Sportsheets dildos feel more sticky (but not in a bad way!) while the LELO toys feel silky smooth, but the Amor is just really a texture all its own. I definitely like the texture, but it is something that requires extra lubricant in order to use comfortably.

For us, this dildo is absolutely perfect for anal. The instruction manual cautions about being careful with this toy as it could get pulled in, but we've had absolutely no issue with that happening. In the past, we've tried some longer anal toys like the Mistress or Leo from Vixen, and they never end up working too well for us since the boyfriend says that the length is just honestly too much for him. He says that the length makes it uncomfortable. So the Amor was exactly what we needed. We got the intermediate/advanced anal dildo, while at the same time, it didn't have the large amounts of length that had made our past anal dildos uncomfortable. The curve, while pleasurable, didn't seem to hit the prostate, though, so I don't know if I would expect the Amor to work as a prostate-stimulation dildo.

The dildo will work okay with a harness, but I don't think it will be the best harness-compatible dildo out there. Why? Because of the short length. When you use harnesses, the dildo already tends to lose a bit of length since it's against a human body, but since this one doesn't have too much length to begin with, it may not work well for harness use. However, when we did try it in a harness, it was comfortable, and I really enjoy the triangular-shaped base as it seems to be more comfortable for harness-use than the traditional circular base.
What else can the base do? It works wonderfully as a suction-cup type base. Once you push the dildo down onto a flat surface and remove all the air from underneath it, you get a really great suction from the dildo. Unless you purposely peel one of the corners away from the surface, the dildo will definitely stay suctioned, and if you wanted a suction-cup-type dildo, the Amor will work great for that as well. It does not, however, have a hole at the base for vibrations, so if you want this dildo to vibrate, you will want to hold a regular vibrator against the base.

Cleaning the Amor is pretty easy. As it's pure silicone, you can boil this dildo to sterilize it, or you can use warm water and antibacterial soap for a regular cleaning. It's easily covered by a condom, and it's only compatible with water-based lubricant. As the box is a bit large, I don't use it for storage, but you could definitely use it for storage if you wanted.

Overall, we like the Amor for anal use, and I think it's our "in-between" dildo. It's not one of the long, regular-diameter toys, but at the same time, it's larger than most of the beginner and intermediate anal toys out there. If you want the regular, average diameter out of your dildo but you don't want the long length, the Amor definitely has you covered.
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