The hard rammer - dildo by Doc Johnson - review by DrNike69

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Not Just a Toy for Boys

This fabulously huge penis may seem like a joke for a frat party, but inside a vagina it is certainly no joke. This dong is huge, realistic, and wide and fills every hole with length to spare. A fabulous buy at an awesome price.
Extra realistic, long, and wide, handle is super.
Strong smell.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
I have forever been looking for a toy that filled me up enough to be satisfying. When I saw The Hard Rammer I knew I had to have it.

My first impression of this delightful little piece of PVC was that it was HUGE, which is exactly the thing I was looking for. The packaging was a bit discouraging though--various cheesy manly phrases such as "The Man's Tool" and "Man size" adorned the package (my favorite is definitely "It's Ramming Time"). Since I am, in fact, a woman and not a gay male looking for a large anal toy, this was a turn off. However, the toy is delightfully realistic, with raised bluish veins and a mushy consistency with a hard center that definitely holds its shape. Another turn off is that this delightful dick has that sickeningly sweet smell of the material that does not wash off after at least the first few washes (I haven't washed it more than four or five times, since I've only had it for a few weeks, and it still has a pretty strong scent.)

Looking past the smell and the packaging, this toy does the job of five. It is deliciously long and large--something I thought would be a feat to maneuver when I first played with it, but a little lube took care of that and made it an easy in. The raised veins and edges really do make a big difference, and feel lovely against my vaginal walls. The size and girth of this toy are definitely not for beginners, but, being experienced with many toys and always loving a good challenge, the Hard Rammer was perfect.

Perhaps the best feature of this toy is the handle. We all know that solo play leaves us with funny angles and hard to reach places--not so with the Hard Rammer. The handle gives the user enough grip to use the toy at any angle desired. Also, during partner play, the handle allows the "rammer" have more control over where the toy goes and when. This is a super addition to the dildo, since oftentimes partners are forced to pay more attention to the toy than their joy-recipient; the handle alleviates this problem.

Since this toy is Sil-a-Gel with a hard center, it picks up vibrations from other toys very very well. I used a bullet paired with a tiny clitoral stimulator, and it’s safe to say I’ve pretty much found the only way I’ll masturbate for a while.

Cleaning this toy is also very simple, since it has no mechanical parts or batteries to worry about. This toy is made of Sil-A-Gel, which has antibacterial properties in it. I had to do a quick read up about this material on the Materials Guide on this site, because I was unfamiliar with it, so if you are unfamiliar that is probably a good idea too. It is nontoxic and safe to use with water-based and silicone-based lubes, and is semi-porous, but is super easy to clean. [Editor's note: Sil-a-gel is basically PVC and is very porous, so condom use is recommended, and especially important if sharing between partners/orifices.]

All in all, this toy is super satisfying and super fun. I recommend it strongly to anyone who is looking to fill their hole(s) with an extra long, extra wide, extra realistic Sil-a-gel penis. The Hard Rammer may be designed to be a boy’s toy, but it more than satisfied this girl.
Follow-up commentary
I still love this toy, and I still think it is amazing, but I have a few more cons to add that I've run across during the few months I have enjoyed this big boy.

First, the strong odor still hasn't left. I've been using Climax Bursts cleaning gel, and even with this strong anti-bacterial cleanser, the toy still has a sickeningly sweet plastic-y smell that won't go away. It has also seeped into the other things I keep in my toy drawer (other toys, some satin ties, and a few pairs of panties) and that is a little annoying. The smell goes away from fabrics after a light wash, but I've had to start keeping the Hard Rammer in a separate plastic bag under my bed to keep the smell away from other products.

Another thing is that when it is leaning against some of my other toys, for some reason, the Hard Rammer has a tendency to pick up on the colors of the toys. For example; I have a neon green Tera Patrick toy, and once left the Hard Rammer on top of it, and now the Hard Rammer has a bright green streak along the side of it's vein-y bulge. It’s a simple cosmetic thing, but a warning to those who bought the toy and planned on keeping it in their toy box.

Despite these few more cons, I still think this toy is amazing and use it on a weekly basis. It’s a nice big toy that is solid and won't break on you. Still a good buy.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    That is definitely a good size queen option. So it has a firmer center? Nice cheaper alternative to Vixskin. I would think a straight handle that's in line with the toy, and not attached at an angle, wouldn't do much in the way of making it easier to maneuver, but good to know I'm wrong.
  • DrNike69
    The handle looks like its at way more of an angle than it actually is. The toy has a slight thrusting angle, but its not really too severe. It's not hard to maneuver, and the slight angle is just enough to hit hard to reach places.
  • Hannah Savage
    That is really interesting how quickly and severely it picks up on colors and disperses it's own (icky) smell, thanks for mentioning!
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  • ViVix
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