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Royally Amazing

The B2B sceptor is a great dildo that's easy to use and very versatile. It's simple elegance makes it an unintimidating choice for beginners. It may be a bit boring for those who like girth or texture, but it's a worthwhile toy for those who are looking for a great warm up toy. The two heads provide different sensations that are both royally amazing!
Body Safe
Beginner Friendly
Two Ends
Easy to Use
A Bit Thin
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Hello Gorgeous. The B2B Scepter is truly fit for royalty. It's a beautiful glass dildo that is simple, but perfect. It's designed for internal vaginal stimulation, but can be used for anally with care. It has two ends that are insert able. Both ends are raised above the shaft, but are not too much so. Therefore, when using this dildo anally, great care must be taken. Things get slippery quickly and a trip to the ER will dampen any experience.

The dildo is truly suitable for everyone--beginners and advanced users alike. It's small diameter is perfect for a 'first glass toy'. It's perfect for those who prefer a firm dildo. You really don't get much firmer than glass! That being said, care should be taken with this dildo because it is so hard. It's quite easy to get lost in the moment and thrust too hard. Personally, I like thrusting and have not injured myself. But for those who are especially sensitive, be careful!

I've found myself reaching for the scepter as my go to toy. It's small diameter makes it easy to maneuver and pin point stimulation. I find that even though it is straight, it rubs against my g spot quite well if I angle it properly. It produces some really amazing sensations.
    • Everyone

Material / Texture

The Scepter is made from odorless, tasteless Pyrex glass. Being glass, it's also completely rigid. There is absolutely no give. It is completely clear and transparent.Pyrex glass is rated a 10 on Eden's material safety because it is completely nonporous and body safe. It's compatible with all lubes and can be sterilized with 10% bleach solution or by boiling. Pyrex glass is durable, but can be broken and/or chipped. Make sure not to drop it and to check for breakage before using. Pyrex toys really shouldn't give you much trouble. It really is quite sturdy. It's the same material as glass bake ware!

Glass is also a great medium for temperature play. You can run this baby under hot or cold water or stick it in a bowl of water. Just be sure not to go from extreme cold to extreme hot i.e. sticking it in the freezer and then boiling it because it can stress the glass.

The dildo has no texture to it. It's completely smooth. There are some raised portions that make for a wavy ride, but are not very noticeable when inserted. Those who like texture with this toy will not be satisfied by the smoothness, but it's great for those new to glass.
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The toy is simple yet elegant. It's completely straight with 8 in. in length and a diameter of 1 1/8 in. Both ends are insert able and have a different feel. I prefer to use the ball end as a base.

The tapered end looks more like a penis head, so I call that the head.

Personally, I prefer the 'head' for g spot stimulation, but both ends work very well.

The length of the toy makes it very easy to maneuver. You can angle it up to hit your g spot or just thrust for deeper stimulation. The toy is definitely on of the thinner toys out there. For someone who is used to thicker toys, this makes for a great warm up toy. For me, I need no other warm up or lube. It's a great go to toy. It's very easy to use and is a great toy those looking for a first glass toy.
    • Discreet look/design


The two ends provide different sensations. The bulbous end makes for nice popping sensation and provides a gentler, diffused sensation. The tapered end provides a direct, pin point stimulation that can be a little harsh at first. Personally, I love the direct sensation to my g spot and find that the tapered head provides amazing g spot stimulation.

There is no curve, so those who need intense g spot stimulation may not find it. I personally can't really finish with this toy. I find that I need a more curved toy or a thicker toy. But this makes a great warm up toy. It's long enough so I can choose whether I want deep or shallow stimulation. It's simple to wield and easy to direct. Just be careful not to thrust too hard. Glass is very unforgiving!
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

The material is really easy to clean. You can use toy cleaner, toy wipes, soap and water, 10% bleach solution, or boiling. It's really easy to take care of. As long as you make sure you have a good grip on the toy when cleaning, clean up is a breeze. It can be stored in the little pouch that it comes with.

Glass is also compatible with all lubricants.
    • Easy to clean


My dildo came in a nice velvet pouch. It was actually funny. I ordered two glass toys that week. The other was the Icicles 22. One package had FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE on it and the other did not. I found out when I opened the package why. The B2B scepter had no packaging really. It just came in an unpadded pouch. The Icicles came in a box in foam. Ah well. My dildo arrived safely and that's all that really matters. A more padded pouch would have been nicer, but the velvet pouch is still nice for storage.
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    awesome revie wty for the pictures
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    A little too small for my tastes, but thanks for the review. Nice details on size and shape, and useful pictures.
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