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Clitoral vibrator by PicoBong

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Cuteness Alone Is Not Enough

While affordable and appealing to the eye, this vibrator lacks the power needed to make it worth spending any amount of money on it. They've got the outer appearance down. The inside needs some work.
Love the design, the colors, and the texture
Weak vibrations
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extremely useful review


Kiki is apart of the new PicoBong line by Lelo, designed to offer high quality toys at an affordable price. This particular vibe is marketed as a C-Vibe. The clitoris can always use some extra attention and this toy was designed for just that purpose. With its curved tip, perfect for nestling against that sensitive place, the user can apply the desired amount of pressure without feeling any discomfort. Though designed for the clitoris, feel free to experiment with other external places on the body. It's not recommended that you insert Kiki as her size is not suited to meet that need.

The size of the vibe provides a natural fit in to the palm of a hand which is ideal during solo play. It's also small enough to be used during intercourse without becoming any sort of hindrance.

Material / Texture

Kiki is made out of silicone and ABS plastic, which is all FDA approved. Lastly, it's covered with a matte and gloss finish. It's nonporous of course. Most of the body of this vibe is firm except for the flat tip which does has some plushness to it, once again adding to the comfort level of the vibe. The texture is amazingly smooth and also one of Kiki's best features. There's no drag to it and you'll find yourself constantly petting this beauty with your fingertips, in awe of how silky it is. The texture creates a lovely amount of stimulation that gives the toy play capability even without batteries in it.

Kiki comes in three colors: Black, Pink, and Blue. There's not much variety in the color choices, but that does not take away from the cuteness of the vibe.

Design / Shape / Size

It comes in at around 3 inches total, not big at all. At first glance, it sort of resembles a miniature version of flat end side of the Ella. The flat, seamless tip was designed specifically to go against the clit for desired amounts of pressure and maximum pleasure. The tip should work with most women's anatomy as it's about an inch long with close to an inch of width to it. Clitorial stimulation has a lot to do with the hands, and Kiki's design, from the size, to the shape make it a positive and comfortable experience. It's just the right size to nestle between the legs without it feeling awkward or your hands cramping up.

Along the side is an indentation of the words PicoBong. This is where the controls for the vibe are located. Inside of the P is a minus sign and the B holds the plus sign.

Given the size, it can easily be hidden either in the palm of your hand or your pocket. It won't take up much room at all in a drawer. If you put it in your purse you'd probably forget it was there. All of these factors makes it suitable for travel.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Kiki operates with a single AAA battery which gets you two full hours of playtime. You'll know the battery is in correctly when you go to twist on the cap and it briefly pulses. The cap on this particular vibrator does not lay flush with the body of the vibe, which is worrisome since it's suppose to be waterproof up to a level of 1 meter. There was water found inside of the cap after submerging it in water, not a large amount, but enough to notice it. No water found its way directly inside of the battery compartment. It's still recommended that you be mindful of how you screw the cap on to avoid water damage. Keep in mind that this might also just be a product defect related specifically to this particular toy. Others might not have this problem.

The power controls are located within the logo of the toy. Pushing these buttons are particularly difficult. You'll think you're pressing on the correct place only to realize that nothing is happening. Unless you get lucky and find the right spot with your finger, you will most likely end up having to raise the vibe to your face to actually see where you're suppose to be pushing. This is inconvenient as it interrupts playtime. When you're on the right spot, turning the vibe on his fairly easy. Just hold down on the + sign and you're good to go. Once you've reached the maximum vibration level continue to hold and press to make your way through the 12 remaining vibration patterns and speeds. There's no emergency off switch so you must continue to hold down on the minus sign until you've gone back through each of the settings. Eventually it will turn off. The toy doesn't make much noise at all, which works well for those of us who need to be discreet.

Now for the negative points. The vibrations are extremely disappointing. They're hardly powerful at all. Many won't even find them sufficient enough for a nice tease. If you prefer powerful vibrations to get off then Kiki won't do it for you. Kiki might not even do it for those who prefer vibrations on the gentler side.

Care and Maintenance

This vibe can be cared for with antibacterial soap and warm water, toy cleaner, whatever your preference is, just do not put it in the dishwasher or try to boil it. Storage space is plentiful thanks to Kiki's small size. Only use water based lubes. Anything else will cause damage to the toy.


The packaging is simple. Whatever color vibe you choose will match your packaging. Made out of cardboard, with a black insert for the vibrator, storage value is low. Throwing it away would be best, after you read up on all the information located on the box. It also comes with a cute black and pink dice inside with absolutely no information on what to do with it. Play with it, sit it out for decoration, hide it in a desk drawer; it's up to you to decide what to do with it. My guess is, they want you to purchase more vibes from their line, roll the dice and decide which one you want to use.

Personal comments

I wanted to like this toy. When I realized it was a line under LELO I jumped at the chance to try it out. My expectations were high and I was let down terribly. I love the color, I love the way it feels in my hand. It's just adorable to me. When I turn it on all of those pleasant feelings diminish. Relying on one lonely AAA battery to provide waves of power is a bit unrealistic, but it would've been nice to have even the slightest reason to be impressed with this toy. It just didnt do it for me at all. I could hear the vibrations, I could even feel them in my hand, everywhere except where I needed to feel them the most. This is a huge disappointment considering there are vibrators out there for less money with the power most come to expect from an expensive toy, which just proves that price can't determine performance. I rated this toy 3 stars for three reasons. The first is that I love the outward appearance. The second is because I've used it without turning it on and was pleasured by it in some way. And the third is because I want to keep hope alive for someone else. I might not have enjoyed myself, but someone else might love Kiki. I surely hope so.
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