Smooth S shape - double ended dildo by Nob essence - review by Buttercup Green

Smooth S shape

Double ended dildo by Nob essence

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Officially Seduced.

NobEssence really knows how to treat and please a lady. From the graceful design to the amazing craftmanship, this wooden wonder is truly a lovely and unique experience. With a body safe Lubrosity coating, you never have to worry about getting splinters. Take a chance. Let yourself be seduced in the shower, the bed, the couch, or anywhere you desire. Relax and enjoy the ride of Seduction!
Gorgeous, Lubrosity finish, Lightweight, Double ended, Curved for max G-spot stimulation, Packaging
None for me.
Some may find the curve to be either too extreme/not extreme enough
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The Smooth S shape, or Seduction, is known as the wood version of the Pure wand. It is marketed as a G-spot dildo, but of course it will not hit everyone’s spot in the right way. That said, I think this could work for even some of the most finicky G-spots. Even if it doesn’t hit your G-spot, this would make an impressive vaginal dildo.
While this toy is looked upon as more of a woman’s toy, this dildo could definitely be used to stimulate the prostate. I bet the curve would provide some killer P-spot stimulation. With two ends, one for pinpoint stimulation and one for broad stimulation, this toy has something for everyone. Either end can be used for a good, deep massage as well! Just add some lotion or oil and rub till your heart’s content.
While I don't think this is a great beginner's toy due to the girth, I think anyone and everyone should give this toy a try. It may seem a little pricey for some, but believe me it is worth every single penny. The quality and design are super top notch. I don't know why it took me so long to try and wooden toy. Now that I have, I am addicted. Hook, line, and Seduction.

Material / Texture

Seduction is made out of 100% wood. The great thing is that you will not know what color or what type of wood it will be made out of until it is delivered to you. Wood toys are hypo-allergenic, non-porous, and latex/phthalates free. It is compatible with oil, water, and silicone lubricants. However, some may not need any lube as the surface is very smooth and slick. Any lubricant needed goes a long way with this toy, and once lubed up it lasts a long time. I very rarely need to reapply lube unless I am in a long play session. Wood is completely rigid, which provides firm and intense pressure to the right spots. There are no weird smells or tastes right out of the packaging. It is also extremely lightweight so my wrists do not get tired. Those who have wrist problems would love a wooden dildo. If you are worried that NobEssence destroyed some animal's habitat just so you can have an awesome thrill ride, there is no need to fret. NobEssence grows their own trees, and therefore they are not harming the planet. A big cheer for renewable resources!
My Seduction is made out of Wenge. This type of wood is dark in appearance. However, the pattern of natural wood still shines through. Wenge is from the Wenge tree, or to be more scientific Millettia laurentii. This is a very exotic tree. It is found in western Africa. The most popular places it can be found are Zaire, Cameroon, and Gabon. The color of the wood is very beautiful in person, and it is erotic when it is between someone's thighs!
Each sculpture from this company is coated with their special Lubrosity coating. Not only does this seal the toy to prevent any splinters from ever happening, it helps bring out the natural color of the wood. Nob Essence uses absolutely no dye in their toys. It is all natural, and it is stunning. Lubrosity coating is void of any smells, water-resistant, phthalate free, hypo-allergenic, and is resistant to chemicals and bacteria. This coating also provides a shiny surface to help everything glide comfortably. On the surface, you can see the grain of the wood, but at no place is there a deep crevice for bacteria to get trapped. The grain can be slightly felt with the finger tips, but I could not feel it during use. Seduction comes with no seams, and that may be the best news of all!
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Small end:
The end with the bulbous tip is the smaller of the two ends. The tip is very blunt, but it was very easy to insert for me. If you own a Pure wand, or you have seen pictures of it, you will notice that the head of this end looks pretty much identical to either end of the Pure wand. The only difference I feel between the two is that the Pure wand's bulbous end feels like it tapers in just a fraction bit more, which makes it more pronounced. I have problems with the Pure wand wanting to catch on my pubic bone, and this end of Seduction can do this too. However, it happens very rarely when compared to the Pure wand. I much prefer this end when my husband is involved. After the bulbous tip is inserted, it dips into the small and thin shaft that gradually becomes bigger. This helps create a nice popping sensation. As said before, this end is much better for pinpoint stimulation. One great thing about using this end is that if you let go of the bigger end, the bulbous tip feels like it hooks itself into my G-spot. If done repeatedly, it creates a heavy tapping against my G-spot. I can insert up to 6 inches when using this end. That leaves me plenty of space for my hand to grip the other end. The bulbous tip is about 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

Bigger end:
This is the holy mother of bigger ends! Again, the tip is very blunt. It requires some working up to, which is what the smaller end can be used for. Once you insert the large end, it stays large. It stretches and fills you up. The extreme curve delivers some intense broad pressure to the G-spot. I can only insert up to 4 inches of this end, but every inch feels delicious. I have not tried either end for anal, but that is just because I am usually in the mood for a good plug to walk around in. Right above the curve is where you will find the NobEssence trademark symbol. I can't feel it during use, but it does look cool. It is small with only a 1/2 inch of length. This is the end to use if you have problems with your wrists. The heavier end is in your vagina, so your hands are naturally holding the lighter end. I have never experienced this end catching on my pubic bone. I much prefer this end for solo play simply because my husband can be overzealous when it comes to thrusting. He has never hurt me, but I take precautions to prevent that.

