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Lucid heart

Glass dildo by WHK GmbH

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Lucid Heart... I :heart: you!

As a prostate wand, this toy has brought me to places other toys have only dreamed about. We've spent a lot of time, money, and effort searching for a great prostate wand, and finally found it in one of the simplest of toys, at a fraction of the cost of others. I cannot recommend this toy enough.
Incredibly versatile, perfectly designed, earth shattering orgasms, and all for a great price!
This is literally the first toy I have ever used, that I cannot nitpick one flaw in.
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After finding the "Lucid Heart Dildo" on Eden Fantasys, and checking out its shape size, and overall dimensions, we decided to give it a try specifically as a prostate wand: all I can say is, "Abracadabra"! As a prostate wand this thing is MAGICAL!

Grasping the rigid dildo by its solid heart-shaped handle gives you or your partner a sturdy, yet comfortable, grip providing complete control over the toy; and as a result, control over your pleasure! It's super smooth, and easy to hold as you thrust it into any eagerly awaiting orifice. But our favorite is the slow and steady pressure you can so easily provide the prostate, that it literally "milks" and drains the fluid right out of you.

Material / Texture

The "Lucid Heart" is brilliantly manufactured of glass, which continues to reign amongst our favorites of materials, and lends itself to this toy perfectly. To start with, glass is completely inert (so anyone can use it), very durable, retains temperature, and is simple to clean. In addition, glass provides an amazingly smooth surface; so much so, that it really allows the user to feel more of the deep internal sensations (a huge "plus" in prostate play), than the surface friction so many other materials subliminally provide. Perhaps best of all, is the weight and rigidity the glass adds to the mix, allowing the recipient to internally feel every touch, tap, or movement of the toy while providing the wand-holder with complete control, and pin-point accuracy; all transferred through its solid shaft.

Design / Shape / Size

As soon as we set our eyes on the "Lucid Heart", the design screamed "prostate wand" to us, and boy is it ever! It starts with the ergonomic heart-shaped handle which seats a couple of fingers naturally and comfortably inside, while providing a single locale to precisely dictate thrust, angles, pressure, etc.; while doubling as a flared base, preventing complete insertion and making it safe for anal play. Connected to the handle is a solid shaft about 7/8 inch in diameter, which curves to mimic the anatomy of the body, leading directly to the prostate. Both the size and shape of the shaft make it extremely comfortable for any duration of play time.

Finally, located at the very tip of the shaft, is a slightly flared and bulbous section, measuring about 1 3/8 inch in diameter, with a great surface area for all your pushing, poking, and prodding. This size makes for a pleasurable entry, as well as a defined internal presence, while still being within a range acceptable for beginners wishing to explore anal play as well.


Don't get me wrong, this toy is outstanding as a stand-alone dildo. It's curved quite well for all of your vaginal and g-spot needs, but for those of us with a discerning prostate, this is where the "Lucid Heart" really stands out!

In our case, it seems that it has always been easier to find good vaginal dildos that hit the right spots, and get the job done, than it has been for prostate wands. So, we don't mean to play down the greatness of this dildo for vaginal use (because it does work well), but it's difficult to want to focus on that, when we're so excited about how phenomenally this toy performs as a prostate wand.

That being said, this is hands-down, without a doubt, the BEST prostate wand we've ever used... and we've tried a LOT of them. Not one single wand/massager/dildo has ever come close to the sensations that this wand produces for me. Everything from soft rubbing, to medium thrusting, to hard messaging, and even flat-out prostate milking; this wand does it all, and does it better than all of the other high-priced toys we've tried in the past.

Care and Maintenance

One of the reasons "Lucid Heart" dildo performs so perfectly, is that it is made of glass. As with all glass toys, this wand is phthalate and latex free (so anyone can use it), and non-porous, so clean-up is a cinch. The glass is safe to use with any types of lubricants, has no problems being in contact with other toys or materials, and can be stored just about anywhere without worry of breaking down. The "Lucid Heart" can be cleaned with soap and water, or disinfected by washing with a bleach/water solution, or boiling it.


The packaging that the "Lucid Heart" arrived in looked pretty cheesy with its poorly translated English, and bright neon text, but it was sturdy and packaged well. The glass toy itself is twist-tied to a piece of heavy foam, cut to cradle the toy completely, protecting it from any outside impacts, all nestled in a cardboard box, with heavy plastic viewing window.

Unfortunately, unlike other glass toys, this one did not come with a satin carrying bag; but with how well this wand performs, we have no problem putting one of our other wands out of its home.

Personal comments

If you or your partner have ever fantasized about what it would be like to watch all of your pent up sexual fluids slowly drained from your body, drop by drop, helpless to do anything about it, than this is the toy for you!


I honestly cannot get enough of this wand. It has made me feel things that I never imagined a prostate wand could. Every time I find myself craving prostate stimulation of any kind, my wife and I reach for this toy without fail. I don't know if it will change over time, but if I could only have one toy in my toy box right now, it would be this one.
Follow-up commentary
We've had the lucid heart wand for a year now, and it's still a great toy. Seems solid and well-made. No chips, cracks, or any signs of damage or fatigue whatsoever.

That being said, in the meantime, we've also purchased an njoy pure wand. To be quite honest, we both prefer the pure wand for both g-spot and p-spot play, so the lucid heart doesn't get as much use anymore. But please... don't get me wrong, this is still a GREAT wand, and I still leave it at 5 stars.

If money is no object to you when it comes to your toys, I would choose the njoy pure wand over this glass one, but if you can't afford or justify spending an EXTRA $78 over the price of the lucid heart, it's still a GREAT choice!
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