Rainbow G - glass g-spot dildo by EdenFantasys - review by Selective Sensualist

Take a Bumpy Ride to the End of This Rainbow!

The excellent quality, thoughtful design, low price point, and aesthetics of the Rainbow G make this toy a solid buy – not only for those seeking to introduce glass into their play, but also for those who wish to expand their glass collection and to experiment with textures. The wonderful S-shape curve, the 1 1/2" diameter of the bulbous head, and the 1 1/8" diameter of the moderately bumpy shaft offer something of interest to just about everyone.
Gently stimulating nubs
Curved G-spot stimulating design
Bulbous head provides a pleasant "pop"
Base could be larger for safer prostate stimulation/anal play and for greater security in a harness
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The S-shape curve and the bulbous head of the Rainbow G are design features created specifically with vaginal G-spot stimulation in mind. Since the Rainbow G is made of a silky tempered glass, you will find that the incredibly smooth finish translates into the need for little to no lubrication. Just a drop of lube on the bulbous head is often all that you will need to pop this baby through your vaginal opening for happy G-spot hunting. Thankfully, you can apply your lube of choice, be it water-based, body-safe oil-based, or silicone since none of these types of lubes will damage this beautiful glass toy.

The Rainbow G also lends itself as an effective Kegel exerciser: the hardness of the material gives excellent feedback when clenching the PC (pubococcygeus) muscles around the shaft. You can also use your PC muscles to push the toy out of the vaginal canal and then manually push it back in to repeat the process. It is fascinating to watch the colorful glass nubs appear and disappear, as well as to feel the undulating curve of the Rainbow G as it is pushed out. This makes for more pleasurable and interesting Kegel sessions, which can often be quite boring. Due to the combined length and rigidity of the Rainbow G preventing full insertion while you go about daily activities, it can only be used for Kegel sessions in a private setting and cannot be discreetly used like most Kegel exercisers can be. [https://www.edenfantasys.com/Search.aspx?Q=kegel+balls&ST=1&QST=0]

The same features that make the Rainbow G G-spot friendly could also serve to target the prostate, if you exercise caution. For anal play, the base of this dildo would ideally be of a larger diameter to safeguard against losing the toy in the anal canal (though, given its combined length and rigidity, this scenario is somewhat unlikely – yet not impossible). The smaller base would also make the Rainbow G more difficult to use in a harness, though it is advisable to use glass toys by hand anyway in order to more accurately direct gentle movements. If you are interested in using the Rainbow G for anal play, you could always tie a small cord around the base and make a loop to slip around your wrist as a safety measure. I also encourage you to note the dimensions below (under Design / Shape / Size). The diameter of the rigid and non-yielding bulbous head would preclude most anal play beginners from enjoying a pleasant and safe experience.

Glass has the awesome ability to hold desired temperature – both hot and cold – for a considerable length of time, so the Rainbow G is perfect for enjoying an enticing and leisurely thermal play session, either solo or with your partner. When used in partner play, clear communication and gentle movements are imperative, as glass is completely rigid and unforgiving. Bruising tender tissue, such as the cervix, will definitely put a damper on your erotic mood. When glass is wielded gently, however, its slippery heat or coolness feels absolutely divine for teasing the nipples, the clitoris, the labia, and the vaginal or anal opening – and it also provides an exquisite thrill during slow penetration. Please employ care and common sense while engaged in temperature play: the Rainbow G should never be placed in the freezer or microwave, as extreme temperatures can cause frostbite and burns. Placing your glass toy in a basin of ice water or in the refrigerator produces amazing results for cool sensations. For hot sensations, try running hot tap water over your toy. Always test the temperature of the toy on the underside of your wrist before applying it to your more tender and sensitive erogenous zone. In addition to the delicious thermal sensations it provides, glass offers a delightfully non-yielding hardness and a satisfying weight that is noticeable during penetration. (More information on glass is included below, under Material / Texture).

