Glass G-spot shaft discontinued
by Phallix

Small, but surprisingly great

I was skeptical, but I'm impressed with how it felt, especially the g-spot curve. Plus, glass is great for sex when it's super hot outside, since you can cool it down by sticking it in an ice bucket or the freezer. Mmmm, sensation play. I'm going to try that next!
The glass material is great, it's affordable, great g-spot curve, small but effective size.
It's not a "double dong," the ends are more triangle-shaped than they appear.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
At first, I was a bit disappointed in this toy. I'd been so looking forward to getting some nice glass pieces, so I jumped at this one without being very discriminatory about what its properties. Upon initial glance it looks intriguing - double dong|Cobalt blue double dong? G-spot curve, great! And I like the cobalt blue color, that's kinda butch, plus I just like blue glass in general (I have a whole set of dishes that color).

First problem is, it's not actually a "double dong," as the toy name states. That phrase implies that you could potentially use it with someone else, that it's long enough that you would both be able to insert it. Most of the double dongs|Double dongs (ugh, look at all those jelly results - not a good material! stay away from it! glass (and silicone) are so much better) listed on Eden are 12-18", and this Cobalt blue double dong is 7". Yes, 7! That's not even how big the large cocks are here on Eden, it's certainly not made to go in two holes on two different people. Also, it's narrow. 1 1/4" in diameter makes it one of the most narrow toys I have.

The two bulbs on either end are actually much more triangular than it looks in the photos, and I really suspect that the ends will be sharp and almost pokey when inserted.

"Why would you make a toy with TRIANGLE ENDS?" I asked at dinner with my friends on the day that the toy arrived, pulling it out of my bag.

"That's gonna be quite the test-drive," they answered, wincing.

I don't use toys on other people that I haven't already played with, so I had to use it for myself. And if you've read my other reviews (or my blog) you know that I'm not big on penetration for myself - I can take it, and sometimes I do like it, but I tend to be the one who does rather than the one who is done in my sex life.

But sometimes, I like the extra little feeling of being fucked when I'm getting off by myself. The test drive. Okay, so here's how it goes.

This glass toy... surprisingly, I liked it much more than expected. Sometimes just something small to grip against when getting off is exactly what I need, and I love how smooth this toy is, especially love the g-spot curve that hits just right.

The ends weren't pokey, either. I guess the ends of the toy aren't really any more sharp or pointed than a finger or two. I couldn't really feel it at all, except for the nice rub against my g-spot with the great curve. I bet it'd be a good size for some anal play, actually, but it doesn't have a particularly flared base, and I wouldn't want it to get lost up there (I've heard too many horror stories).
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  • Contributor: Cock Wrangler
    Ha. I actually have a very similar glass toy, and have successfully inserted into myself and a partner at the same time... it didn't last long though. Definitely not enough length to move much, and I think glass is too rigid to have dual penetration work well.

    On the flip side, even smaller glass pieces make themselves felt, because of that rigidity.  
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    It's too bad the two ends weren't somehow a little different, with different textures.  That would at least give the double-headed property more of a purpose.
  • Contributor: Epiphora
    There seem to be a lot of glass toys that think they are for two people when it really couldn't work. Also, because it's glass, I'd bet it would be more difficult to manuever between two people.
  • Contributor: All In
    Loved the review,

    It's unfortunate that it wasn't longer though.
  • Contributor: sinclair
    Alpine: the toy, or the review? :)

    Dame: very good idea! I like that.
  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    I'm with DD - should be different on each end so you have the chance for two different experiences, but it is too small to really be used well with a partner simultaneously. Very good review!
  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    I do think it seems as though your review almost cuts off. I guess I'd want to know a little bit more about your experience.

    I agree that this awfully short for sharing but I'm glad it worked for you in the end.
  • Contributor: Research
    Looks neat, too bad it wasn't up to snuff.
  • Contributor: Online
    Fantastic review!
  • Contributor: Waterproof
    Nice review!
  • Contributor: lezergirl
    definitely wish this was a double dong... ah well. Nice review!
  • Contributor: LavenderSkies
  • Contributor: phunkyphreak
    Nice review!
  • Contributor: Eucaly
    Thanks for the review! You've got the only review so far!
  • Contributor: dezzydezire
    thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: Booktease
    I just can't get used to hard, glass pieces. But thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: reysgirl83
    nice review!
  • Contributor: pinkzombie
    Thank you for the review!
  • Contributor: BuckeyeGal04
    Thanks for sharing your experience!
  • Contributor: Bullfroggy and Rose
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