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If you enjoy texture and really want to fantasize about a cyborg adventure, this one is perfect. Fleshlight put a ton of thought into the detailing AND made this dildo out of a body-safe material. With very intense ridging and texture built right into the design, though, you'll really want to understand and love texture to take this beautiful dildo on.
Fantastic details, Great for anal, Realistic size, Very intense texture, Silicone
Very intense texture (Use lots of lube!)
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The Fleshlight Freaks Cyborg dildo is a beautiful and unique dildo from Fleshlight. Made of silicone and designed to look cyborg-ish or robot-ish, this 8 inch dildo has an average dildo diameter and includes a testicle-like base for anal safe use. It's a bit longer than the average length, though, and it's available in a beautiful purple color (I wonder why purple? Why not a metallic grey for a cyborg dildo?).

This robot dildo comes in a cute package that displays "Fleshlight Freaks" right on the packaging. It clearly displays pictures of the dildo on most sides of the box, and it can be seen through the front clear-window. While not a "romantic" gift, the box is pretty good quality, and it would be suitable for gift-giving if you want. For storage, the box is quite a bit bigger than the dildo itself, but if you want to keep this purple silicone dildo in good shape, I would recommend keeping it in some sort of storage container (like this box).

This Cyborg dildo has some of the most interesting detail that I've ever seen in a dildo! Sure, most dildos usually have some sort of veins or realistic wrinkling in the testicles, but the Cyborg dildo really goes beyond that. While still keeping with the "Cyborg" theme, Fleshlight managed to add textures, variances in shape, and so much more! The entire dildo just makes me go "woah!" when I see it straight out of the box. If a cyborg did have a penis, I imagine it would look something like a more plain version of the Fleshlight Freaks Cyborg dildo, and that's exactly what makes the Cyborg dildo so awesome.

So what is there about the design about the Cyborg dildo? There's a lot! The entire design, while made to look "futuristic" and "robotic", also was designed for pleasure and texture. There are many ridges and textures throughout the shaft including a slightly-curved tip. There are some very intense and deep ridges along the tip, though, and partnered with the pretty-draggy-like material of the Fleshlight Cyborg, you definitely need to use external lubricant with this dildo to make sure that everything slides comfortably. It's VERY recommended as the ridges can rub a bit painfully if you don't have lubrication with this one, so definitely load up on the water-based lubricant.

As long as you like ridges and texture, the Cyborg dildo really should be great for you. All of the ridges feel very unique, and since they're so pronounced, they definitely can be felt quite a bit. Since the ridging really is all over the entire shaft of the dildo, though, there isn't much of a "reprieve" from it, and you'll constantly be experiencing some sort of texture and filling ridging while using it. As the dildo is a bit flexible (which makes it more comfortable for use), it does tend to bend a bit under pressure, so you may not get the exact g-spotting or p-spotting that you're looking for. Keep this in mind. However, as it's about average-size in girth, it really is decently filling when partnered with the sensation of the ridging.

As note, if you want to use this anally, it actually works pretty decently. While robots really wouldn't need "balls", the design of the dildo does include a testicle-like base, so it functions as a flared base. A plus about the Cyborg dildo is also that it doesn't "fold" under pressure. This makes it easier to insert anally since the dildo doesn't collaspe while trying to push the dildo. It does squirm around a bit, but the silicone holds pretty firm (as shown in my video), so you don't have to be frustrated and worry about using eight pairs of hands to get the dildo to line up correctly. Do remember extra, extra lubricant for anal use of the Cyborg though, as the ridging of the dildo can be very intense (and can feel pretty painful when used anally without enough lube).
As this Fleshlight dildo is made from silicone, you can easily boil this dildo for sterilization if you'd like. It also can be regularly cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap. If you'd like, with the average length and width, you also could use a condom to cover the dildo, but again, watch how much lubricant you use. As this dildo is made from silicone, only water-based lubricant is compatible, and for storage, make sure you store it away from any hair or fuzz. It's not awful about picking it up, but it can if it's not protected. Plus, it's an awesome dildo, and why wouldn't you want to protect it?

If you like textures and have a cyborg-like fetish, the Fleshlight Freaks Cyborg dildo could be just for you. Keep in mind that it's very ridge-heavy and that it's going to require a lot of lubricant, but if you like sensations and really want an average-sized cyborg dildo to bring you pleasure, then Fleshlight did a fantastic job designing a semi-realistic toy that has unique texture and design made in a body-safe material. I definitely recommend it.
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