Position pillow
by Love Bumper

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on!

If you've been considering a cushion in the past or already have one, this is a great buy because of it's size. It helps considerably for those that have bad backs as well. For the price and options (A VIBRATOR POCKET!) you can't go wrong! That's it, I'm going to make a car seat cover that I can put vibrators in! ...What's that? ...They already have them? ...Well where do I sign up?!?!?
Great for bad backs, offers awesome angles, has a vibrator pocket!
Needs real handles.
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This is Ground Control to Captain Stubing, please make sure you tighten your harness, lubricate your joints, and stretch your muscles/ligaments prior to liftoff.

Vibrator ready?....Check
Lube in holster?....Check
Anal toys in asses?....Check
Splash Guard in surrounding areas?....Check

....3, ....2, ....1, ....LIFTOFF!!!!

Okay, back to the matter at hand. The Iceberg is a rather small cushion that raises body parts for easier access or play. Also, if your partner has a bad back (like my wife). On the packaging for the Iceberg there are several suggested positions to get you started if you're not sure where to begin. The cool thing about this particular "pillow" is that you can insert a vibrator into it for added stimulation. I'm giving if 4 3/4 stars because it needs actual handles. Maybe I'll sew some on...

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

The design is why we chose this cushion over the others we've seen. This is a small pillow. The base of the Iceberg is 14" x 14" and is 7" high at the apex. Other pillows such as the Tilt (Also by Love Bumper) are twice as wide.

With such a narrow width, the Iceberg is easy to straddle even for shorter people. This means that you can get better angles on the positions you're trying. Most other cushion's width are so wide (at least for me) that your knees hit it before you can go deep!

The exterior is pretty nice. The top and bottom are made from faux swede which helps slippage. It feels nice on skin too! The sides however are cheap pleather (plastic that looks like leather) and I'm not a big fan of that. There's actually two layers to this, the swede zips off revealing a water-resistant nylon. I think they did this so you can just wash the faux swede if you don't get it wet. The entire exterior is water-resistant, removable, and washable. We got the black one and I would recommend washing it by itself the first two or three times (the ink bleeds out a little).

On the packaging it says that it has side handles but there's nothing that looks like a handle. I'm assuming that since one side is vertical, that's what they're calling a handle. My wife is so short though (5') she had a hard time holding on. We managed though.

The Vibrator pocket calls for "Up to 1.25 inch diameter". We bought the Bliss by Evolved to put in there. It was a tight fit at first but it goes in nicely now. It probably depends on the vibrator but once you turn it on this whole cushion starts shaking which is REALLY cool! The Bliss had this sucker rockin'.

The only issue I had with the design is the vertical side. My wife had to use an extra pillow to support her torso when we were in the doggie-style position.


This cushion is a lot of fun! It allowed me to hit her G-spot right on the money when we were in the missionary position (if you can call it that with this thing).

When we were doing it doggie-style, she got on top of it in a frog position that allowed the vibrator to hit her clit while I entered her from behind and slid a butt plug into her ass! With the cushion vibrating, her clit pulsing, the butt plug being inserted, and my cock deep in her pussy she had an orgasm in about 2 seconds! ...OMG, I'm getting hard just thinking about it again...

I used to always put a pillow under my head when we would go 69 in order to play stress free. The problem was getting it situated and then it would move, etc. Now with the Iceberg it's a snap to get ready. And remember, it's only 14" wide so she can straddle it while straddling you!

I'm sure we'll find may other ways to enhance our positions with this sucker. I can't wait!


Just a piece of plastic to protect the faux swede. At least the information sheet was a separate piece of paper so you don't have to keep the plastic.

Care and Maintenance

I probably don't need to tell you, but wash the outside first before use. Especially since there's no germ of dust free packaging. I washed it in cold water on the gentle cycle then air dried it. There was no fading on it and the material kept it's shape.

This cushion is so small it can be stored under the pillows on your bed assuming you actually make your bed in the morning. Otherwise it can go under the bed, in the closet, etc. Due to the shape I'd be leery to leave it out if discretion is a must.

Personal comments

My wife has a very bad back and getting into some of these positions for an extended period of time hurt her which ruins the mood. This pillow is a God send for that! We were able to play for hours without a problem. The only issue was 69 but I was ready for something a little more...uh...rough before she got too sore (her back that is) wink...bing (that's the sound of a small triangle being struck if you didn't know).


Of course this section is my favorite part to read and write so I hope you enjoy!

We started in the 69 position with my head on the cushion. It was very comfortable for me but no different for her. Since the cushion is firm, my head didn't sink into it so once you get into position it's easy to stay there.

Next we went to the doggie-style position. As I said earlier in my review, my wife was straddled over the Iceberg like a frog with the tip of the Bliss vibrator hitting her clit. With the vibrator on, the whole cushion shook like one of those old vibrating football games! I felt like Clark Griswald, except I didn't even need a handful of loose change! We put a pillow under her torso to support it so she could just relax if she wanted to (she didn't...or couldn't!). With her in this position, I had very easy access to her ass which I proceeded to insert an anal toy into her. She's new to anal play and the cushion was nice because she was able to relax her muscles for insertion. I could actually see her getting wet so naturally I had to join in the fun and enter her from behind. At this time I would like to say I'm so masculine and sexy that normally I get her to cum in two or three pumps but...well, let's just say I'm not THAT good! Okay, so she's bent over, I'm going to town, and I bet if I timed it she had an orgasm in less than 30 seconds! Now what man can say that huh? Honestly? Oh, and by the way, she's a squirter so it went EVERYWHERE!!!

Finally, we went to the traditional missionary position with her butt on the cushion. With the gentle slope and curvature of the cushion, her pelvis was in the perfect position to go deep and hit her G-spot without that awkward lifting of her legs and pelvis to get there. One of the neat side effects of being able to go this deep is that you get a suction effect on the base of your penis and her pussy. (I'm hoping that she gets used to anal because with the Iceberg it puts her ass just at the right height and angle for easy entry.) While in the missionary position she was able to hold on to the Iceberg from the vertical side. Otherwise, she was sliding off as I was thrusting. I wish there would have been actual handles on the sides for this because she said it was tough to hang on. Another great thing about this position with the cushion is that my hands are free to play with her tits, use the vibrator on her clit, bend over and bite her nipples, spank her ass, you know the stuff you do with free hands! Either way, it didn't take very long to get her to climax, not as quick as doggie-style, but still in good time. Luckily I was right at my peak so we came together. Aaahhhhhhh, now for a nap...and look, I have a pillow right here!!!!
Follow-up commentary
This is actually the one item that my wife continues to ask for when she's ready for some serious throwdown! When I add the Bliss to the vibrator pocket, the Pleasure Pearls to her ass, and I enter her from behind...two pumps and a quiver...gushing like a two year old with a GoGurt!

She says it's because of all the stimulation she gets from everything, I say it's because I'm a stud! Wink, bing!
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