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Set your phasers to "fun".

If you're looking for an inexpensive entry point into harness-less double dildo strap-on play, the Gal Pal offers a small, non-threatening, shaft for the receiving partner, while providing a glimpse of what may be possible with the big-dollar, higher end harnessless strap-ons. Those already experienced with pegging and anal play, may want to save their pennies though.
Durable, inexpensive, fun introduction to harness-less strap-on play.
Difficult for driver to retain or control, insufficient vibration and g-spot stim, shaft too short.
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I must admit, the very first thing my wife did upon opening the package of our new Gal Pal strapless double dildo, was to invert the toy, holding it by the vaginal insertion bulb, and act out the shooting of various objects around the room with her new cartoon space gun. Yes, it does bear some resemblance to some of "Marvin the Martian's" old weaponry, but will its effects be as "earth shattering?"

Our new Gal Pal double ended dildo (by Doc Johnson) arrived in light speed, as always from EdenFantasys. The dildo comes packaged in a molded plastic tray, tucked inside a heavier, rectangular, pink plastic box, adorned in modern bubble-like graphics, reading "Gal Pal Strapless Strap-On." Additionally, it advertises "6 inches" on the front of the box, but we found its insertable length to be quite a bit less than that when in use with a partner. Also included in the box, was a sheet of instructions, informing users in 6 languages, how to install batteries into a Doc Johnson vibrator, completely unrelated to the "Gal Pal."

The Gal Pal is made out of TPR, which is a thermoplastic rubber, with a smooth, yet somewhat tacky feel to the surface of it. As is characteristic of TPR, this double dildo has a soft, slightly-squeezable texture, with a lot of give to it, so you can bend and twist the dildo, and it will spring back to normal again.

As I mentioned earlier, the Gal Pal advertises 6 inches, which I guess is technically true, but its usable length isn't near that if you have a second person driving the dildo. When used with a partner we found the "business end" of this dildo to deliver more along the lines of 4 - 4.5 inches of penetration depending on the position. This same end of the dildo (the receiver's end) measures about 4 inches in circumference, until it widens at the base, near the clitoral hump. Additionally, the shaft sports two small molded balls at the tip, which provide some nice sensations during warm-up, but remain far enough up the shaft, to not distract the receiver once you get going. As for the driver's details, the vaginal bulb measures about 3.5 inches long, and approximately 4 3/8 inches in circumference. If however, you choose to use this dildo solo, you can take the whole shaft all the way over the clitoral ridge, and up to the vaginal bulb deep. Playing this way, you do actually get about 6.5 - 7 inches of insertion, and the shaft tapers nicely up to a pleasant 5 1/8 circumference at its widest point (across the clitoral ridge).

The Gal Pal also includes a bullet vibrator, which is molded in to the base of the shaft (running parallel to it), directly below where the vaginal "bulb" attaches. This basic vibrating bullet has an exposed screw-cap, that doubles as an on/off switch, for its one function; the buzz. Upon removing the plastic cap, to insert the batteries, I happened to glance inside, and notice that there was a small roll of paper shoved deep within. After 5 minutes and a pair of tweezers, the culprit was dislodged. What was it? A secret map to intergalactic treasure? Oh... wait... no... instructions to replace the irrelevant instructions included in the box; and not very good ones either. The new instructions have no writing, but merely a picture of two batteries inserted in the bullet. After robbing the TV remote of its 2 AAA batteries (which I was disappointed to find that they were not included), we were finally able to activate the Gal Pal's hyperdrive.

Being made of TPR, cleanup and care of the Gal Pal, is simple and straightforward. Just wash with antibacterial or toy soap, in warm water, and put it away out of direct sunlight, and out of contact with other toys. Please take note though, that TPR is porous, and is NOT able to be disinfected, so condoms are a "must" if sharing, or using between anal and vaginal play.

We've only tried the Gal Pal with water-based lubes at this point, but without problems. The lube really makes the surface of the toy quite slick, and it holds up fairly well.

Finally, Doc Johnson advertises this toy as being waterproof, but looking at the chintzy plastic cap on the vibe, I didn't see any o-ring or waterproofing on it, so I was a little suspicious of how the bullet would hold up, and we refrained from getting it really wet yet. When I do, I will post an update.
Overall, we are glad we tried the "Gal Pal" as in introduction to harnessless strap-on play, as it gave us a better idea of what this type play is capable of, but in the end, it left us wanting more.

First off, the dildo was difficult for my wife to retain. We're not quite sure if it was the slickness of the TPR once lubed, the shape of the vaginal bulb, or a combination of the two, but it was very difficult to keep in. Once you compound that with a thrusting motion, it's darn near impossible.

