Two way bumpy fantasy - glass dildo by XHale Glass - review by jc123

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Things I Didn't Know My Body Would Even Do...

It felt like this toy and my body were meant to be together. Never before have I used a toy that seemed to know my body better than I do. Each time I've used this dildo I've had a play session that was more amazing and intense than the one before. This is easily my new favorite toy.
Nubs are very prominent and intense. Great angle for g spot or a spot stimulation.
Color is unattractive. Spiral design is disappointing.
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The 2 Way Bumpy Fantasy is a glass dildo. The dildo has a straight shaft that is about 6" long, then it has a pretty intense bend (somebody else said 160 degrees--I'll trust that, since I don't have a compass handy) and a 2 1/2" shaft. The short shaft is covered in round bumps that are about half an inch in diameter and half an inch tall. The long shaft has a 2" spiral that starts an inch from the bottom--the spiral ridge is about 1/4" tall by 1/4" wide. The dildo weighs about one pound, and has a nice, solid feel in your hand.

As far as dildos go, I don't find this one particularly attractive. The main glass is clear, but the bumps and spiral are a strange pinkish yellow color that was apparently created by infusing real gold in with the glass. Seems like a waste of gold, if you ask me--I would much prefer a standard pink color. That said, I feel that toys are for playing with and not looking at, so this isn't a big deal to me.

If you've never had a glass toy before, I'd like to go over a few care instructions before I get into playing with the toy. (After all, safety first!) When you first receive a glass toy, it is very important that you first run your hands up, down, and all around the toy. Pay attention to the texture-- if you feel any nicks, bumps, or if anything snags your skin, immediately create a support ticket and send the toy back. Even though this toy is made from Pyrex glass (as close to unbreakable as glass gets), things happen and it is crucial that you make sure you're playing safely. After the toy passes the touch test, you need to get a flashlight and carefully examine the toy from all angles, looking for bubbles inside the glass. These bubbles are air and can compromise the performance of the glass during heating/cooling/cleaning. Again, if the toy has bubbles it needs to be exchanged.

I always clean my toys before I use them-- luckily, glass is a snap to clean. The easiest way to do it is to throw it in the dishwasher. Top shelf, with your normal dishes works just fine. If you feel funny about putting sex toys in with your dishes, the toy can be washed with normal soap and water, or with any kind of toy cleaner. If you are sharing your toy or need to sterilize it for any reason, it can be boiled (I go with 15 minutes, to be safe) or wiped down with bleach. When you're done cleaning the toy, you should probably store it in its padded pouch (included with purchase) so that it is protected from the elements and from breakage.

Glass toys can be heated or cooled rather easily. The easiest way I've found to do this is to keep a stainless steel bowl of either hot water or ice water beside my bed--you don't have to submerge the dildo for very long for it to reach your desired temperature. There isn't much danger in using a toy that has been in ice water, since it will typically come to body temperature before it could cause tissue damage (obviously, remove the toy if anything feels numb or strange). When you're using a hot toy, though, you need to be careful to ensure that you aren't burning your delicate bits. I strongly recommend that you test the toy on the inside of your elbow before putting any kind of heated toy in or near your genitals.
On to the fun part- use. I will start by saying that I've never liked a g spot toy before. I bought this toy mainly because I wanted to play with the nubs on my clit and I had planned to only insert the spiral side. The nubs on my clit felt absolutely fantastic--well worth the purchase price of the toy. For some reason, I decided to insert the nubbed/curved part into my vagina. At this point, something magical happened--it is like my vagina just sucked the toy in and directed it toward my g spot. Within about 45 seconds of insertion, I was squirting. Yes-- SQUIRTING. For the first time ever. I couldn't take the sensation for much longer, so I twisted the toy with the intention of removing it. Somehow I hit my a spot (at the apex of your vagina, in front of your cervix). OMG--I've never experienced nearly as intense a sensation. I turned the toy again, and it hit my g spot once more. I thought the orgasms were never going to end.

I finally succeeded in removing the toy without hitting any hot spots. After spending a few seconds recovering, I inserted the tip of the numbed part and rubbed it around my vaginal opening. The sensation was amazing. I then tried the spiral part-- ironically enough, the spiral did absolutely nothing for me. It makes a nice handle, but I won't be using it for anything else.

I tried to insert this toy anally, but the nubs were kind of uncomfortable. I didn't try to insert the spiral part, since I don't like straight and hard anal toys.
Follow-up commentary
I love this toy even more now. Due to the weight, I've started using it for kegels. I am almost at the point where I can have a hands free orgasm from this dildo.
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