Icicles No. 17 - dildo by Pipedream - review by Selective Sensualist

Pretty and Pleasurable Pansy Periscope

Elegant and stunning, the Icicles #17 is easily my most beautiful acquisition amongst my rather extensive and lovely collection of glass, wood, ceramic, and metal toys. Despite its graceful, refined, and rather placid appearance, this statuesque beauty is surprisingly aggressive in performance.
Beautiful, large head, curved shaft, sterilizable, temperature play
Large head may be too big for some, shape is not at all conducive for anal play, no storage pouch
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With its defined clear sphere crowning the tip of it, the Pipedream Icicles #17 reminds me of either a diving helmet or an astronaut helmet -- but, instead of seeing a diver's or astronaut's face behind the domed glass, you see a lovely yellow flower peering out at you.

In case this is not an odd enough association for you, with its slightly curved shaft, the stature of the #17 also reminds me of the stereotypical posture of a general surgeon, proctologist, or gynecologist. Think about it: how many physicians have you seen with that tell-tale slightly forward stoop of the upper back, neck, and shoulders, a habit formed courtesy of years attending to their trade? With this thought disturbingly in mind, it is difficult not to appreciate just how perfectly this innocent-appearing, yet earnest-looking, little flower is positioned to get a good look at the most intimate parts of your body inside whichever cavity you choose to insert him.

With its large, defined round head and its curved shaft, the #17 is best used for solo G-spotting play. Though these same features, along with its base, make it seem as though it would also make an excellent prostate-stimulating toy, its large and perfectly round head make it very anal unfriendly. I detail the reasons behind my husband's and my decision to completely nix this toy from anal play -- both now and even in the distant future -- in the Experience section.

This toy can be discreetly used behind a closed door since there is no motor to worry about emitting a suspicious hum. However, despite its artsy and beautiful appearance, anyone who has any knowledge of the existence of sex toys would likely be able to discern its true purpose; so, you would only be able to fool the most naïve of your family members and friends if you choose to leave this in plain view under the guise of “decoration.”

Protected by a storage pouch, cloth, or even a pair of socks, and then nestled between layers of clothing, it would not be difficult to pack the #17 in your luggage for travel. If you are flying, I would advise packing it in a piece of luggage that you plan to check instead of in a carry-on to avoid the potential of embarrassing questions about -- or smirking expressions in response to -- your bag's contents.
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Material / Texture

This gorgeous toy is made of perfectly smooth Pyrex glass. There are no bumps, swirls, or ridges to be found anywhere on its silky, slippery surface. It slides across delicate tissues, even sans lube. With lube, it glides absolutely effortlessly and is deliciously slick.

Pyrex rates a 10 out 10 on EdenFantasys' body-safety scale. It is nonporous, completely sterilizable, and does not harbor bacteria, viruses, or parasites. It is also phthalates-, toxin-, and latex-free, in addition to being tasteless, odorless, and completely hypoallergenic. Pyrex also retains acquired temperatures well, making it a wonderful material for temperature play. It holds onto cooler temperatures just as well as it holds onto warmer temperatures, enabling some very delightful sensation play.

Far from being a fragile and brittle glass, Pyrex has undergone tempering to be extremely durable and strong. As long as you are not attempting to use a fractured or chipped toy, Pyrex will not break inside your body while in use. Just imagine trying to break a Pyrex baking dish or measuring cup with your bare hands, without giving it a glancing blow off of a hard surface. Instead, imagine using only the strength of the muscles in your hands as you grip the dish with all your might and attempt to snap or twist it . . . It would be impossible to break Pyrex this way. No matter how buff your Kegel muscles may be, let's face it: your hands are much stronger. So, it would be even more out of the realm of possibilities to break this toy with your PC muscles by clenching or maneuvering it while it is inserted inside your body. Pyrex glass is just too hard and is much, much stronger than even your strongest muscles . . . which brings me to my next point.

Since the material is so hard and unyielding and your body tissues are the exact opposite -- soft and yielding, it is important to carefully and gently begin exploration with any glass toy with which you are becoming newly-acquainted. You will come to learn the movements that are most pleasurable to you, as well as how deep you can comfortably thrust. As the vagina becomes more aroused, the cervix lifts and retracts, lengthening the vaginal canal and allowing you to thrust deeper. With experience, as you learn to recognize your body's signals regarding how much it is ready to take, using glass toys becomes very intuitive. The rigidity of glass makes it one of the very best materials for firm G-spot (and prostate) stimulation.

