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Purple mystery

Double ended dildo by Glassvibrations

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Purple mystery revealed

The Purple Mystery is an attractive glass toy that offers two very different ways to stimulate your G-spot. It has just enough texture to give you extra stimulation boost without irritating you. For some reason, though, the Mystery didn't excite me as much as I thought it would.
Beautiful, comes with storage bag, nice packaging, dual ends, large head.
Can't be removed quickly.
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The Purple Mystery is a good toy for those who want a G-spot toy with a large head. Each end looks and feels quite different. The small end feels at least as good as the larger end.

The Mystery is both heavy and beautiful. It can double as a kegel exerciser but its best use is G-spot stimulation.

Material / Texture

The Purple Mystery is made of tempered glass with both ends offering their own kind of textured stimulation. Neither texture is overdone. Beginners to textured toys won't be overwhelmed.

Design / Shape / Size

The head of the Purple Mystery resembles an unopened pine cone. The other end resembles a drill bit. Grooves spiral around the head. You will feel the grooves, but even those who don't like texture won't be bothered by them. They provide just a bit of extra stimulation.

The head is five full inches in circumference, just big enough that it doesn't slip all the way in and out easily. It catches slightly.

The shaft is subtly curved and has two swellings, but these are probably more to make it easier to grasp than to provide stimulation.


I expected to prefer the pine cone end, but actually I found that the smaller, drill bit end feels better.

The larger end is possibly too big, at least for me. After it is inserted, it catches somewhat when you try to pull it out. I sometimes like to pull toys completely out and re-insert a few times. There's enough resistance to removal that doing this with this toy isn't effortless.

Even though the large end of this toy has the same circumference as a few other glass toys I've used, it feels larger. I can't tell whether this is due to the extra length of the head or whether it's due to the resistance on removal.

Once the larger end is inside, I just move it slightly back and forth in small movements. This is the most successful way of using the large end.

I wondered whether it would feel awesome, like Flow. Its head is similarly shaped to the outer half of Flow's head. Or maybe it would be a poking torture device like Revolve, which it also kind of resembles (to me at least). Comparison photo. Thankfully it doesn't poke, but also doesn't reach Flow's level of intense sensation either.

Both ends feel good but they don't provide the strong level of stimulation of other G-spot toys. They just don't. I don't know why.

Care and Maintenance

It's made of tempered glass, so its easy care like all glass toys. Simple washing then drying is all the care it needs.

Any lube is safe to use with this toy.

It also lends itself to temperature play. The instructions caution to only use the refrigerator or freezer to cool it and only to use bath or tap water to warm it.

Inspect for cracks before every use.


It comes in a sturdy box with pictures of other Glass Vibrations products on the sides. The box seals with a magnetic closure. Inside the box, the Purple Mystery nestles in white satin.

This is nice if you prefer to store toys in boxes, but I for one would prefer that they spend less money on the packaging and ship in an environmentally friendly, cheaper box that I can recycle. This box is too nice for that. It's another box I feel obliged to keep in the back of my closet.

Thankfully a storage bag is also included. It's thin and offers no impact resistance, but it's good enough to keep it from scratching against other objects you might store it near.

On the back of the box are product cautions in multiple languages. "Use only the correct side." Which is the wrong side? "Do not throw the Toy on the floor..." There they go cramping my style.

Personal comments

I wondered whether the name 'Purple Mystery' was a reference to something so I did a little research. It turns out that a watch and a strain of marijuana share this name. Clearly it acquired the name all on its own.

I really wanted and expected to like this toy, but somehow, it just didn't live up to my expectations. While I was modestly successful with it, after multiple uses I felt compelled to whip out an old favorite toy to make sure I was still capable of regular, stronger orgasms. Thankfully I am, just not with the Purple Mystery.
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  • Annemarie
    I want the Purple Mystery to be so awesome so badly, but it keeps underwhelming its reviewers! Great review, as always.
  • Tuesday
    Thank you!
  • 00
    It looks beautiful and intriguing but that pointy end is rather scary. Thanks for the review and the good info.
  • Tuesday
    I worried about the pointy end too.
  • Sammi
    Good review!
  • Tuesday
    Thank you!
  • Minxy
    I really like your title. Great review!
  • Tuesday
    Thank you Minxy.
  • dsumrow1
    Thanks for the review.
  • sXeVegan90
    Thank you for the review. I wish this wasn't discontinued.
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