The overall length of this dildo is 8 1/2 inches. It doesn't feel that big in length because it is so curved. A big complaint about the the Pure wand is that because it is so heavy, it constantly flips over. Thankfully, Seduction does not. You can insert either end, let go in order to play with something else, and it will stay in place. The total weight of this gorgeous toy is about 0.5 oz. When I combine Seduction with my Bloom vibrator for clitoral stimulation, I feel like a wood nymph! Each sculpture is done by hand, so you can be sure that your dildo will be one of a kind. This toy is absolutely a squirter's dream.
    • Discreet look/design
    • Ergonomic
    • Whimsical / artistic


There have been so many raving reviews for Seduction, and I wish I could say that I could give you a different opinion on it, but alas I think it is a brilliant toy. I was skeptical at first even though every reviewer who has had one pretty much swears by its magical powers. Once I had the points and a great coupon from Eden, I finally jumped into the Seduction bandwagon. I was a nervous wreck for the next few days, and I literally had to stop myself from running into the rain to meet the UPS truck as it came around the corner. I got a weird look from the guy because I all but snatched the discreet shipping box out of his hand. Not only was I excited to try it out and see how it worked on my shallow and easy to stimulate G-spot, but I had been wringing my hands while waiting for the delivery because I wanted to see what color and what type of wood my Seduction would be made out of. It was like Christmas in a way. I kept telling myself that no matter what my toy would be beautiful and that I would like it. However, there was that part of me that was telling myself to wait until I actually saw it. Part of me didn't want to get my hopes up and be disappointed. I opened the box, and my breath was stolen from me. It was magnificent and gorgeous. NobEssence really does a hell of a job making each piece unique and one of a kind. I knew that the quality would be there because I had already purchased the Fling Ergonomic Two Finger. So why was I so worried? With the Fling, I got to choose my color, and I knew what it was going to look like. With the Seduction, it was a complete surprise. They use many different types of wood from their own little farm of trees, so you do not know what type of wood the toy will be made out of until it reaches your door. Even though I should not have worried myself so much, the hype I built myself into was magical. I was like a little girl on Christmas Eve or the night before her birthday just wondering what gifts I was going to get and what they would look like.
That first night, I was determined to use Seduction with or without my partner's help. I could not sleep unless I had played with my new toy. I mean, that is like asking a child not to play with their new Barbie until the next day. Luckily my husband was in the mood as well. We took Seduction in the shower, and thus began the enchanted stimulation of my G-spot. I knew I was not ready for the bigger end, so I asked him to slip the small, bulbed end into my vagina. What happened next was simply out of this world. The bulbed end hit my G-spot like it had a huge target on it. Because it is the smaller end, it works wonders for precise and pinpoint stimulation. Slow rocking was the movement he went with first, but as I got closer to an orgasm, he started with his remarkable quick thrusting. The squirting that resulted from an intense and long orgasm drizzled down my legs and blended with the shower water.
Fast forward a week later. I was horny and alone. What was a girl to do? Seduction was coming to the rescue. I grabbed a clitoral vibe and Seduction, put a porno on, and had a blast. After a few lovely orgasms with the smaller end, I lubed up again and inserted the larger end. Oh my goodness. There are no words to describe how full and stretched and stimulating this end is. The broader stimulation felt super amazing. After another marvelous G-spot orgasm, I finally came clitorally. I could feel my powerful muscles clenching the oh so large shaft. It was the best orgasm I have had in a long while. I actually had to rest for about 30 minutes before I was okay to walk again.
At no time did this toy become heavy. My husband and I were able to thrust for long periods of time. The only time we had to stop was in order to let me catch my breath. The lightweight wood also makes sure that this toy never flips when you want to let go to stimulate other parts of the body. In a way, this toy is hands free. I like to slip the large end into my vagina and use my hands to stimulate my clit and nipples. The only time I have issues is when my muscles push the toy out, but this usually happens right before orgasm so at least one of my hands are usually holding onto it anyways because I am thrusting.
Every session with this toy has ended in the same thigh quaking way. Even if I get a new toy, it is nice to know I can fall back on the reliable Seduction. Some things never change.
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning, wood is very simple to take care of. Warm water and antibacterial soap is my choice of cleaning. When I am tired, I use some of those toy wipes that Eden so generously gives us as a free gift.
NobEssence suggests washing it with alcohol or a 10% bleach solution for a deeper clean. Storage options include the original packaging, a storage pouch, or simply store it out in the open. I store mine in my Original Toibocks along with my Fling Ergonomic Two Finger, Pure wand, Fun wand, Gold G-spot probe, and Bimini Flash. You really don't have to worry about scratches like you do with glass toys. However, I would not suggest washing your wooden dildo with anything abrasive (like a scratchy sponge for example).
Even though wood is a non-porous material, I still suggest a condom if sharing with a partner. I also suggest you properly clean this toy before going from anal to vaginal play. Another great thing about the material this is made out of is that you do not have to be as cautious and careful with it. It will not break, chip, or crack if you drop it. This is like the perfect match for the clumsy person that is inside most of us.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Seduction comes in some very classy packaging. Made out of a very thick cardboard, the toy is very well protected. There is a sticker on the end of the box that tells you what kind of wood your Seduction is made out of. The inside of the box is lined with a thick, white padding. The toy is secured by two elastic bands. These elastic bands stretch very easily, so slipping the toy underneath them is a piece of cake! On top of the toy is a removeable piece of foam and the little information booklet about NobEssence. This packaging would make this a very presentable gift. The padded box also makes this a great option for storing the toy in the future. I think NobEssence really nailed the packaging. Each and every part of this toy is a luxury experience on its own.

    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
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