While I would recommend glass to anyone, including beginners, I do not recommend this toy to those who are beginners to insertable toys. My reasons for this relate to the size of the large, round head. You can find more information about the challenges related to its size detailed in the Design / Shape / Size section.

Oh, and if you do happen to smash this lovely piece against your granite kitchen counter, at least it will break into large, chunky pieces instead of shattering into small and dangerously sharp shards. This makes it much safer and easier for you to pick up the pieces to discard.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

I do like the design of this toy. The large, clear round ball on the tip of it promises (and delivers) unmistakable G-spot stimulation. It also has a nice curve to the mostly-opaque midnight blue shaft, which aids in positioning and maneuvering. Between the curve and the big, round head, the #17 should be able to target just about any woman's G-spot. The shaft, with its eight insertable inches, is sufficiently long enough to reach even the deepest of G-spots, as long as you are able to insert the somewhat daunting round ball and, once inserted, find that you are able to comfortably probe with its large, round head as deep as you need it.

This is exactly where the pros to this toy can become a definite con for some . . . With its 1 5/8-inch diameter, the head on this pretty baby might prove to be too large for some women, given the hard and unyielding material. Also, most of my other toys have more aerodynamic teardrop-shaped heads, which eases insertion. There is nothing aerodynamic about a perfectly round head, so if you have a hard time taking girth, you will find that inserting this toy can be a challenge.

Don't get me wrong -- I have a good number of toys which are larger than 1.5-inches in diameter and even one that is 1 7/8-inches in diameter; but it, like most of my other larger toys, is made of a softer, very plush and yielding silicone. Believe me: a 1 5/8-inch diameter of any hard substance, such as glass or metal, feels much larger and more substantial than a 1 5/8-inch diameter of a softer material, such as silicone or Cyberskin. As a matter of fact, I find it much easier to insert and to thrust my 1 7/8-inch diameter VixSkin Johnny than to do the same with my 1 5/8-inch diameter #17.

Aside from the difference in material, I also attribute the lack of my ability to thrust to the design: there is very little size difference between Johnny's shaft and its lesser-defined and less bulbous head, while the #17 has a pretty substantial size difference between its slender shaft and its much larger and very round head. After inserting a large bulbous head, if there is not a sufficiently large enough shaft to keep the PC muscles dilated, then the vaginal opening typically closes because the PC muscles tend to clamp down (particularly if the G-spot is being stimulated). I believe this is why the #17 feels more like a plug than a thrusting probe or dildo to me -- and why I believe I have a very difficult time maneuvering it once it is inserted. All of my vaginal muscles just seem to contract around the toy and to grip it tightly.

Other than its G-spotting design, one other thing that I love about the design of this toy is the fact that it has a stable base which allows me to stand it up when I am not using it (such as when I need to get more lube, a different clit vibe, change positions, or what-have-you). Being able to stand it up in this way actually comes in very handy, as I don't have to worry about it getting dirty from laying it down somewhere mid-session.

While the base is extremely sturdy, it is not harness-compatible because the design of it is off-center. Still, the base provides excellent stability for safely leaving the toy on display in all its glory.
    • Whimsical / artistic


The #17 is designed for G-spot stimulation, and it performs admirably in this regard.

There are very few toys on the market which feature completely round heads. The Njoy Pure Wand comes the closest in design out of all the toys in my fairly extensive collection, and it provides the closest approximation of the experience provided by the #17 (though, in my opinion, the sensations provided by each of these toys are still quite different).

If you prefer only pinpoint stimulation of your G-spot (similar to the sensation provided by the smaller end of the Njoy Pure Wand), you might not fully appreciate all that the #17's large, round head has to offer. The stimulation provided by the #17 is similar to the sensation delivered by the larger end of the Pure Wand, though the #17's larger diameter makes it less maneuverable than the Pure Wand. If you find yourself desiring more girth when using the larger end of the Pure Wand, then you will absolutely love the #17.

