The King Kong of Dongs

If you're in the market for a huge uncircumcised cock than this is the one for you! Carlo Masi is a hunk with a body built by the Gods and this dildo is just as equally impressive. With incredible raised blue-tinged veins and a well defined head, this is a toy that will have you chomping at the bit to use over and over again.
Amazing detailing on the head and shaft.
Smells, greasy, too heavy.
Rating by reviewer:
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Carlo Masi is a sexy porn star, granted he's a gay porn star, but that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate his videos or think they're hot. It's always nice to see a big rugged man take it in the ass from another burly guy that's as equally hunky. However, after watching several of Carlo's videos, I'm convinced that the Colt Carlo Masi Genuine Cast is actually bigger than Carlo is in real life.

This is a huge toy. With a length of 8" and a diameter of 2" it's not for the faint of heart. I've never toted myself as a size queen but I do at times enjoy a larger sized toy, this however, is just too damn big. So big, that well, I'm surprised I didn't black out when I tried to insert it. I couldn't get it past the head and even at that point I felt like I was being ripped open. This is suited more for someone who appreciates larger girths and seeks out bigger cocks, I was someone that was completely unprepared for the massive size of it.

This PVC cock smells. It's so unbelievably strong that it can be a little nauseating. Everything this cock has touched from hands, to panties, to condoms now stinks and requires a thorough washing. The PVC is very rubbery, the cock will actually bounce if you smack it against something, and unfortunately, it has a very greasy feeling exterior.

If smell and texture aren't a deterrent for you or you're able to easily get over them, prepare yourself. This molded cock has raised veins that are absolutely insane! I've never seen a cock that was so textured before, and yes, they can be easily felt. There are a multitude of the prominent blue-tinged veins all over the shaft that add to the girth of the toy, making it feel much bigger than it is (if that was even possible).

The main feature is that this cock is uncircumcised. There aren't enough uncut cocks on the market so Carlo's is a welcome addition. The detailing is absolutely exquisite. The meatus (tip) looks astonishingly realistic, as does the frenulum. The only issue is that the inner foreskin is not pulled back that far and the sulcus is not very exposed. The cock is also a little pale compared to Carlo's actual gorgeous olive tone.

This realistic is equipped with a large, heavy duty suction cup. It will stick to anything and it's hard to pry off! Anything with a slick, flat surface is game. The PVC is waterproof so you can have a blast in the shower with this dong, it's also compatible with silicone lubricants so water play with Carlo is absolutely encouraged. I also encourage you to cover this with a condom as PVC is not a very body-friendly material.

Unfortunately, the Colt Carlo Masi Genuine Cast smells, is too heavy to maneuver, and has a greasy texture. If it were made out of anything other than PVC I think it might have been doable, but the material was inflexible and didn't have any give to it making it a very difficult toy to use. I'm impressed by the detailing of the head and shaft but other than that, this dong just doesn't have much appeal.
Follow-up commentary
I think it's safe to assume that Eden Fantasys will not be carrying this product. If that's the case, I stand 100% behind their decision. The only appeal the Carlo Masi Cast had, was the fact it's an uncircumcised cock. The size can be found in other dildos of better quality materials, so this mold doesn't have other faux-cocks beat in girth or heft.

The smell of this has not worn off, even after repeated uses. And I've had 0 desire to use this since it arrived. When I want something to fuck myself with, I have far too many options that make this penis pale in comparison.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: peanutt
    It was a good attempt SD! I thoroughly enjoyed this read!
  • Contributor: Nashville
    Thank you!
  • Contributor: peanutt
    Can I ask you why you like the uncircumcised so much? My husband is also hung in this manner but almost all of the toys out there are cut!
  • Contributor: Airen Wolf
    That is a crying shame...I likes me an uncut man but this guy sounds like a smelly, greasy freak! *shudder*
  • Contributor: Nashville
    Peanutt, it's not that I like it so much, it's that there's a lack of uncircumcised models on the market.This one has exquisite detailing that certainly fulfills the desires of those wanting to be with an uncut man but everything else.. just kind of fails.
  • Contributor: Nashville
    Airen, lol! The Marco Banderas is wonderful if you're looking for a nice uncircumcised cock... even though it's made out of cyberskin. []
  • Contributor: noofbat
    Sorry this didn't work out, but thanks for reviewing it.
  • Contributor: damnbul12
    Thank you for the review.
  • Contributor: spiced
    Thanks for the review. I've never liked PVC for sex toys, either.
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