Tommy Blade sensafirm penis - sex toy by Topco Sales - review by Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)

Now WHO'S a big boy, then?

Certainly the biggest and best realistic dildo my wife and I have come across. It's a good size, looks great and has a very satisfying weight and rigidity.
It's a great size - a full inch longer than me. It feels real, too, and looks great.
The sensafirm™ material needs to be treated appropriately with condoms and water-based lube.
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extremely useful review
When our postman normally delivers our eagerly-awaited Eden Fantasys products, they typically arrive in a shoebox-sized box or smaller.

Not so with Tommy Blade’s sensafirm penis; I was handed a box you could cram a good-sized boombox into. Size, as it turns out, is what Tommy Blade’s magnificent member is all about.

Ripping open the box, my wife and discovered Tommy’s sizable sensafirm schlong sealed in a blister-pack, with a beautiful cardboard cover showing a glossy picture of gay porn’s well-endowed young buck.

“Wow,” my wife remarked. “That’s kind of big.”

And it was. Tommy’s plastic cock is a full nine inches long, with a fat, firm shaft and two large, wrinkled balls at the end. It’s heavy and slightly squidgy. Removing it from the packaging, we both took turns flopping it about, getting rather high off the powerful plastic fumes.

Once given the opportunity to air out, the plastic penis quickly lost its pungent ‘new cock’ aroma and Wifey and I got down to discussing how we were going to employ our exciting new appendage.

My wife knows I have a bit of a fondness for anal shenanigans, but I’ll admit, it was her pussy I wanted to see plundered with Tommy’s sensafirm penis. I’ve been having incredibly erotic fantasies about sharing her with another guy recently – and in the absence of a clean, trustworthy third-person to join us in bed, I figured I’d enjoy watching her tackle two cocks at once with Tommy’s turgid rod.

Tearing off our clothes, all three of us dived into bed...

I'll tell you about that in a second - first, some more essential details:

After we’d peeled ourselves apart and wiped ourselves clean (see below) tidying up Tommy’s sensafirm shaft was pretty easy.

We'd used a Trojan Magnum on Tommy's cock – essential, since the sensafirm is made of porous plastic – and when we were done, the condom just peeled off. After washing and drying it with anti-bacterial soap, we hid the rubbery cock back in its blister pack and stowed it in our toy box.

Although my wife was wet enough not to need it this time (especially with the help of a lubed condom) it's also worth remembering to only ever use water-based lube with the sensafirm penis - anything else could erode the plastic.
We started slow, kissing and caressing. I crushed my willing wife beneath me, pressing my lips against hers and squeezing her big, beautiful breasts. The plastic penis was lodged between us – the plastic soon reached body temperature and my wife remarked how sexy it felt to feel two warm, hard shafts between her thighs, instead of just one.

Stroking her pussy, I found her dripping wet. Soon, we were entangled in a sixty-nine, my wife straddling my head and surrendering her cunt to my eager lips and tongue. As I suckled on her clit, she enveloped my erection with her mouth, teasing and tonguing me deliciously.

Now it was time to blend fantasy and reality. Rolling a Trojan Magnum onto Tommy’s rubbery cock, I nuzzled his hardness against the lips of her dripping cunt. My wife opened up like a moist flower. Tommy’s shaft slowly slid inside her, stretching her deliciously. I could feel her moan, her mouth wrapped around my cock.

Soon, my fantasies were sort-of coming true. I was suckling on her clit, watching my wife get penetrated deeply by a thick, hard cock. Okay, so it wasn’t quite the same as seeing her fucked by a third party for real – but the sight of her bucking and grinding against Tommy’s rubbery cock was almost as good.

She sucked me. She fucked him. I tongued her clit. She fingered my ass. Our sweaty bodies writhed against each other as I delighted in fulfilling my fantasy of watching my wife reamed by big cocks from both ends.

When she’d come the first time, she begged to change position. With the ‘slurp’ of body-parts disengaging from each other, we struggled out of our sixty-nine and my wife turned herself around.

She grabbed the glistening dildo and stuck it to the headboard with the oversized suction cup. Then, backing her ass up, she sunk the shaft back into her moist, hungry pussy.

Meanwhile, I lay back on the bed. My wife spread my thighs and swallowed my cock back into her delicious mouth. This was what I’d dreamed about – watching her slurp and suck my shaft as she bucked and fucked her beautiful ass back against another hard cock.

Okay, so Tommy’s disembodied dick, stuck to the headboard, wasn’t quite the same as watching another guy fuck my wife roughly from behind; but it was as close as I was going to get any time soon, and that was close enough.

Although she loved the feeling of fullness and the ‘dirtiness’ of getting double-teamed (sort of) my wife didn’t manage to reach a second climax before she tipped me over the edge. I came like a geyser – my wife lifting her mouth from my spurting cock and aiming my hot jets over her big breasts.

Coming down from her sexual high, my wife needed a little help unskewering herself from Tommy’s stiff cock. I gently helped her back onto the bed and we lay, gasping, in each other’s arms. It was kind of disconcerting, lying there with Tommy’s hard dick hanging over us, still stuck to the headboard.
Follow-up commentary
After a few glasses of wine, my wife and I attempted to use Tommy's impressive pecker on me... It wasn't an entirely successful experiment!

I have to admit, it was just so BIG I had trouble taking it at all (damn my tightly clenched butt) and when I managed the first inch or so, it was deeply uncomfortable. I certainly haven't given up hope of taking this monster, but it's certainly not something that should be attempted without some prior planning and preparation (and plenty of lube.)

When it comes to my wife, though, we just LOVE this product. In combination with the Love Bumper Iceberg, we spent a very lovely evening 69’ing the other day. As she straddled my face, sucking my straining erection into her tight, hot mouth, I slurped and sucked her engorged clit and then slowly penetrated her slick cunt with the suitably condom-clad Tommy Blade cock.

She LOVED it - grinding her clit against my face and bucking her hips back to sink more and more of that big, rubbery dong inside of her. Like that, I fucked her with the Tommy Blade mold, imagining we were in a torrid threesome, with her slurping and sucking my cock into her talented mouth, while a well-hung stranger fucked her fast and deep from behind.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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