Second, the Gal Pal was difficult to control. The piece of the dildo that attaches the vaginal bulb to the shaft, is fairly small in diameter (which it needs to be to try and retain the bulb), but when you combine that with the soft flexibility of the TPR, you have a dildo that droops downward just putting it on. The lack of rigidity make it very difficult to maintain control over the shaft while driving, so trying to thrust at various angles is troublesome.

Third, the actual insertable length for the receiver, when used with a partner is fairly short. We would've liked a longer shaft for deeper penetration here.

Fourth, although the bullet provides adequate vibration in and of itself, it just doesn't transmit well through the TPR. A slight general buzzing can be felt by both users, but to us acted somewhat more of an annoyance than a stimulant.

Fifth, the stimulation for the driver wasn't great. We don't know if it was her body shape, but the vaginal bulb didn't seem to be putting pressure in the right spots for g-spot stim while wearing it, and although the clit ridge was nice for rubbing against, it was only possible with some effort, and only in certain positions (which again may be related to the narrow "bridge" of the toy).

Unfortunately, I think my favorite use for this toy is actually solo play, as you can take the whole length of the shaft (including the larger diameter clitoral ridge), and still have the vaginal bulb outside of your body to rock on, providing pressure to the perineum, or to use as a handle. Using the Gal Pal this way felt wonderful... it was just disappointing that the most enjoyment I got out of it, was using it without a partner, which is not why we got it, nor the way it was designed.

On the plus side, it definitely was a fun new experience, and it got us more excited to see the potential that exists, for each of us to receive pleasure simultaneously with this type of play.
Follow-up commentary
Since our first review, we've really only used this toy once or twice. In reality it's the role-playing, power exchange, and sub/Dom scenario that brought us back to try again, rather than the toy itself. Due to the construction of the toy, it doesn't really satisfy either of us physically, and often gets frustrating when trying to use it, because it just doesn't can't due what we want it to (and hoped that it would).

The IDEA of this type of play still appeals to use very much, and we've got a couple other double-ended "strapless strap-ons" on our wishlist, so hopefully in the future, we'll find something that works a little bit better for us.
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  • 2BudZ
    Great review guys! We too are searching for the perfect toy of this nature. I too, like you, want the ultimate simultaneous pleasure while experiencing a toy like this. It's very important to me for my wife to be experiencing pleasure at the same time. Aside from the frustrating control of the toy, how did it feel along the prostate....if at all? The small bulbs look like they "had" great potential....and it the vibrations could have been felt.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I really like the look of this for solo play. Good to hear it worked well for that
  • deceased
    Awesome review. They should change the name of the toy. They are locking out half the market. Maybe call it Peggy or something ...........and market it the same product with a different name simultaneously.
    Glad Doc Johnson is making less jelly products these days.
  • LiftedUp
    Thanks for the responses everyone.

    To answer your questions, once we can get going, I can feel the tip of the shaft against my prostate, but pretty much only when we can get it penetrated as far as possible, which is why we wished it had a slight longer shaft. When you can feel it, it feels nice, but I'm a big fan of prostate play, and prefer something a little more stiff and rigid. This shaft provides more a light rubbing (because of how flexible it is) on the prostate instead. As for the balls on the tip of it, I can't really feel them much while being penetrated, and don't quite think they make it deep enough for the ridge between them to be felt on the prostate. But again, they do feel quite nice for warm up and insertion.

    Adriana Ravenlust,
    Thanks, and yes it is pretty good for solo play... unfortunately a bit more physically pleasurable then partner play, but partner play with it still has a lot more intimacy, emotion, and mental edge to it that you won't get with solo play. Still not my solo play toy of choice though... that remains with my glass lucid heart wand. Winking

    Misha's Amusements,
    I never even thought about that regarding the name. It is a valid thought though. Perhaps we should present this to the "higher ups" at Doc Johnson. And yes, it is nice to see some toys from them that might start alleviating the mental connection between Doc Johnson, and cheap jelly toys.
  • 2BudZ
    Hi LiftedUp, sorry, thought I had placed an "alert" on this review. Thank you very much for the added insight to the toy. Just the information we needed, thanks! Agree, the name should be different to widen the audience.

    Keep up the great reviews! Smile
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Review! Big smile
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    ***Exceptional review! Big smile
  • ToyingCouple
    Wow, we're impressed with the detail and quality of this review! Awesome work!
  • Eliza
    Thanks for the review! Sorry it didn't work out for partner play. Time to cross this one off my list.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Peg
    Thanks for the great review. Been looking at this....thanks for resolving my wants for me.
  • SecretKinksters
    Thanks for the review
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