The Rainbow G is very beautiful and whimsically abstract, but it is not exactly discreet in appearance. You could, theoretically, try to pass it off as the blown glass sculpture that your good buddy brought back as a souvenir from Italy, but its undeniably phallic shape triumphantly shouts its glorious purpose to any but the most naive of admiring observers. As long as you have a sock drawer or other private storage area that you can claim as your own, the Rainbow G can easily be stored discreetly inside its storage pouch. For extra discretion, you could always pull a bulky athletic sock over the pouch. As for discreet use, the Rainbow G does not run on batteries or vibrate, so you alone are responsible for any noise resulting from its use. Depending on how you respond while pleasuring yourself, this toy could feasibly be used in a college dorm setting under the covers of your twin-sized bed while your roommate snoozes just a few feet away.

For more privacy in a roommate-type situation, the Rainbow G works amazingly well for use in the shower. I am often frustrated while attempting to use my silicone toys in the shower or bath. The only type of lube that can safely be used with silicone without damaging it is water-based, but I find that both my natural lubrication and water-based lube rinse away almost instantaneously in the shower/bath; this is unfortunate since the texture of silicone produces a frictional drag on skin and some amount of lubrication is usually necessary when playing with silicone toys. So, as a frictionless, slick glass toy, the Rainbow G is ideal for use in the shower and bath. If you find that you need to use lubrication with the slippery glass, you can safely use your favorite silicone lube, which does not readily rinse away with water alone and will not damage your glass toy. For this reason, you can also use the Rainbow G for some kinky and stealthy fun while in a pool or hot tub – though I recommend this only in a private setting unless you have a fantasy about being arrested for lascivious public conduct. Just be careful that you do not drop your toy on a hard concrete or a tile surface. The Rainbow G may be made of an extremely durable glass, but you cannot expect it to be THAT durable!

The Rainbow G would also be a good choice for travel, as long as it is carefully nestled inside its storage pouch between layers of soft clothing toward the center of your suitcase. Since it is an all glass product with absolutely no metal in its design to set off metal detectors, you are not likely to be exposed to embarrassing security inspections at the airport.
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    • Couples
    • Solo
    • Temperature play
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Travel friendly
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    • G-spot
    • Kegels
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

The most important feature that I consider when selecting a new sex toy is the safety of the material. Luckily, the Rainbow G is made of Pyrex – a tempered glass that is so durable and strong that it has been used for decades in the medical and science fields, as well as for bakeware in commercial and home kitchens. Pyrex is phthalate- and toxin-free, as well as hypoallergenic. Plus, it is non-porous so that it does not harbor bacteria and is thus extremely easy to clean. As a result of these characteristics, Pyrex glass rates 10 out of 10 for material safety [https://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-guides-and-tips/guides/materials/pyrex-glass].

In addition to being a body-safe medium, glass is, quite simply, a delight for the visual and tactile senses, while being completely devoid of taste or smell. The Rainbow G is not only extremely beautiful to behold, but it is also a pleasure to caress its silky smooth finish.

The Rainbow G has a pleasing heft, though it is definitely lightweight enough for deft maneuvering with minimal user fatigue. Despite the fact that glass is substantially less weighty than stainless steel, it still enables you to apply the same type of firmer pressure that you can typically only achieve with metals.

While the extreme rigidity and hardness of glass can deliver intense pleasure, these same properties simultaneously warrant caution when probing and thrusting (as previously mentioned above, under Use). Again, it is possible to bruise the cervix and other tender tissues when movements are executed too roughly or vigorously. For this reason, I would not recommend glass for anyone who is just beginning to explore his or her body with sex toys. It is best to begin with more gentle, more "forgiving" materials until you know your body well and are familiar with the types of movements that are most pleasing to you.

Regarding texture, I consider the Rainbow G to be only moderately nubby – particularly when compared to the Don Wands Rainbow Mega Nubby [https://www.edenfantasys.com/rainbow-mega-nubby/adult-toys-dvds-24614]. Below the bulbed head of the Rainbow G is a double horizontal row of five smoothly rounded red nubs that are spaced 3/8" apart. Beneath this double row are two single vertical lines of five smooth yellow nubs – with one vertical line placed on either side of the shaft. Between these twin vertical lines of nubs, the shaft is perfectly smooth. The red and yellow nubs serve to lightly stimulate the vaginal or anal entrance during penetration. There is also a double row of horizontal blue nubs at the base of the shaft; but, unless you have an exceptionally long vaginal canal (or unless you are exceptionally tolerant of taking longer, completely rigid toys anally), then the blue nubs at the base of the toy are unlikely to provide stimulation from insertion.

