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Bedroom Kandi kandi kisses lipstick vibe

If you're wanting a small and discreet vibrator that's easy to use and doesn't require batteries, then the Bedroom Kandi Kandi Kisses could be the ideal vibrator for you. It is a lipstick style vibrator that uses a USB port to charge, and it's fantastic for foreplay and teasing those sensitive erogenous zones.
Doesn't require batteries, discreet.
Requires a USB port to charge.
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The Bedroom Kandi kandi kisses lipstick vibrator is small, elegant, and discreetly designed to be a perfect companion to solo or couple play. For couple use, I found this worked best in positions where the partner was not on top because the plastic base cut into the skin.

It is an unintimidating vibrator designed for clitoral stimulation, but it can also be used to tease and caress your body during foreplay over all of your erogenous zones that enjoy attention and stimulation. It is not designed for vaginal use, but could be used for shallow vaginal insertion to tease the inside of the vagina. It is not to be used for anal penetration because it is so small and does not have a flared base.

I find it best to use during foreplay, and beginners and advanced toy users alike will appreciate the discreet and unintimidating design of this toy. I would not recommend it for those who require a lot of power to achieve climax.

Do not use on areas that are swollen, inflamed, or have skin lacerations. Also, stop using the massager if you experience pain or discomfort.

Material / Texture

The lipstick case is made out of ABS plastic which is an 8 on the safety scale. The vibrator is made out of body safe silicone which is considered a 10 on the safety scale. Silicone is one of the safest product materials on the market because it isn't porous and won't harbor bacteria. It is also considered to be made out of food-grade material, hypo-allergenic, latex free, and phthalates free.

As far as the vibrator goes, it does not have any texture or flexibility to it. It is a smooth, very firm silicone that has a light smell to it when placed directly to the nose, and does not have any taste. It is ideal for those who prefer smooth toys because there is no added texture anywhere.

Design / Shape / Size

The Bedroom Kandi kandi kisses lipstick vibrator is similar in shape to a tube of lipstick and is designed perfectly.

It fits comfortably in the palm of my hand, is lightweight, and never leaves my hand feeling tired from using it. The overall dimensions of the vibrator are 3 3/4" long with 2" of usable length. It has a circumference of 2 3/8" across the actual silicone part and 3" across the base of the vibrator. Its diameter is 3/4".

The top part of the lipstick case is a sleek, classy, and elegant design that is glossy. The bottom of the case features little diamond shapes that adds some texture to it for better gripping. There is a gold band where the cap pulls off. The vibrator is a fun shade of pink lipstick.

Due to its small, compact size it is the perfect travel companion. Just slip it into your purse, bag, or pocket and your new friend can go along with you without any worries.

It is not shaped like your conventional sex toy and is discreetly designed, so I don't think you would have any issues with this if it was left out accidentally. Anyone that saw it would assume it was a tube of lipstick. Also, it would blend in easily in a purse.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The lipstick vibrator is very easy to control. To use, pull off the cap and reveal the lipstick vibrator. Then hold the push button located on the bottom of the vibrator for three seconds; this will turn it on. Push again to cycle through the seven vibration and pulsation patterns. It does not have the option to go back to the previous setting without going through the patterns again. When finished, hold the button for three seconds and it will shut off.

As I mentioned, there are seven levels of vibration and pulsation. The first three cycles are your low, medium, and high settings of vibration. The next four are your pulsation patterns. The first pulsation pattern is a roller coaster where it revs up from low to high. The next pattern is a low continuous pulse-pulse-pulse. The third pulsation pattern is a medium continuous pulse-pulse-pulse pattern. The final pattern has two pulses and then a short pause that repeats.

The vibrations are the buzzy type of vibrations that can be felt throughout the length of the vibrator, but they are concentrated more along the tip of the lipstick, allowing for more pinpoint stimulation. The vibrations are fairly strong for such a small product, but not overwhelmingly so. When holding the vibrator by the plastic it can cut into your hands if you hold it for a long period of time. If you hold the vibrator by the silicone, the buzzy vibrations can make your hand go numb after using if for a long period of time. Regardless of how long you use it, the vibrations will not cause your intimate areas to go numb.

It is fairly quiet and should not require any background noise. It can be heard under the covers, but not outside the door or through the walls.

It is considered waterproof and passed the waterproof test with flying colors so feel free to take it with you in the bath or shower.

It does not lose power when it is fixing to run out of charge and will just suddenly shut off.

Care and Maintenance

The silicone does tend to pick up lint and other debris. Clean after every use with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly. You can also use your favorite toy cleaner. Always make sure the massager is completely dry before charging.

Use water-based lubricant only with this product because the massager is made of silicone. Do not use with silicone based lubes because silicone can potentially break down other silicone products, and we don't want that happening with such a magnificent toy. If you must use silicone lube, please spot test first.

Due to its small size, it can be stored anywhere in the included box or in a toy pouch.


The packaging is very classy and could potentially be used for gifting and/or storage. If I was going to gift it, I would use the box that is packaged inside the outer box. The second box looks similar to a watch or bracelet case and enclosed in black padding lies the discreet lipstick vibrator, USB connector, and instruction booklet. There is a backward B and forward K standing for Bedroom Kandy written in gold lettering on the box. Inside the B is two hearts for the center.

The first initial packaging is plastic wrapped and looks like this from the front and back.

The second box is lovely and convenient to store the vibrator in and the molded black padding holds it in place.

Personal comments

It contains a lithium-ion 3.7V with 170 MAk rechargeable battery that you charge with a USB connection and port. The USB connector plugs into the bottom of the vibrator under the function button. It is not a normal hole like a cell phone charger has, but is just a raised button similar to the function button. The USB plug fits in the center of the button. Eventually, after some use you will reveal a small hole where you have been charging it up. Since this is a USB only compatible toy, you are required to have some sort of desktop, laptop, or tablet with USB ports to charge your toy. It takes approximately two hours to charge, and users should have a two hour play time with a stand by time for up to sixty days. There is not a light indicating that the product is charging but as long as the USB port has power and it is plugged into the charging socket properly it will charge. The nice thing about this is it comes fully charged so you can immediately play with it when you get it in the mail.

OhMiBod warranties this product for a period of one year from the date of original purchase against defects due to faulty workmanship or materials. All you have to do is email them with valid proof of purchase and they will replace the product at no extra charge. This warranty does not cover cosmetic deterioration caused by normal wear and tear of the product or misuse by the consumer. As with most warranties, any attempt to take apart this product automatically voids the warranty.
Follow-up commentary
Even though this isn't as powerful as I generally prefer my toys to be, I still love this toy. It is great for warming things up and is very easy to charge. The small size is not cumbersome at all when playing alone or with a partner.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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