Pretty purple people pleaser!

The variety in this bag is just phenomenal. While it does say "her pleasure", that in no way limits this toy set to women. You've got suction, vibration, heat, and penetration: Four very good sensations for anyone who wants to get their hands on this.
So much variety! Great for sensory play, teasing, or a solo adventure.
G-spot wand is a bit loud
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First impression

Right off the bat: It's purple! All the toys within this set are just aesthetically delightful. Soft pastels, velvet-touch silicone, and the cute polka-dot packaging is a wonderful added touch. All the toys were individually wrapped, and it was topped off with a little pink tissue paper for that extra romantic touch! The ben wa balls even came with their own velvet bag for storage.

First Use

There is a lot of variety here, so I'll go through the pieces one by one.

~~The heart-shaped reusable hand-warmer~~
At first, I wasn't sure what it was - but if you're unfamiliar, the handwarmer is filled with a liquid that gives off heat when it solidifies. You "snap" the tiny metal coin-shaped object inside, and the reaction makes it immediately begin to warm and harden in your hand. Oh my ;)

~~The ben-wa balls~~
Small though they may be, these balls were well weighted and added a wonderful additional layer of complexity to foreplay. I used them before any actual penetrative play, and the sensation of the weight and the occasional vibration from them touching together when my muscles contracted was toe-curlingly pleasant.

~~The buttplug~~
The plug was a great addition to the set. It's slim enough to be usable during foreplay as a good warm-up for some booty fun later. Or, to be kept in throughout play for a nice constant sense of fullness. It was a little too narrow before the taper for my own tastes, as it didn't stay put particularly well with a lot of movement. However, if you're not trying to get up to answer the door with the plug in... you're probably going to be fine. ;)

~~The G-Spot wand~~
Boy, do those vibrations sure come through with some force. The material is not my favorite (hard plastic), however, with a condom on for safety and easy clean-up, this wand was a PHENOMENAL vibrator. I primarily used it for external stimulation, as the "egg" tip of it puts out some wonderfully rumbly vibrations. It also works well as a G-spot vibe, as that's what it's designed for, but I think it really shines through with external use as well. Hold this between you or your partner's legs ,and enjoy the squirming.
Also, it's adjustable! Putting this baby on low and slow is a wonderful teasing torturous sensation.

~~The nipple suction cups~~
At first, trying this on dry skin on my nipples, they had so-so results. A little suction, a little tingle, but nothing much. However, a little water or saliva to wet the skin, and these little suckers (pun intended) can hold up a hefty amount of suction. We're talking some bright red/pink skin and extremely sensitive nipples after a few minutes with these on. They also are quite fun on the clit, if you or your partner are well lubed and not too fuzzy.

Further Experience

All of these follow-ups are from 3+ months of use. Everything still is going strong!

~~The heart-shaped reusable hand-warmer~~
This was a blast for sensation play. I used this pretty frequently with a partner while they were blindfolded, both directly on their skin or by warming my hands and touching them. It's very, very versatile!
... And it's also very great for chilly mornings.
To re-use it, just boil it! Don't put it in the microwave. And have fun!

~~The ben-wa balls~~
These little glass orbs have a surprisingly nice weight considering their small size. They are perfectly smooth, classic glass ben-wa balls that seem to be a good size for most users. They do err on the side of small, however, so they may be better suited for foreplay then as all-day kegel trainers. Inserted before any actual penetrative play, and you have the wonderful sensation of pressure and fullness each time your muscles contract. Absolutely wonderful addition to the set!

~~The buttplug~~
It's become a nice staple of my toykit. Small, versatile, and a wonderful lead up into larger toys. It's not great for any play that involves a lot of movement, but that can also add a fun level of difficulty if you make it a game for your partner to try and hold it in.

~~The G-spot wand~~
The vibrations in this thing have been going strong through some pretty heavy use. I still am not in love with the material, but over panties or externally used, it's a knockout.

~~The nipple suction cups~~
They still hold up very well to use, however, I have started using them less during rough and active play, and have instead started including them in more sensual sensory based scenes. They do have decent suction, but it's much easier to fully utilize them when the wearer isn't bouncing around too much.

Vibration Map

This set only has one vibrating toy: The G-spot wand. The vibrations come from the bulbous egg-shaped end, centered towards the tip, and are quite strong. Albeit, a bit loud and buzzy towards the higher end of the vibration settings!
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

This is hard to answer since it's a bag of so many different toys. So I'd have to say... Combined together to elicit a wonderful sensory scene? 8/10 intensity orgasm! Possibly more depending on how you use it. ;)
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