I would recommend the Rainbow G without hesitation to both intermediate and advanced explorers – even for those intermediates who do not already own a glass toy and are just beginning to explore texture.
    • Bumpy
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The second most important feature that I consider in a sex toy is the functionality of design. The Rainbow G has a seductive "come hither" S-shaped bend to its shaft and it is crowned with a bulbous head for G- and P-spotting pleasure (as described above, under Use). This was the design characteristic that enticed me to try this product. The fact that the Rainbow G is also sprinkled with smooth colorful nubs was just the pot of gold at the end of this glass rainbow, so to speak.

The G-spot (the Gräfenberg Spot or female urethral sponge) is a bean-shaped erogenous zone that engorges when stimulated. It can be located between one to three inches within the vagina on the anterior vaginal wall (toward the navel). It feels somewhat ridged to the touch, particularly when swollen and hardened with arousal. In testing the Rainbow G's G-spotting potential, I found that while the curve was effective enough to touch my G-spot, it was not quite as extreme as I needed it to be to achieve maximum stimulation. My particular anatomy makes it quite difficult to thoroughly massage my G-spot and I tend to need an angle that is best provided by a product such as the Njoy Pure Wand [https://www.edenfantasys.com/anal-toys/anal-probes/pure-wand] or the Don Wands Bent Graduate [https://www.edenfantasys.com/dildos/classic-dildos-and-dongs/bent-graduate]. While the Rainbow G is not absolutely ideal for isolating my particular G-spot, I believe the curve of this toy should be sufficient enough to stimulate the G-spot of most women.

I did enjoy the undulating sensation of the curves, the popping sensation of the bulbous head, and the mild stimulation of the nubs when gently thrusting the toy. The S-shaped curve also provided an interesting sensation while gently twirling the toy during penetration, but I found that I preferred to simply twist it from side to side. Even though the shaft of the Rainbow G is only 1 1/8" in diameter, the curving shaft and the moderate texture provide a feeling of fullness. The 1 1/2" aerodynamically-shaped head also provides a pleasantly full sensation during entry.

After cleaning the Rainbow G (please see Care and Maintenance below), my husband tested its P-spot potential. The P-spot (the male prostate, a kiwi-sized gland surrounding the urethra and located below the bladder) can be stimulated by gently pressing toward the navel while penetrating the rectum. Despite the fact that he is new at prostate stimulation and anal play, after warming up with the FunFactory Bootie plug [https://www.edenfantasys.com/anal-toys/anal-plugs/bootie], he was able to accommodate the bulbous head with ample amount of thick lube [https://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-lubricants/anal-lubes/california-exotic-anal-lube]. Though he experienced difficulty determining which direction the curve was facing, he did find the large bulbous head to be very effective in stimulating his prostate when inserting the toy up to the bend in the shaft while gently, yet firmly, massaging. He also reported that he enjoyed the extremely slick surface of the glass, as the slippery sensations were quite pleasant.


Diameter of bulbed head: 1 1/2"
Diameter of smooth shaft portion (not counting nubs): 1 1/8"
Diameter of nubby area of shaft (from nub to nub): 1 1/4"
Height of nubs: 1/8"
Total length (base to tip): 7 3/4"
Insertable length: 7 1/4"


Clear body with red-tipped head and red, yellow, and blue nubs
    • Partner play
    • Whimsical / artistic


Despite the larger size of the head, penetration was surprisingly easy and smooth – both for me, when used vaginally, and for my husband, when used anally for prostate massage. The Rainbow G is exquisitely designed and performs well for its intended purpose. Even though my G-spot tends to be elusive when searching with most toys, the Rainbow G did at least come into contact with it. The fact that it did not provide the unusually acute angle that I personally require for strongly directed G-spot stimulation cannot fairly be attributed as a flaw in the Rainbow G's design.

