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My Kind of Mustang!

The VixSkin Mustang is hands down one of the most realistic toys I've ever tried and is well worth every penny. Whether you're using it anally, vaginally, or even (occasionally) orally, it won't leave you disappointed. Between the beautiful bright colors and the detail and precision of the toy, this is one purchase you WON'T regret!
Incredibly realistic
Harness compatible
Lifetime guarantee
Comes in rainbow!
Can be a little "sticky" feeling
Isn't good for intense G-spot stimulation
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Let me just preface this review by saying that I am, henceforth, incredibly biased towards this toy. Before we get down to the nitty gritty, I want everyone who reads this to know that the VixSkin Mustang is hands down the best sex toy of its kind that I have ever purchased! That being said, let’s do some talking about how it actually works.

Due to the gentle curve of the shaft, the Mustang qualifies as a G-spot toy. To be honest, given how flexible and realistic the toy is, I’m not convinced there would be a huge difference between a straight Mustang and a curved Mustang, but some may find the curve more noticeable than others. Regardless of how well the toy hits your specific G-spot, however, it can be used anywhere by just about anyone. I have not yet tried the toy anally, but I’m going to be blunt - I can’t wait to try this toy out in a harness on my man. Frankly, I’m not convinced he’ll be able to tell the difference from the real thing! Except for, of course, the part where (in his words) “it looks like a unicorn threw up on it.” What can I say? I like rainbows! He won’t be able to tell the difference with the lights off, anyways.

Although not all users may enjoy this to the extent that I do, the Mustang is also an incredibly realistic feeling cock in your mouth. I was astounded at just how realistic the textures felt—and as I understand it, it can be heated as well, which would only add to the fantastic sensation of sucking this toy off. If you’re in an LDR, looking to tease someone via webcam, or even just need a bit of practice, the Mustang is an excellent candidate for faux blowjobs.
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Material / Texture

I had to do a little bit of research here, because Eden lists the Mustang as being made of VixSkin. “That’s great,” I thought, “But what exactly is VixSkin?” While I can’t give the exact science behind it, a bit of research reveals that VixSkin is actually just a type of silicone specific to the manufacturer of the Mustang, Vixen Creations. For this reason, if you were worried that the material was anything like the infamous “CyberSkin,” worry not. Rest assured that the Mustang is 100% silicone, hypo-allergenic, latex free, phthalates free, and absolutely sanitary. As with many silicone toys, boiling the Mustang for 3 minutes (according to Vixen Creations) will get everything on it or in it out, leaving it safe for re-use with anyone. As an added bonus, Vixen Creations offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products should anything go wrong with your fabulous new toy - ever.

Now on to the fun part.. The texture. How can I describe the feeling of this toy other than to say that it’s phenomenal? Well, let’s start with the basics and work our way up. If you are curious, and since I mentioned blowjobs, the toy does not have any sort of a taste — which is a good thing. Toys probably shouldn’t have much of a taste. It does have a very faint smell that’s hard to describe. It reminds me a little of a jelly toy, but a little muskier and again, much fainter. I can’t smell it when I’m sucking on the toy, only when I put my nose right up against it, so I don’t think most people will have an issue with it smelling. Beyond this, I suspect the smell might fade after a while, anyway.

The base of the Mustang is hard and smooth - just smooth enough that it can stick to other smooth surfaces for a moderate amount of time. I’ve stuck it to several things now without having it fall off easily via pulling, but it does tend to fall off of walls and such after 10-15 minutes. I don’t think it’s actually meant to have a suction cup, so consider this an added bonus rather than a disadvantage. The edges of the circular base are more textured and where the texture covers the solid base, rubbing that area feels somewhat like rubbing the palm of your hand with your thumb. Away from the base, where the toy is covered with a thicker layer of softer silicone, it has a very different feeling to it. If there was a downside to the toy, this might be it - the shaft, while feeling realistic, does tend to feel a bit.. Sweaty? It’s a very sticky feeling that goes away easily with a bit of lubrication, but it’s more than noticeable while handling the toy unlubricated. The silicone of the shaft is textured, more delicately, with a number of tiny creases and lines, just like real skin. The shaft also includes realistically small, but noticeable veins. The texture of the silicone changes near the head, where the Mustang becomes incredibly smooth (this is part of what adds to the realism of fake blowjobs with it.
    • Flexible
    • Harness compatible
    • Sticky

Design / Shape / Size

Vixen Creations offers a number of quality toys in various shapes and sizes, but since the Mustang is my first, I can’t quite compare it to any other Vixen toys. In terms of real world penises, however, I consider the Mustang to be a bit larger than the average man without crossing into the “get that monster away from me!” territory. If you ran into him in real life, it would be a treat, not a horror story to tell your friends later. Technically, the toy measures at 5” in circumference, but as it gradients from head to base, the head is a bit smaller than this and the very base is a bit larger.

The shape of the toy is, essentially, the penis of your dreams. Even without the rainbow of the tie-bright toy, I find it to be pretty aesthetically appealing for a penis. It’s realistically shaped without being intimidating or awkwardly realistic. As I mentioned earlier, the Mustang features a softly sloping curve meant to stimulate your G-spot. As others have mentioned, this curve is NOT meant for intense G-spot stimulation, but for a realistic level of G-spot stimulation that you might expect from actual sex. The shaft is lined with a number of veins that don’t necessarily add to the feeling of the toy inside of you, but do add greatly to its appearance and appeal regardless. The head is well pronounced without quite crossing into “bulbous” for me and even includes the small fold/join “underneath” the head, tapering into a small hole on top of it. Just beneath the head there is a bit of extra silicone and texture that protrudes out just a bit more than the shaft, but not as far as the head. It’s a bit hard to describe, so your best bet is to check out the many pictures of the Mustang to understand what I’m talking about. It serves to provide a bit more of a miscellaneous textured surface and also to lessen what would otherwise be a dramatic difference between shaft and head.