Care and Maintenance

Being made of exceptionally durable Pyrex, care and maintenance of this toy is a breeze, provided that you don't make it a habit to drop it on hard surfaces. For daily or basic cleaning, warm water and antibacterial soap work well. As with any other type of glass, rubbing alcohol does wonders as a cleaning agent, leaving behind a pristine, sparkling, and absolutely spotless surface. You can also use toy cleaner or wipes.

When sharing the Icicles #17 between partners, or when switching from anal play (which, again, we do not recommend with this particular toy) back to vaginal play, you will need to sterilize the toy first. You may sterilize it by soaking it in a 10% bleach solution, by boiling it (for at least three minutes at a full, rolling boil), or by placing it in the dishwasher on the top shelf (sans detergent). When boiling my glass or metal dildos, I always lay a soft cloth in the bottom of the pot to protect the toy from being jostled against the hard surface and getting surface scratches.

For storage, you may keep it inside its manufacturer box or even put it out on display if you are so inclined (and don't mind the comments and questions you will, undoubtedly, get about it). You may also wrap it in a soft cloth, tuck it in a storage pouch, or place it in a sock, and then place it inside a drawer or toy box. Just take care to store it in a place where it will be protected from any type of hard object colliding with it.

I keep mine in a toy pouch. When I first received my #17, I kept it in one of Eden's toy pouches, but have recently taken to keeping it inside a toy pouch which came with one of my Don Wands glass dildos because Don Wands' pouches are much more padded.

Though Pyrex is durable, before each and every use you should examine your toy carefully for any chips, nicks, or cracks -- and do not use it if you note any.

Glass is compatible with any type of lube that you could possibly desire to use with it, be it water, oil, or silicone-based.

If you would like to engage in temperature play, simple common sense is warranted: do not heat the toy in the microwave (hot pockets tend to form), do not freeze in the freezer (unless it is only for a short period of time since frostbite is no fun, particularly on such tender tissues), and always check the temperature of the toy for safety and comfort on the inside of your wrist before inserting or rubbing on your erogenous zones. A good way to heat the toy is by holding it under warm/hot running water for a few minutes until it attains the desired level of warmth. A warm glass toy creates a most delicious sensation upon insertion. A basin of ice water (or even temporarily storing in the refrigerator) is an excellent way to cool it, to explore the more frigid sensations. I highly recommend experimenting with both temperature ranges.


All of the glass sculptures in the Icicles line come in a very tasteful and gift-worthy box. It features several rather large, yet stunning, photos of the toy, so the packaging itself is quite eye-catching and not discreet. The colors of the #17 box are black and white, which creates an elegant and understated look; and the cardboard itself is sturdy and high quality, making the box a feasible option for storage. There is a nifty magnetized flap that opens like a door to reveal a peek-a-boo window through which the toy is proudly displayed, cradled in a foam inset.

Personal comments

To give you a better sense of scale, I thought I would include a photo of all of my current free-standing glass dildos (the ones which have a base). Most of my other glass toys are double-ended wands and, with their lack of a base, they do not lend themselves well for a comparison photo of this type.

From left to right: the SSA Gold Laced G, Don Wands Swirled Blue Dildo, Don Wands Sunshine Helix, SSA Rainbow G, and the Pipedream Icicles #17.

As you can see, the head of the #17 is perfectly round, contrasting with the more teardrop-shaped heads of the others. Though it is not quite so apparent in the photo, the 1 5/8-inch diameter head of the #17 is considerably larger than the heads on the other toys (even the relatively large-sized Don Wands dildos, the Sunshine Helix and the Swirled Blue, which both have 1.5-inch diameter heads).

The large, perfectly round head is the characteristic that truly sets the #17 apart from the other glass wands on the market, making it quite special.


I slowly work up to inserting the #17, warming up with other toys first because I have to be very aroused to comfortably take it. Without this type of warm-up, my experience with this toy is quite unpleasant. After starting out with a smaller starter dildo or vibe, I particularly like to use the Evolved Bendable Silicone Rose right before using the #17 because they share a somewhat similar design: a bulbous head perched upon a slender stem. I have found that this type of design, or shape, really isolates and stimulates the G-spot, putting so much pressure on it that it engorges to the point that it releases a flood of natural lubrication. At 1.5-inches in diameter (the same size as the large head on the Njoy Pure Wand), the Bendable Rose has a smaller diameter than the 1 5/8-inch head of the #17. Plus, the Bendable Rose has a more aerodynamic teardrop-shaped head to ease insertion; so, it seems to be the perfect warm-up toy for preparing me to comfortably take the #17.