The only improvement we can think of in regards to performance would be for SSA Glass to make a future version with a larger base to accommodate a cavity for a vibrating bullet. A larger base would also make anal play safer and harness play a bit easier. But that is simply nit-picking for the sake of making suggestions for improvement of an already effective and successful model.
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

As mentioned previously, Pyrex glass is very durable. With a minimal amount of care, the Rainbow G will last a lifetime: it will never absorb odors and it will retain both its functionality and its beauty. However, proper care should be taken to avoid dropping or chipping your glass toy. Always store the Rainbow G in its pouch and examine it thoroughly for damage before each use. If any damage in the form of chips, nicks, cracks, or dings is noted, the glass toy is no longer safe for use.

Glass is exceptionally easy to clean by using antibacterial soap and hot/warm water, alcohol, or toy cleaner (such as Pjur Med Clean [https://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-toy-accessories/toy-cleaners-wipes/pjur-med-clean-spray]). After using the Rainbow G anally, please sterilize it either by washing it in the dishwasher on the top rack (without detergent), by soaking it in a 10% bleach solution, or by boiling it for a minimum of three minutes. Also, if the Rainbow G is used between partners, please either use a condom on the toy or sterilize it by one of the methods described above before sharing. Boiling is my favored method of sterilization; I recommend placing a soft cloth in the bottom of the pot upon which to rest your glass dildo to prevent any scratches that may be incurred when the glass is jostled against the hard surface of the pot. Please note that glass should be placed in room temperature water and gradually brought to a boil to avoid sudden temperature changes which may crack your lovely toy. After boiling, you should allow your toy to cool slowly and naturally. I leave my glass toys inside the pot of water until the water is cool enough to touch before removing the toy to dry. Never place a hot glass toy in the freezer to cool off unless you want a cracked and broken toy. Always dry your toys thoroughly before placing them in their pouches for storage.

As with other glass toys, all lubes (water-based, body-safe oil-based, or silicone) can safely be used for your play session with the Rainbow G.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Delivery of my Rainbow G was extremely timely, as I have come to take for granted with EdenFantasys. My new glass toy arrived in a discreet Priority Mail box. The return address listed a rather benign and generic-sounding company name, so the outer packaging did not even hint at its contents.

Tearing the box open, I found the packaging for the Rainbow G to be no-fuss and minimal – which, to me, is a plus since I routinely discard the outer packaging of my toys anyway and I appreciate less waste. However, if you wish to give the Rainbow G as a gift, the minimal packaging might be viewed as a con. The glass toy was enclosed within a clear plastic bag with no labeling, other than a bar code.

There were no care/use instructions included with the Rainbow G – or even an informative booklet about the manufacturer, SSA Glass. Even though I already have a degree of familiarity with sex toys of varying types of materials, I still appreciate receiving information from the manufacturers of my products and I always read their enclosed literature thoroughly. I was determined to find more information about SSA Glass, but an online search did not yield a company website. I have other glass toys, so I am already familiar with their cleaning, use and care; but, not everyone has experience with glass toys. So, I must admit that I was disappointed that the manufacturer did not include any product information with their beautiful Rainbow G.

One of EdenFantasy's packaging touches that I particularly appreciate is the inclusion of one of their very nice and well-made toy pouches with each purchase of the Rainbow G. [https://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-toy-accessories/sex-toy-storage/toy-pouch] The outer layer of these toy pouches consists of a very nice faux suede polyester material (in either black or purple) with a hot pink polyester satin liner. The pouches are lightly lined with a cotton filler and they can be firmly secured with silky black cords to help protect your toy from scratches, chips, and dings. While these pouches are not as padded as the ones I have received with my Don Wands glass products, they still serve quite nicely to protect and store my nicest and/or most potentially fragile toys.
    • Minimal

Personal comments

I tend to be squeamish about bumping my cervix with hard toys. Even if I hit my cervix gently enough that it is not painful, the sensation still tends to make me cringe (similar to the manner in which I cringe when hearing an unpleasant sound, like fingernails on a chalkboard). Thus, I start out very, very slowly with glass and metals toys and gradually increase the range and firmness of the movements. The vagina lengthens when it becomes aroused, so patience in working up to thrusting depth and range of movement when using glass or metal toys is exceptionally important.


My husband and I have come to realize that we both prefer the cold sensations of glass, so we keep all of our glass dildos (and most of our metal ones) inside our refrigerator -- storage pouches and all.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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