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Thank You for Bringing Me to Eden, Other Adam

Overall, Adam's Pleasureskin Cock isn't a bad buy if you're looking to experiment. For those interested in realism and size, this Adam would be a good buy. However, if your looking for a quality investment, I'd stay clear. The porous, unstable material really does outweigh the pleasure that he will give you, at least in the long run.
Great Suction cup
Big (if you like big)
Big (not for beginners)
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Okay, why am I writing this review? Since it's New Years Eve, I felt that it would be a good time to reflect on the past year. When I reflected on my Eden journey, Adam's Pleasureskin Cock popped up in my mind. You see, he's the reason why I'm here. I no longer own The Other Adam (TOA). He went into the trash months ago, which left me cockless. So, I went online to search for another one, and I found...EDEN FANTASYS! I didn't end up buying another realistic dildo until last week, who incidentally is The Adam, Tantus's O2 Adam to be exact. I felt it was rather fitting to have my the replacement dildo, that brought me to, be named Adam as well. The O2 Adam is everything a realistic dildo should be...sigh...Okay, back to TOA. TOA Adam isn't awful, it's just not that great. However, for its price, it's not that bad a toy to have. The Pleasureskin sure does feel real!


TOA is a BIG dildo. It's designed for those size kings and queens who are looking for something larger than life. It's good for anal and vaginal play. The suction cup is a great feature that turns TOA into a wall banger! You can literally stick him onto the wall and bang away. TOA feels very very real. It's a bit tacky, but it feels as soft as skin. For those looking a cheap, realler than real sensation, TOA is your man.


Okay, the big thing that I hated about TOA was its material. He's made of pleasureskin, which is phthalate free, odorless, and tasteless. However, it's also not very body safe because of its porous nature. It's made of "thermal plastic elastomer variations" according to the Eden materials page. PleasureSkin feels very lifelike, however it is also very porous. Because of its porous nature, it's impossible to clean him thoroughly or to sterilize him. It's very easy for germs and other nasty bacteria/viruses to hide inside him. So using a condom would be ideal, especially if you're going to be indulging in anal play. The material is also very sensitive and breaks down easily.

Washing and maintenance is a bit of a pain. If he's not very dirty, soap and water is fine or toy cleaner/toy wipes. However, he's usually quite dirty. He is a huge lint magnet and really an everything magnet and it's a real b**ch to clean him thoroughly. That's actually the reason I disposed of him; I couldn't get him clean!

I accidentally dropped him on the floor. That's all it took. The floor was really dirty and had pieces of God knows what on it, which TOA picked up. I think it may have been paint shards. Anyway, long story short, I just couldn't get the debris off! No matter how much soap I used, the debris wouldn't come off. That combined with the fact that the floor was dirty and TOA is not sterilizable made me just annoyed enough to toss him. Cheaper than buying loads of condoms anyways.


TOA's design is very nice. He's superbly realistic. The head is exceptionally detailed and oh so soft. He's firm, yet soft on the outside. Not quite O2 duel density, but still quite realistic. The shaft is thick and squishy with detailed veins. He's pink at the head and beige on the shaft and at the balls.Overall, he's quite realistic. AND HUGE! He's a whopping 9 in. long with about 8 in. insertable and 1 7/8 in. in diameter. Seriously, I could barely circle him with my thumb and middle finger! He's really thick!

TOA also has a suction cup at the bottom, which is awesome! The suction cup allows you to ride him anywhere:on a wall, on a table, on a chair, in the tub, etc. It sticks quite well to most surfaces.
TOA is quite a toy. He's huge! I had some trouble inserting him. But with a lot of lube, (water based ONLY), I was able to insert him. And he felt good! I wasn't very fond of him; I'm not really a size queen, but really did broaden my horizons. Literally!

He's great for those who are looking for a cheap, but still pthalate free dildo. He's not for beginners, but for those looking for a cheap, realistic, BIG toy, then he's your man. He's a good toy to experiment with girth. However, his porous material will keep him from making it big. Condoms do get expensive and pleasureskin does break down, unfortunately. However, he was a nice experiment and I love him for bringing me to Eden. Get it?
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  • Nothere
    First review of the New Year? I think so!!! (at least on EST/Eden time!)
  • indiglo
    Congrats on that! lol It's a great review too! I find it very difficult to review toys made out of materials like this, but you did a great job with it and were very even handed.
  • Nothere
    Aw, thanks indiglo! to you to! I bought it for the novelty of having a realistic penis that I could stick to the walls. It felt okay, but I'm really glad it led me to Eden!
  • - Kira -
    Great New Year review! Suction cups are always fun. The nasty materials are not. Glad you got to upgrade to the O2!
  • Silverdrop
    So glad you have a better Adam now!
  • Ms. Spice
    Great New Years review! I'm glad you have a new and improved Adam
  • darkkitty
    Great review!
  • underHim
    Thanks for the review
  • herMaster
    Thanks for the review
  • Jlynn123
    Thanks for the details regarding the material.
  • Caus
    Great review. A shame that it's made of such annoying material, though.
  • Kirill1171
    Thank you for the review.
  • funforall7
    thanks for sharing!
  • spiced
    Thanks for a fine review. I've been curious about this one for a while, because of the size, but I think I'll get something less porous...
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