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The Pink Swirl G, while beautiful, cute, and textured, would be better with a more extreme curve and longer length. However, as it is, it still makes a wonderful dildo that just feels pleasurably inviting when inserted.
Perfect texture, Feels amazing, Dual-ends, Beautiful design and color
Bit too short, Storage bag isn't padded, Subtle g-spot curve
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The Pink Swirl G is a slightly-curved g-spot dildo made from glass by SSA Glass. It comes in a pink color, and this color can be easily seen in regular household lighting. It is a double-ended dildo with swirls along the shaft and a pronounced head on one end with a bulb on the opposite end. The pink color in the EF pictures is exactly as pictured, but the dildo itself is not quite as pictured in the EF measurements; mine seems to be shorter than the dildo that is pictured. (Measurements below)

The Pink Swirl G doesn't come in any particular packaging. Instead, it comes in a red, velvet drawstring bag that will protect it from scratches. During shipping, it is covered in plastic bubble wrap, so it should be safe then, but once you take the bubble wrap off, the velvet bag is only a thin layer of velvet, so be careful where you choose to store this dildo. The velvet bag can be a bit difficult to get the drawstring ability to actually stay, so make sure to tie a knot in the drawstring or you risk the dildo being able to fall out.

The Pink Swirl G is a beautiful and textured g-spot toy. It is a bit small in length which can be problematic, but the EdenFantasys picture doesn't suggest that. The manufacturer must have changed the toy since EF started carrying it. Yes, as glass is hand-made, I understand a bit of measurement variance, but it seems like they have changed the product's total measurements. (I kinda like the cute, "small" aspect of it now. It looks adorable.) Here are the measurements of the toy I received:
Length: 6 inches
Insertable length: About 4 1/2 inches
Diameter on Pronounced Head: 1 1/2 inches
Diameter on Circular end: 1 1/4 inches

Like all glass, this dildo can be used for temperature play. If you place it in warm water, the dildo itself will warm up to the temperature of the water. This works really well if you enjoy using cooler or warmer toys. However, when not placed in any special water, the dildo does stay at room temperature which is nice as stainless steel can be really cold when at room temperature. Along with that, as it's glass, this dildo takes very little lubricant to be able to insert it. I love that about glass toys. You can use your natural lubrication or just a tiny bit of lubricant, and the dildo will still work really well and won't be uncomfortable at all.

I must admit that this dildo didn't hit my g-spot. I require much more extreme curves in my g-spot toys in order to feel them hit my g-spot, but I keep hoping that one of these lesser-curved toys will do the trick one of these days. However, my g-spot is pretty picky, so if you can normally hit your g-spot with a g-spot toy, I would say that you can probably hit your g-spot with this dildo as well. The dildo does have a very slight curve, though, so it's not an extreme curve at all. You have to have a pretty shallow g-spot in order for this dildo to hit it or you have to be prepared to curve the dildo quite a bit during insertion.

However, even though it didn't hit my g-spot, I still love the dildo. I absolutely love the texture on this one. That's what made me enjoy it so much. The swirls along the shaft feel really pleasurable and can definitely be felt during use, and I absolutely love the head of the dildo; the pronounced head makes that sensational "pop" upon insertion, and it definitely makes it presense known (in a good way!) during use too. You can use the opposite end, with the circular bulb, for insertion as well, but I really liked the pronounced head on the opposite end much more. The texture isn't too intense, but it's certainly pleasurable, so if you enjoy texture, you'll probably like this one.
The only downside with this dildo is the small length. The small length means that you don't really get much room to manuever. Having the room to do that is pretty important - especially when you consider that glass can get pretty slippery, and because of that, I really like to get a good grip on the toy. That's really hard to do that when I don't have the proper room to get a grip while still using it. At the same time, though, SSA Glass does include a bulb at the end of the dildo (or the dildo tip depending on which end you use) which does help a bit with the problem, but I still wish that I had a little bit extra length to get a good grasp on the toy for deeper thrusts.

Cleaning this is really easy. You can just use warm water and anti-bacterial soap. If you'd like, you can sterilize it with bleach, but because of the small size, you might as well just slip it into a condom if you want to share with multiple partners. For lubricant, this dildo is compatible with all types of lubricant, and for storage, you can easily keep it in the provided storage bag. However, if you really like the dildo (like I do), you can definitely purchase a padded storage bag to further protect it.

While the Pink Swirl G doesn't seem to hit my g-spot (and I wish it had a more extreme curve), I really do enjoy the texture a lot, and I'm glad that both of the heads seem to provide different sensations. However, I wish that it did have a bit more length to it, and even though I enjoy it without the extra length, the length would really help. Either way, though, I still really enjoy this dildo, and it's very pleasurable. (Plus, the small length makes it look really cute!)
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