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Clitoral vibrator by PicoBong

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Adorable, But Kinda Weak

Kiki has a lot of potential, but unfortunately is only going to be really useful for those who know they like weaker vibrations. If you fall into that category, then you'll enjoy the rest of the otherwise well thought out design.
Very well made, Easy to use/hide/store/travel with, Only needs 1 battery
Vibrations are pretty weak, Sometimes hard to get the patterns to change
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Kiki is labeled as a vibe for the C-spot, meaning it's best used on the clitoris or any other small erogenous zone. You can use it for shallow vaginal insertion if you like, but you should avoid doing anything anally other than some teasing outside of it. It's overall not a bad vibrator, but isn't going to be a good choice for those who really like moderate to strong vibrations.

Material / Texture

Kiki is made of plastic and silicone, although what you'll have the most contact with is the silicone. It's luxuriously smooth, and feels a lot more like a velvet cote than traditional silicone normally does. It's also not a lint or dust magnet, which is really nice. It has no real scent, almost no drag, and is completely smooth.

Design / Shape / Size

Because Kiki is meant to be just a clitoral vibrator, it's pretty small; coming in at 3 1/2" long and just 3 3/4" around at its widest point. Very easy to hold in one hand, and could easily fit into a pocket and definitely a purse if you wanted to travel with it. It's also not super obvious, which is also a good thing if you forget to put it away. The shape sort of reminds me of a small Ella with one end that's more pointy and one end that's more large and flat. The flat end is the end you'd use to focus vibrations where you want them.

Functions / Performance / Controls

First you start with a single AAA battery. Then you spend a few minutes trying to figure out if you have it in right or not because unlike most other battery operated items, the pointy end on this one goes up. From there you screw the battery cap back on and get ready to use it. There doesn't appear to be an O-ring of any kind, but the battery cap screws onto a relatively tall wall, and seems to do a pretty good job of keeping water out. After use in the shower and a thorough cleaning there was no water in the battery compartment.

The word "picobong" is carved, for lack of a better word, into the side of the toy. In the P and in the B you'll find the + and - buttons that control the vibrations. To turn it on and go through the solid vibrations, press and hold the + sign. Once you're at the highest vibration level, pressing and holding the + for at least two seconds will bring you to the patterns. The first pattern is sort of a low high pulse, the next one is the same thing but quicker, then another even quicker pulsing, and one even quicker. From there you get an escalating vibration, then a shorter escalating, and a roller coaster, then a quicker roller coaster. After that you get sort of a dancy number with an escalation and a pulsing, then an escalating with a quicker pulsing, and one that I can't quite put my finger on the combination of moves. To get back down to the steady vibrations, just press and hold the - button. You'd do the same thing to turn it off. The buttons are reasonably responsive, although sometimes it feels as though it takes a few presses to get things to register. The up side is that you won't accidentally change the setting.

The vibrations, while obscenely quiet, are also lacking in power. To the fingers they feel pretty strong, even to the point of numbing them slightly. However in use, they leave a lot to be desired if you like stronger vibrations. For those who are really sensitive, the vibrations will be nice though.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is pretty simple. Stick to water based lubes unless you do a patch test, assuming you even want any lube to begin with. You can clean it in a number of different ways; either wiping it down with a toy wipe, using a toy spray, or washing it in the sink with warm water and soap. You can keep it pretty much anywhere you want between uses as well.


The packaging isn't huge, but definitely has more than absolutely necessary. Kiki comes on a piece of black cardboard, that also has a cute little die in it. The die is black and has a pink image of all the Picobong toys. The instruction manual says to visit the website to find out more, but I couldn't really find anything specific about the die there.

The front of the box has a window that lets you see the toy inside, and also says that it's waterproof, near silent, has 12 modes, uses a AAA battery, and is body safe. The back tells you a little bit about Kiki in 4 languages, and is recyclable. You also get a 1 year warranty as well.


This is a hard one for me to really judge. Everything about it is high quality and totally awesome. Until I tried to use it. The vibrations just don't do much more than tickle for me, and I don't need super strong vibrations to get off. I think that for most women, they'll probably end up being just this side of useless, but I do think that they're going to work well for some. Overall I'm rating the Kiki a 3 because it's going to let down a lot of people, but at the same time it's made really well and there are people out there who would appreciate the weaker vibrations.
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