Once I do get the #17 inserted, I cannot do much maneuvering (though the prior warm-up definitely helps). The defined round head seems to work like a plug, quite literally locking itself firmly behind my pubic bone, while my vaginal canal seems to clamp down on its new acquisition, holding it hostage. Thrusting with the large round head is just extremely uncomfortable to me, so I usually just leave the toy in place and use it as something to clamp down on while using a vibrator on my clit. But simply using my Kegel muscles on this to press it harder against my G-spot is quite pleasurable.

I have unsuccessfully tried to manually maneuver the #17 in a windshield washer-type motion like I do with my Njoy Pure Wand. The Pure Wand has two differently-sized heads, the larger of which is 1.5-inches in diameter, which is smaller than the 1 5/8-inch diameter head of the #17. I found that the larger-sized head of the #17 presented a great enough size difference to inhibit me from maneuvering the #17 in the side-to-side motion that I favor for G-spot stimulation. I was, however, able to do a rocking motion, similar to the rocking motion I like with the Pure Wand.

When playtime is over, I find that it is just as difficult for me to remove the toy as it is to insert it. Remember how I said that it seemed to "lock" into place behind my pubic bone once inserted? Well, I apparently haven't discovered the proper "key" to "unlock" it to easily remove it. I must slowly coax it out while reminding myself to breathe and relax. Now that I have used it a few times and have come to realize that, yes, I actually WILL be able to remove it just fine (. . . eventually), I no longer panic when I realize my body has a stubborn death grip on the toy. I now have my #17 "evacuation routine" down pat. I just know better than to reach for this toy for a quickie session, and I find that it is much easier to insert and remove it after a long, extended session in which I've used several other toys first. The #17 definitely makes for a very nice grand finale.

While it does have a base and is sufficiently long for maneuvering, the perfectly round, large spherical head is absolutely not ideal for anal play. Though the diameter of the head may not seem too daunting for experienced anal players, it is the shape of it that makes it extremely difficult to insert . . . and even more difficult (and exceptionally uncomfortable) to remove.

My husband just started experimenting with prostate stimulation this past summer, but he very, very quickly advanced in the size of the toys he was able to insert. He was able to take the Nexus G-rider on his very first foray into exploring anal toys, which is remarkable since the G-rider is considered to be an intermediate-to-advanced anal toy (we didn't know any better at the time he decided to try it). He is also able to take the SSA Glass Moon Shine Plug, which has the same-size diameter as the #17, with no problem. The biggest difference between the two is the shape: perfectly round (the #17) versus teardrop-shaped (the Moon Shine).

My husband is adventurous enough to be willing to try any toy that arrives on our doorstep, simply for experimentation's sake. Also, he has always been willing to gamely give a toy several tries when he does not like it the first time.

With the #17, even after warm-up and a generous helping of thick Anal Lube, he had a very (unpleasantly) memorable time trying to insert it. He eventually gave up on his first attempt and tried again the next night, which resulted in yet another "memorable" experience. When he was finally successful in his attempts to insert it, he found that it did, indeed, provide a great deal of pressure -- but not in a pleasant way. Upon attempting to remove it, he experienced a conundrum similar to my attempts at removal: the toy simply would not budge. It took a great deal of effort for him to remove this toy. He described the experience as being akin to what it must feel like to "have a baby," "lay an ostrich egg," or to "have a lung yanked out" of the body via the anal orifice.

Upon removal (and after breathing a sigh of relief while trying to overcome the sensation of being ravaged by an endearingly cute, yet astonishingly aggressive, little yellow flower proctologist), he announced that he would never be using this toy again. The fact that he made such a decisively firm declaration really says a lot since this is a guy who is perfectly willing to give the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 a whirl.

The bottom line (pun intended) is: this is not a toy for the anally faint-of-heart. As a matter of fact, unless you are one of the most anally adventurous people in the world who avidly seeks out the most challenging anal experiences (such as fulfilling a desire to discover what it feels like to lay a large, hard egg), then I strongly suggest that you designate this toy to use solely for what it seems to do best: intense G-spotting.
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