A variety for her pleasure.

A very sensual evening awaits, be it solo or with a partner there's plenty of goodies to use however you prefer to get down. Go ahead and spoil yourself with a kit that has all the basics of a good time and then some.
Silicone items
Glass items
Lots of variety
Good for foreplay and intercourse
Vibe has a large seam on it
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First impression

I have eagerly awaited these goodies for constantly checking the tracking number until it finally arrived. After eagerly cutting open the plain brown box I saw the adorable red and white bag with a Velcro closure, the packaging is a lot better than I even expected. The bag works well for storage of the items and would make an amazing romantic gift. Inside the baggy the items are individually packaged and very pleasant to look at. All in a matching purple color aside form the glass ben wa balls. It all feels decently made and I've been pretty excited to give this kit a try.

First Use

Our first expeience was a very romantic evening. After a nice dinner and putting the kids down we worked out way to the bedroom where everything was cleaned and prepped for a night of fun.

We started out with a massage, using the warm massager to help work out a couple of kinks I get from sitting at a computer 8 hours a day. It's really easy to use and doesn't get to hot for delicate areas.

Next up was the nipple suckers they are quite large, a lot larger than i expected and hold suction very well. They work quite well for my large nipples and areolas along with being very comfy to use. We ended up suctioning one of them onto my clit during intercourse. It was a fantastic experience and I certainly recommend giving it a shot.

The butt plug is perfect the perfect size for some spur of the moment anal play. It glides easily with pleanty of water based lube and is very comfortable once inserted.

After dinking around with the butt plug a bit we moved on to the G-spot vibrator, of course after finding two AA batteries. I was honestly worried about this one causing some discomfort because of the large raised seam running around the bulbous tip of the toy. It's a lot more powerful than I expected it to be and helped reach an orgasm as a clit vibe during intercourse.

Honestly I didn't try the glass ben wa balls till the next day and they are pretty great. Light enough to not be overly staining but heavy enough to give a sensation that they are inside you.

Further Experience

The warm massager :
We clicked the metal coin in the lovely purple heart and it quickly crystallized inside becoming warm. To get it back to normal it needs to be boiled in water to melt the crystals. It heats up quickly but not to a super hot temperature making it decent to use on more delicate areas. It may become to hot for some to find comfortable but it a great massage item for knots on your back or neck. I personally love it for when I have cramps I wrap it in a light towel and put it on my lower abdomen.

Nipple suckers:
They're made of a silky soft silicone making them easy to clean and maintain. They're super fun to stick on places other than nipples. We put ours on my clit, suctioned it to our backs and even goofed around putting them on other places just being silly. There's a lot of fun to come out of these with proper care.

Butt Plug:
At 4 in long, 3 in insertable and 1 3/8 in wide it's just to hit the good spots but also be easy to use. We fooled around with it for a little bit, the large flare base is also a suction cup making it a possible fun shower toy as well. The silicone beauty slides in sweetly with plenty of water based lube and is super easy to clean and store.

G-spot toy:
This one is a bit of a fence line for me. Is it a decent toy, yes. However if it where personally up to me buying it separate from a kit I wouldn't get it. There is a very raised seam running around the bulbous head of the toy which may cause irritation for some whom are more sensitive to such a thing. It's a great beginner item to see if you'd like g-spot stim but it's not my cup of tea. The ridged plastic is nice and I feel it will last a long time. It's decently loud as well, very possible someone could hear it through a closed door even when inserted. Size wise it's very workable in my opinion for even beginners measuring in at 8.5 inches long, 7.5 inches insert able and about 1.24 inches in diameter on the bulb. It's easy to store and clean, use water based lube and soap/ water.

Glass Ben Wa Balls:
I really love kegel toys of all sorts, especially after having two kids. These ones are great, not to heavy but heavy enough to feel they are still there. Not overly large or super small and hard to hold in they measure about 1.25 inches in diameter. Very beginner friendly in my opinion. Ben wa balls are great to help strengthen the pelvic floor to help with incontinence after having kids as well as to help possibly aid in stronger orgasms. Being made of glass they are super easy to clean and store. You could also use them for temperature play making them warmer or putting them in cold water for a little bit to experience with different sensations.

Vibration Map

The only items that vibrates out of this kit is the G-spot toy. It's not the strongest but good for beginners in my mind. Very simple to work, simply twist the nob at the end of the toy until the desired speed is achieved. It scales upwards nicely, no individual settings to toggle trough or anything just turn it until the vibrations work for you.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I didn't orgasm from the g-spot toy on it's own but I'm sure it could happen if my partner isn't around and I'm in need. This kit works well to set the mood from foreplay onward to intercourse and I can certainly see it aiding in many others love lives. My orgasm with the vibrator came from using it on my clit as my partner and I had some doggy style fun.
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Follow-up commentary
I'm honestly extremely surprised how often we continue to use items from this kit. Even tho the g-spot vibe is cheap it's still a weekly used item, even ran the batteries dead on it haha.
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