And of course, we can’t neglect the best part: the Mustang is also a “cored” toy. This means that it features more than one type of silicone: a harder, very stiff silicone in the middle and a very soft, realistic feeling silicone on the outside. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the toy simply has a plain old core, though: feeling and examining the toy thoroughly reveals variations in thickness where appropriate. Generally, the toy feels harder near the base and softer near the head, where the core seems to almost completely disappear. The underside of the toy is also slightly harder than the top: details like these make it obvious that a lot of thought was put in to the design to make the Mustang as the incredible toy that it is.
    • Partner play
    • Realistic


I couldn’t speak higher of the Mustang’s performance in every category. Not only is it incredible feeling inside you, but also merely to play with, to hold, and to (occasionally) suck on. The varying textures and weight of the silicone make it feel like the real thing when inside of you. Furthermore, while the toy does have a bit of “stickiness” when merely touching it, once it becomes lubricated it feels very realistic and lubrication on the toy feels exactly like lubrication on the skin. The hard base of the toy means that it is extremely easy to hold on to during use (in fact, the Mustang is arguably the best toy I have ever had in terms of how comfortable it is to hold). The hard base also means that the toy is harness compatible. I am quite sad to say that I have not yet tried it in a harness, but when/if I am able to, I’ll be sure to include it in a follow up review.

As a G-spot toy, the Mustang may fall a little short for some, so don’t buy it thinking that it’s going to be the end-all-be-all for G-spot stimulation. While the toy is about as hard as a real penis, it does have a little bit of extra give around the head and may not offer very intense G-spot stimulation to most users. With that in mind, the best advice I can give to potential buyers is not to go into the purchase thinking you’re going to get a great G-spot toy. Instead, it’s better to go in expecting the rainbow Adonis of dildos to carry you off in to the orgasm of the Gods. Come on, that sounds way better, right?
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

As I mentioned earlier, the Mustang is a silicone toy, which means you can clean it just about any way you feel inclined to do so. To sanitize the toy completely, toss it in a clean pot and boil it for 3 minutes to get all the ick out. Otherwise, wash it off with a bit of soap and water and move on with your life. To those who are curious, I will note that the Eden Wipes only work mediocre at best with this toy, due to the sort of “pull” or stickiness than the material has, the wipes just don’t quite get everything off. You’re better off taking your Mustang to the sink and rinsing it in this case, since the Eden Wipes just aren’t quite slick enough to get it clean.

The Mustang is the type of toy that will also attract dust and hair, so watch out! However, if you keep the toy in its original case, it should be fine. I’ve had toys that seem to come out of the box covered in lint and the Mustang isn’t one of them, but after leaving it out for a little while it will start to pick up hair and such. You should also be weary of this when using the toy during sex or alone. If you take it out of yourself and think you may use it again, I suggest setting it on a hard surface rather than tossing it on the bed where it’ll only attract dust and any other bed particles your sheets might be harboring.


The packaging of the Mustang is simple and logical. It doesn’t come with any manuals and frankly, it doesn’t really need them - although I admit, having the package state somewhere that the toy comes with a lifetime warranty might be nice. Had I not been researching to learn about what exactly VixSkin was, I probably would have never known. The Mustang comes in a plain, clear tube that’s just a little wider than the base of the toy and about half an inch taller. The front of the tube has the VixSkin logo and the back includes a small promo about the VixSkin line of products. I should probably note that, if I were an attentive sex toy owner, I wouldn’t have to confess that I hadn’t actually read the back of the container until just now and, consequently, that I just realized that the toy states that it’s made of silicone on the back. Oh well! My research wasn’t in vain since I learned a few interesting things about VixSkin anyways.

I should note that I’ve heard some complaints about the tube being a bit hard to open/close. I noticed this as well, pretty quickly. The tube is sealed by two hard but not unbendable plastic rings. New owners of the VixSkin will probably realize right away that when you put the lid on the tube, it just will not go on all the way. This completely puzzled me for several days, since there was plenty of space between the lid and the toy: nothing should have prevented it from sitting comfortably on the tube. I realized eventually, however, that the reason was because the container is pretty much air-tight. When you put the lid on, all of the air inside pushes back on it! The solution to this is very easy: grab something sharp (a small screwdriver, a thick thumbtack, a needle, etc.) and poke a hole in in the top of the lid. It doesn’t have to be a very big hole, just a hole. You should find that when you put the lid back on, the air will escape and it will close comfortably and not bother your OCD incessantly by refusing to go on all the way.
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal

Personal comments

The VixSkin Mustang is not the first expensive toy I’ve purchased, nor will it be the last, but it does top the charts as one of the best. The Mustang is versatile and realistic in a way no other toy has ever managed to be for me. While it won’t quite satisfy that “super hyper vibrating extravaganza” or “maximum hyper size queen” craving that some of us are bound to get sometimes, for every day use, this toy is perfect. It’s also a great representation of a real penis, again, for any type of LDR play. I can’t speak highly enough of this toy and if I had one word of advice for potential buyers, it would be.. Buy it today!
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