My Best Friend In The World

You will not find a better realistic dildo of it's size. Real care went into crafting this puppy and every penny of it is worth it if you are into large dildos.
Girth, realistic feel, head, veins.
Heavy, not vertically stable.
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This baby has an honored position in my work arsenal and to think I bought it on a lark.

First off let me say that this toy is not for everyone. There are a lot of girls out there that will see the reviews and buy it only to find out that not only is it not their cup of tea, it's not even the right flavor of tea. This toy is for those girls that either enjoy the sensation of being stretched (fisting and the like) or enjoy length. This is not a toy for girls that are extremely tight and I would caution anyone who has never had a large penis.

Coming straight out of the box it is almost eerie how real this dildo feels in the hand. The veins that are injected into the dildo are slightly raised but pliable like on a real penis. I found this to be intriguingly delightful as it was a nice departure from the hard contours of the veins on other dildos. The balls are nicely shaped but add little in the way of stability for the toy.

I want to take a moment to talk about the head of this toy, it's often very over looked in the cheers about it's girth. The designers of this toy paid very close attention not only to the details of the dildo but in the design of it. The head is perfectly shaped and sculpted to allow for that delicious pop into you, but not raised enough to feel unrealistic. It's smoother to the touch than I would have expected, as usually on the realistic dildos they try too hard to make it spongey and fail miserably. What surprised me most however was the subtle slope on the back of the dildo that almost never appears on other realistic dildos, but always appears on circumsized males.

As many have stated the girth of this toy is exquisite. It stretches nicely and fills you completely. The best thing about this is that it will take you a while to fully stretch around this monster, giving you that delicious stretching sensation with every stroke of it inside of you. The balls, as I said before are nicely shaped however offer little support. Which is sort of disappointing as this would be a great toy to set on the floor and ride. The sheer length of it alone almost begs to be ridden, but unfortunately the base of the balls does not offer enough support to do so.

The shaft of this dildo is of course the best of all the features. Unlike most "realistic" dildos that miss the mark on the shaft, this one is tactiley the best out there. While it his smooth, supple and squishy on the outside, there is an inner core that gives it an anatomically correct rigidity that not only mimics the real thing, it surpasses the real thing (or at least what the real thing would feel like at these dimensions).

The cons are minimal on this item. As another reviewer mentioned, there is the need for maintenance and up keep. Dusting it with cornstarch or a manufactured product is not optional. It is necessary, especially if you use this toy with lube. If you fail to dust this product, you will find that the base of the balls soon gets squishy, sticky and feels like those jelly splat hands that were so popular in the early 90s. You know, the kind that stuck to walls and such but eventually became nothing more than a stretchy lump of dust, dirt and pet hair/human hair. However you can save this toy from that fate by regularly washing it and not allowing lube to sit on it for too long, and dusting it weekly if you use it regularly.

I would not recommend this toy to just everyone. However visually it looks fantastic while in use, so it will work well for taunting or teasing your significant other. Due to it's weight it might be ungainly for some people to use though, especially solo.
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  • Contributor: Nashville
    As it's cyberskin, which is unfortunately, a very porous material- I recommend to cover it with a condom. By shielding it with a condom, it will prevent bacteria and germs from penetrating the material which will prolong the life of your toy... It will also keep you free of any vaginal or bacteria infections.

    Welcome to the community!
  • Contributor: phonesexgoddess
    Thanks! And yeah I tried that also. But for me the feeling of this dildo was the primary reason I enjoyed it so much. So covering it with a condom would diminish it's love personally. And for work, no guy wants to see a girl on cam using a dildo with a condom LOL. It blows their entire fantasy! Thanks for the tips and welcome though! I'll try to use that on another one of my toys.
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    nice review!
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    Thank you for the review!
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