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Rainbow Pleasure

The Rainbow G is a quality glass sex toythat includes a moderate texture and an interesting curve in the middle. Whether you want this for anal use or vaginal use, the size of the dildo is the perfect for insertion, and you'll get a variety of sensations out of this glass sex toy.
Neat curve in the middle, Well-made, Pretty colors, Perfect size - not too big, not too small
Storage bag
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The Rainbow G is a glass sex toy made by SSA Glass. It's made from Pyrex glass (which is strong glass), and it has texture on it. The color is also supposed to be rainbow-like. The dildo is about eight inches tall, and atthe widest point, it has a diameter of about 1 and 1/4 inches. The Real Size widget is accuratewith my dildo (the curve included), but the pictures aren't quite. The pictures show a red ring around the top portion of the dildo, but mine only has a speck of red at the tippy top instead of the nice red ring. However, since these toys are all handmade, it makes sense that it might not match the picture perfectly. Either way, the rest of the colors and the texture are spot on.

This SSA Glass dildo comes in their standard pouch which is a velvet bag. The bag is not the highest quality bag out there, and it's not padded. It serves for light storage to keep this glass toy from hitting another glass toy, but it will not keep the dildo protected if you drop your sex toy. If you really get attached to this toy, I recommend finding something padded to store the toy in. This drawstring bag will keep your toy from falling out, but you do have to tie a knot in it to keep the toy from falling out. The storage bag is just a single layer of a velvet fabric.

If you want to display this dildo, it does stand up on its base. The base is not completely flat on mine, so it does wiggle a bit, but it was not in any danger of falling while I was typing on my keyboard and it was on the keyboard tray. This toy's colors don't look as "brilliant" as they do in the EF pictures, but this is because the EF pictures have a white background. My toy's colors look as brilliant up against a white background, but the majority of my house isn't all white. It still looks pretty though, and it's a very cute toy.

This dildo does have a curve in it. The EF pictures show the curve exactly as my toy seems to have it as well. The curve is in the middle of the length of the dildo, and it's a slight curve to the left (or right, depending on how you look at it). The curve is in a really odd place when you think about it. It doesn't help the dildo hit the g-spot any easier, but at the same time, it is something you can feel during use, and it's something that changes the entire sensation of the dildo. It also makes for a really interesting sensation if you twist the dildo during use instead of doing a thrusting motion. I actually think I like the twisting motion (while using a LOT of lubricant) better than the thrusting of it.

The texture of the Rainbow G is really unique. It looks a bit like the Rainbow Nubby glass toy, but it has a lot less "nubs". The curve of the dildo is also unique. The texture has two rows of slight nubs right under the head, and another row right along the base. There are two lines of nubs that lead from the bottom row of nubs to the top rows on opposite sides of the dildo. The nubs stick out a bit, and they can definitely be felt during use. You can't feel each individual one, but you can tell there's some sort of texture on the toy. The nubs stick out from the toy about a 1/8 (or less) inch from the toy, so they don't stick out a whole lot, but you can easily see them with your eyes or feel them with your hands. They add something to the experience, but at the same time, they aren't too extreme. The texture is really a perfect introduction to texture for those that haven't tried a textured sex toy before.
The dildo didn't really hit my g-spot. The curved design was nice, and it made for an interesting twisting sensation, but I didn't have any luck with the glass dildo hitting my g-spot. This isnot really the toy's fault; no g-spot toys ever hit my g-spot, so I wouldn't blame it. At the same time, the head of the dildo was actually quite pleasurable. There's a perfect slope between the head of the dildo and the shaft of the dildo that makes the head pronounced but not pronounced enough to ever catch on my pubic bone uncomfortably. It actually slides in and out really easily; it slides much more easily than I had expected it to. The head is only about 1/4 of an inch wider in diameter, though, so the head doesn't really make that "pop" because the diameter of the head isn't that much bigger.

Of course, glass has its own properties. Like all glass toys, this one slides in extremely easily with only a minimal amount of lubricant. This one does take a bit more lubricant than others because of the texture, but it still takes a very minimal (if any, depending on your body) amount of lubrication to insert this toy. Along with this, glass's temperature can be changed by submerging it in warm or cold water prior to using it. It retains the temperature of the water it was dunked in. However, if not altering the temperature, the dildo tends to stay comfortably at room temperature.

Cleaning glass is really easy. It's just going to require warm water and antibacterial soap. This sex toy can also be sterilized by using bleach, boiling it, or placing it in the dishwasher. Since I always worry about harming my glass, I usually use bleach if I want to sterilize. It's compatible with any type of lubricant, and it can be stored in the storage baggie it comes it, but at the same time, if you really want to keep it safe, store it in a padded storage bag.

I ended up really liking the Rainbow G. It's not a perfect sex toy, but it's still one of the better glass toys that I've tried. I like the texture on the toy, and I love the unique curve that this Rainbow G provides. The design makes the Rainbow G look really cute, and it's made of glass which is always a plus. The Rainbow G will end up being a glass sex toy that will never hit the bottom of the drawer.
Follow-up commentary
I still like the Rainbow G. It depends on my mood, though. Sometimes I feel like the curve is really in the wrong place for me, but other times it feels great. I know that a lot of friends have asked where to get one, though, so it seems to be a popular design!
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