Sex position pillow
by Love Bumper

Any Way You Bend Me?

The Iceberg is a lot of fun for an experimental couple. It's ideally shaped to help less-than-bendy people enjoy more exotic sexual positions and promises an adventure for couples brave enough to try and discover new ways to use it
Helps men and women get into positions they might not normally be able to.
Fairly expensive
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When it comes to the Kama Sutra, some of the more exotic and exciting positions are difficult to maintain - if you can get into them in the first place! Hence the appeal of the Iceberg, from Love Bumper; a positioning pillow designed to help enthusiastic couples experiment with some slightly more avant-garde sexual acrobatics.

Shaped like a triangle, with a slight curve to the longest edge, the Iceberg is just one of several Love Bumper position pillows available - and probably the smallest. That makes it a discrete addition to your bedroom furniture - but a very flexible one!

The Iceberg comes with a little postcard of suggested sexual positions, which include doggy (with the female bent over the pillow) some variations on missionary (with the pillow angling the lady's hips up) and sixty-nine, showing the man on the bottom. Presumably, there are countless other positions the Iceberg could help you get into - but it's up to you to discover those yourself!

The Iceberg has a faux-suede removable cover, which means it's easy to whip the cover off and throw it in the washing machine if it get stained. Also, in common with all Iceberg products, there's a strategically-placed pocket for a vibrator!

No vibrator is supplied with the Iceberg, but there are several models they suggest, such as the Lelo and the OhMiBod. As it is, any 5" vibrator should fit in there neatly and is ideally placed to stimulate a woman's clit when she's bent over it.

The cushion is firm and solid - just squishy enough to be comfortable, but more than firm enough to support the combined body weight of two festively plump adults even in the midst of some seriously sexercise.

But the thing about the Iceberg is that it's not obviously a sex product. It wouldn't look out of place with all the other pillows on a bed or sofa
My wife and I attempted to take a round the world (well, bed) tour with the Iceberg. Here is our story:

First, doggystyle, as per the instructions included with the pillow.

Placing the iceberg on the bed, my wife straddled it and it neatly raised her ass into the air. Kneeling behind her, the position was good for a slow, intimate screw with me laying on top of her - something we normally couldn't do because I couldn't get a good angle of penetration. We used an egg-shaped vibrator in the pocket as well, which was well located for stimulating her clit.

Second, missionary:

There were two positions suggested on the postcard instructions. The first was with my wife lying on her back, the iceberg lifting her hips up. This caused her thighs to splay open and her pussy was presented perfectly. I found this was the perfect position for giving her head - her pussy was totally on display and I didn't get a crink in my neck bending over to devour it.

For sex, it was awesome. The height difference meant I slid into her cunt with my erection rubbing against the top wall of her vagina and the head of my dick massaging her g-spot. With my thumb circling her clit - or switching to the egg vibe we'd used earlier - she came quickly and powerfully.

We didn't try it, but this position would also have been perfect for skewering her anally. Her butt was lifted up and her tight little ass was perfectly positioned to be violated. Normally, we don't have anal sex face-to-face, so this would have been a nice change and an awesome position to make the experience more intimate, since we could make eye contact.

The secondary missionary position was similar to the first, but using my elbows to hook into her knees.

This was slightly more awkward - I had to squat over the cushion to penetrate her and with the mattress being quite soft, I kept threatening to topple over! However, the angle of penetration is very deep and satisfying.

The next position: Sixty-nine:

The illustration supplied with the Iceberg showed the man on the bottom of a sixty-nine. That's what we tried next. Sixty-nine has always been one of my favorite positions, but it's awkward because I'm six feet tall and my wife is barely five feet high.

Using the Iceberg worked out perfectly, since it raised my head in perfect position. When she straddled me, I was presented with her beautiful ass and pussy and could comfortably feast, lick, slurp and suck without stretching up or hurting my neck. This extra leverage also put my wife in a perfect position to suck my erection.

The woman-on-top sixty-nine position was so perfect, we didn't actually continue our experiments any further: We quickly gobbled each other to climax like that!
Follow-up commentary
I mentioned in my initial review, when we tried out the Iceberg in missionary position, it seemed to offer a perfect position for some missionary-style anal. Well, that's exactly what we tried the other day. It was WONDERFUL.

My wife lay on her back, with her hips under the pillow. That lifted her cunt so it was easy to feast on with my mouth - which I did, licking and sucking her to orgasm.

We then tried normal sex - but the angle of the pillow meant my cock slid inside of her and massaged her g-spot, hurrying her a second, totally unexpected orgasm!

And after that, while my cock was still straining and hard, we slurped some lube between her elevated buttocks and I very gently pressed my cock head against her tightly clenched little ass.

The Iceberg was perfect - it meant we could both take our time to let her ass blossom open. She didn't have to hold and awkward position and I was aimed directly at her delicious little rump.

So far, the Iceberg has excelled for both anal AND 69, making this an ideal purchase for an experimental couple!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Naughty Student
    Wow nice review, have you tried any kama sutra positions? If you discover any new positions with it that are fun for you and your wife it would be nice to know about it in your follow up.


  • Contributor: Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Awesome review. I like that it is a little lower priced than some of the Liberator products.
  • Contributor: Gary
    I like how you thoroughly described the many positional capabilities of the Iceberg, it sounds as though you are your wife had a great time. Did you find the vibrator pocket to be useful in its placement? Thanks!
  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    This is a great looking pillow and I love the idea of a vibe pocket. Even if it didn't work position wise, your favourite toy would never be far away.
  • Contributor: Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)
    Hey Naughty Student! I just got a book called 'The New Kama Sutra' and we plan to take the Iceberg for a test run with some of their positions. The 'sitting lotus' one (or whatever it's called) is pretty good and the Iceberg is deceptively useful for it. The man sits cross-legged with his butt on the pillow and the woman straddles him. The Iceberg helped get my hips just THAT bit higher, so I could penetrate her more deeply.

    Hi Yeti! We didn't find the vibrator pocket that useful because we didn't really have the right sized vibe. we used an egg, when you really need a shaft. The only vibes we have are a rabbit and a dildo with balls, so none of them fit. As soon as we get the right vibe, we'll give it a go - and Adriana's right. It was useful to have the egg vibe stored somewhere handy!
  • Contributor: Victoria
    Nice follow up, Red. You should write erotica, Mr. Saucy Details Smile
  • Contributor: maebey
    good review!
  • Contributor: Mr. & Mrs. Peg
    Thanks for the great review. We may need to add one of these!
  • Contributor: Pretty Birdy
    good review!
  • Contributor: geliebt
    Thank you!
  • Contributor: amazon
    Nice review. Thanks!
  • Contributor: eroticmutt
    Sounds like it was a great investment and really helped with the height difference.
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