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Glass wands by Phallix

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Rotary wand sex toy review

This wand has single-handedly opened my eyes to the capabilities of glass as a sex toy, and I want more! If you have never used a glass toy before I STRONGLY suggest you try it; and this wand is a GREAT one to start with.
Incredibly smooth texture; reaches new spot; more focus on erogenous zones--what’s not to love?
We wish it had a slightly longer handle for applying force for prostate milking.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
I recently had the pleasure (literally) of receiving the Rotary Wand by Phallix|Rotary wand - Glass wands by Phallix.  It was our first experience with glass toys|Phallix glass toys & Glass dildos, but it will certainly not be our last!

The first thing I noticed about the wand was its weight.  At 7” long and ¾” diameter, it’s quite solid and hefty for its size.  It immediately makes you feel like it’s a toy you can use and abuse without the slightest fear of it ever breaking.

So, that’s what we did: we used and abused this wand in every way possible, and believe me, there are a lot of ways!  From vaginal insertion, to g-spot stimulation, to anal play, to prostate milking; from couples play, to masturbation: this wand does it all, and in our opinion, it does it really well [Editor's Note: this toy does not have a flared base and we don't recommend it for safe anal play]!

In addition to giving the wand substance, the weight of this toy is surprisingly pleasant; you can actually feel its presence in your body.   Also, the wand is rigid. You can push, pull, tilt, or twist the wand every which way, but because the wand has NO give to it, you can feel even the slightest movement, and we were able to find spots no other toy has ever touched like that!

Another great feature about this glass wand is the texture.  It is by far, the smoothest toy we’ve ever used, which really helps to take your focus away from the friction on the surface of the skin and better feel the pleasure points deep inside. This wand is so smooth, that we were able to easily use this toy, without any lube… anally! Okay, so we had just rinsed it off in hot water, but it was more than comfortable; and even better, it retains temperatures, so I could feel the heat emanating from the wand all the way inside me!

Finally, the shape of the wand is great, and the juicer head provides perfect g-spot stimulation.  For prostate play, we found that the ridges on the juicer made for some interesting sensations, but I prefer to turn the wand around and use the two balls on the handle to perfectly cradle and massage the gland, with a standard in-and-out motion.

An added great feature of this wand is the simple cleanup.  Because the glass is non-porous, just wash the wand with soap and water and you’re done.  Or, if you want even easier, just toss it in the top rack of your dishwasher!

This wand is quickly becoming one of our favorites, and it’s no surprise that it seems to find itself sitting at the top of the toy box more and more.
Follow-up commentary
Over the past year, we've had some real fun with this rotary wand. We still get it out of the box from time-to-time. At least to us that seems like a real testament to a toy, when you still want to use it a year later! Even now, the toy is just as good as the day we got it... then again, how much can really go wrong with a quality glass dildo/wand? These toys are obviously very durable, and made to last, and we plan on enjoying this one still for a long time to come.

Now several months after the initial follow-up, and partially due to the love of glass we've acquired from the rotary wand, we've got a new CURVED glass dildo with a handle The Lucid Heart. Well, unfortunately for the "Rotary Wand," I feel the need to demote it to 4 stars now, as I can't in good conscience allow both toys to exist on the same level. The only problem is that the "Rotary Wand" lacks the curved shaft that grants these glass toys easier access to your g-spot or p-spot. All in all, it's still a great toy, and of obvious high quality, but in our opinion, it could be made slightly better with a curved shaft.
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  • Shazam!
    I wonder what the difference in sensation was between the two different ends, and which end you prefer for which activity?
  • Always Aroused Girl
    Don'tcha just love glass toys?  They are brilliant.  :)
  • LiftedUp
    Sorry Shazam!,  Thought I covered that.  My wife prefers the shape of the juicer head, and it's pronounced ridge for excellent g-spot stimulation.  We both preferred the dual-balled end for anal play.  The juicer side just didn't seem to rub the prostate quite right for me.  It was almost like it was close, but couldn't get the pressure exactly where I wanted it.  We'll have to (gladly) keep playing with it and see what we can do!
  • LiftedUp
    Aag, you bet I do.  Isn't it amazing the sensations you can achieve from such a simple toy?  I think having a toy that gets rid off all the buzzing, humming, fancy bells and whistles, and just brings you to the basics really allows you to better focus on experiencing specific pleasure points, and is nice to change it up with from time to time.
  • LiftedUp, you're dead on! I wrote a review of a glass dildo, also by Phallix, focusing on but getting back to basics. Glass toys actually require girl (and boy) power- there aren't any fast, powerful, or noisy motors that allow you to be lazy- you actually have to do the work.. and while it's nice and easy to use some toys, it's pretty fun using nothing but some good ole fashioned elbow grease to get off with.
  • Nashville
    BTW this dildo is gorgeous ;)
  • her.royal.redness
    This was a wonderful review. I've been toying with the idea of glass toys for awhile and I think this might be the toy that seduces me!
  • sixfootsex
    NO LUBE??? Wow. Glass is fantastic.
  • blah :)
    i want a glass one so bad!
  • Blooddragon
    Great review!
  • Willis2011
    good review
  • fletchy
    thanks for a nice review
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