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You shook me all night long

A nice, very filling, realistic looking, very reasonably priced dildo. I especially liked the curve and the suction cup. Only drawbacks are the porous material. and that it's a bit soft.
Suction cup bottom, curve for G-spot.
Porous material, a bit too soft for my taste.
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Just the idea of ordering this was making me hot! I couldn't wait until it got here. I've been looking for something similar to my husband's penis ever since I realized one night, when he wasn't in the mood, that I didn't want any of my usual toys because they didn't give me that oh so satisfying full feeling.

One of my favorite things is right when we begin having intercourse and he's fully entered me. I love to just hold him there and savor that initial feeling. Most of the time I prefer intercourse over foreplay. I know, strange for a woman. Anyway I was on the hunt for the right toy. And I found a few that I really thought would be great but just didn't fit into my budget. Then I found a couple that I could afford at this time. I decided on the Tommy Blade Sensafirm Penis because of the curve on the tip. The reviews that I read said it was great for the G-spot. Ok, I'm sold!

This toy comes in a cardboard box, with a picture of Tommy Blade on the front, and the dildo encased in plastic. The box says this dildo is hand painted, and looks and feels just like Tommy. Well I'm not sure if it really looks the same, it does look pretty realistic, but I hope it doesn't feel the same.

One thing about this toy is that it doesn't feel just like the real thing. But it does feel pretty darn good. At 9 inches long, 7 of them insertable and 1 3/4 inches diameter, it is a little longer and thicker than my husband, but I don't mind that a bit. It fills me up very nicely. I would imagine the size of it could be a little hard to handle for some. So be warned it is pretty big.

The tip does have a nice curve to it, but it did not give me a g-spot orgasm. I think that's because it is a bit softer, and more flexible than I prefer. In order for you to get an idea of what I mean, think of a semi-hard dick. I did, however, enjoy all the sensations that it did give me. And with a little help from my Xtreme Pack, I had an amazing combined vaginal and clitoral orgasm during some quality alone time.

The outer layer is somewhat squishy and very tacky. You should definitely use a water based lube with it. It does have a mild chemical odor. I left mine standing on my dresser for a while to air it out. Also because of the chemical content, and because this is a porous material, a condom would be advisable.

On the bottom of this dildo is a suction cup, which works really well. I think that was a great idea. That way I can choose to have two hands free for other things. And if you don't want to use the suction cup, the balls are great for holding on to during thrusting. Which, by the way, because of the way it is curved, you need to have the balls on top for it to hit your G-spot.

Clean up is easy. Just use warm water and an anti-bacterial soap. This needs to be kept in a safe place away from other toys and debris, because it can be easily damaged and all sorts of lint, etc. can stick to it. I figured the safest place to keep it is in the plastic mold it came it.
The first day the Tommy Blade Sensafirm Penis came I tried it with my husband. We had the house all to ourselves that day and night. So we took full advantage of that fact and had a marathon sex night.

After having dinner and a cocktail, we decided to set up the living room for our night of fun. I went and grabbed some toys, one of them of course was this new dildo which I hadn't told him about yet. I brought it out wrapped in a satin cloth and stuffed in the shipping box.

After a bit of making out I told him to check out the new toy. When he took it out he laughed. I told him I was looking for something similar to him and we did a comparison, and it was pretty close. As the evening went on we tried it several times.

The first was with my husband sitting on the couch while I was on my knees riding the Penis, giving hubby a combination blow job/ hand job. We also tried it suctioned to the headboard of our bed. And lastly during a 69. That was my favorite and I think hubby's too. He got a very nice humming blow job, because it's not easy to moan with your mouth full; and moan I did, that felt amazing!!!

Yes, I do believe we both enjoyed playing with the new toy. This one's a keeper!
Follow-up commentary
Well, until something better comes along, this is still my favorite dildo for thrusting and having that "oh so wonderful" full feeling.

I was having a bit of trouble finding a place to use the suction cups that worked for me. Hubby suggested I stick it to the wooden bed post, near the floor and straddle it doggy style. Yeah, that's the ticket!!! This is now my favorite way to use this toy. Now whenever I'm in the mood for intercourse and hubby's not home, I can have it. Smart man! I wonder what other ideas he can come up with?
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  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Very thorough review. I'll be interested to see how the sensafirm material holds up over time.
  • ......
    Thanks! Yes, I will be interested in that too.
  • deceased
    It looks very realistic!
  • Luscious Lily
    Thanks for a great review. Isn't it great how the men in our lives can be so creative about finding ways to use our dildos? Too bad this wasn't firm enough for some good g-spot action, though.
  • ......
    Thanks Lily, Yes it's kind of funny too. And actually it isn't too bad for the
    G-spot. Just not the best.
  • Gardenvy
    This looks like one I'd love.. on my wish list it goes! Great review
  • Djiffy
    If only the cyberskin-style materials didn't have that strong smell. This toy looks very filling. I can't wait for mine!
  • LuciFaery
    Thank you for the review!
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