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The Sweet Candy Cane dildo is a gorgeous glass holiday toy. It has two different ends that can provide two different sensations. If you do plan on keeping this for a long time, make sure to invest in a better bag for it.
Curved end, Great decoration, Nice and smooth, Easy to insert
Straight end, Shoddy bag
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The Sweet Candy Cane is a Pyrex glass dildo made by SSA Glass. The dildo is about seven inches long and has a diameter of slightly under an inch. The dildo is clear except for the red stripes inside the body of the toy. This toy is both anally and vaginally safe. Either end could be used for pleasure.

The Sweet Candy Cane comes packaged in a little, completely unpadded bag that has a drawstring closure. This is a new type of bag from when I last bought SSA Glass dildos. I'm actually really disappointed; this one is an obvious downgrade. The bag doesn't have any padding at all, and the drawstring doesn't actually close the bag. If you turn the bag upside down, the toy will easily fall out unless you tie a knot in the drawstring. If keeping your toy safe is important, make sure to purchase a new bag for it. Aside from the drawstring bag, this dildo doesn't come with any other instructions.

To be completely honest with you guys, I bought this purely for the purpose of using it as a decoration. I love glass toys. The way they reflect the sunlight, the light, and how they just tend to stand out as decorations without looking like some scary dildo. When I get older, I want to have a neat glass and lit cabinet full of glass dildos so that the sunlight/light can reflect off them brilliantly. As such, I really picked this out just to sit out on a desk and look pretty for next year's Holidays. I meant to order it in time for this years, but oops? Now I just figured I'd give it a couple uses, sterilize it, and continue on with its lifetime of decorative use.

This Sweet Candy Cane dildo is made from Pyrex Glass which makes it pretty resistant to shattering. Instead, it breaks into chunks if you drop it. I've dropped it on the counter with no adverse affects though. It seems to be pretty strong. Nevertheless, if you see a chip on the dildo, just don't use it. $25 may not seem like fun to pay again, but you'll pay more if you rip your insides to shreds. Since it's glass, it requires very little lubrication - if any. I've never had to use any external lubrication with this dildo. However, you can, and a little bit will go a long way with a glass toy like this. It can be a bit hard to tell from the picture, but the dildo is completely smooth - there is no texture to it at all. The red detailing is all contained within the glass and can't be felt on the surface. Glass is completely rigid, so remember that there will be no flexibility to this dildo. Because of that, it might feel a little "bigger" because it won't squish.

As you can imagine, this dildo is completely discreet. For display purposes, there's really no way to tell that this is a dildo. It seems a bit odd that it's made of glass, but it sits out as a decoration with no problem - even if inspected by your mother. (I know.) The only thing that you have to consider, display-wise, is the background of your dildo. Since the candy cane is see-through, it will take on the color that's laid behind it. This means your candy cane won't really look candy-cane-like unless you make sure it's sitting on something with a white body. It kinda fades into the furniture when placed on something black/brown.

For use, I liked the curved end. Like others have said, using it can be difficult. It requires a lot of warm-up, and very, very careful insertion because of how curved it is. Once there, there's really no thrusting with it. It must be rocked back and forth because of the odd shape. However, it definitely hits the g-spot which is amazing. Because the glass is rigid, it doesn't have any give, so it's the g-spot with quite a bit of pressure as well. It'd be possible to use this end with a partner, but it would take a lot of communication since it'd be really easy to get this in an awkward place without going slow. However, when using the curved end, it's a lot harder to grasp onto the straight end with lubricated hands.

The straight ends works okay. I'm not much of a fan for penetration just for the sake of penetration, and this end doesn't hit the g-spot or anything, so it's never been my favorite end. However, the curved end does make a great handle that makes it really easy to hold onto this glass toy. This end does go in really smoothly because of the glass material.
The glass can be sterilized by boiling or using bleach to clean it. Boiling might be rough on the glass though. Any type of lubricant is compatible with it. You can store it out in public view or in the bag it came in. However, the bag it comes in will no protect it from much damage, so be careful with it.

I really did like the Sweet Candy Cane glass dildo. I have a glass toy fetish, and this toy is very pretty. It makes a festive little "treat" for your partner because it's so non-threatening. It makes a good room decoration. It makes a pretty good g-spot dildo as well. It won't be replacing my Bent Graduate, but if I want to take a bit of extreme time to explore g-spot play, it will be one of the glass toys in my line-up.
Follow-up commentary
We still like this sex toy! With the holidays coming up, it's come back out for decoration, and it makes a fantastic decoration. I really don't think anyone knows that it's a dildo, and that's amazing.
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  • Contributor: Hummingbird
    Sounds like fun and I love decorating for the holidays. Glass does have the wonderful flexibility of using any lubricant so I'm now anxious to get it and try my Ultra Heat & Ultra Chill with it. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the info!
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    Great review!
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  • Contributor: chicmichiw
    Awesome! I'll have to wishlist this one
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    thanks for the review
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    great review.
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    Great review, and a really pretty toy.
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    Thanks for the great review!
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    thanks for the review
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