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Blue Balls of Happiness!

These comfortable and functional vaginal balls add a great sensation to solo play with a clitoral vibe, as well as encouraging active exercise of the PC muscles. Appropriate for long-term wear, leave these in while you go about your daily activities (or try them at the gym!) for constant, subtle awareness of your sensuality all day long.
Seamless, comfortable for long-term wear.
TPR silicone, material potentially weak at the string.
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CyberSilicone is a trademarked name for TPR (thermoplastic rubber) silicone. It can be cleaned with soap and water, but it is porous and shouldn't be shared with anyone else (or used for anal play) without a condom, since it can't be sterilized. The string is seems to be plain soft nylon fabric. While sturdy, it soaks up moisture and is also nonsterile. I don't see myself sharing this toy with anyone anyway, though. I want this one all to myself!

When I eagerly took the balls out of the package, I was surprised first at their texture, and second by the NOISE. As for the feel, I can only describe it as... well, clingy. It's not sticky, per se, but it's definitely got a rubbery sort of feel. I knew I was going to need a bead of lube, and sure enough, a little water-based lube helped the balls slide right in. It's not squishy by any means, but the outer coating has a little give to it, and it surrounds a hard, hollow inner core. The material is smooth and without a seam, just a little nub at the bottom where the coating has been cut. At the top, the rubber breaks off a little ways up the string, and it seems like this might be a weakness that could be prone to stretch or tear over time.

The sound, outside the body, is much louder than I expected it to be. You can really hear the little balls knocking around in there. Once inserted, though, it's quiet. I even jumped up and down to see if I could hear or feel anything, but I couldn't detect any shifting that might give me away. There's nothing subtle, though, about taking them out of the drawer.

While the vaginal balls|Vaginal balls by Topco are great and highly recommended as a masturbation toy, I have to admit I was more interested in their long-term wearability and their claims to strengthen the PC muscles. So far, I haven't been disappointed on either count.

The material has enough give to be comfortable and the covered line between the balls is flexible but firm, allowing them to nestle into whatever position best suits my shape, and move with the demands of my body. I found them very comfortable for longer wear, and have kept them in for several hours at a stretch.

The only drawback I've found to long-term wear is that I'm unable to go to the bathroom with the balls inside me. Your mileage may vary, but I've tried experimenting a little, and I can't make it work. Even if I make sure they're in as deeply as possible and try to pee very gently and without bearing down at all, the rippling of my muscles still guides them out. At home, I can remove them, rinse them off, do my thing and put them back in. In a public restroom, it would be too difficult (or potentially embarrassing) a balancing act. For a few hours at a stretch, though, the constant subtle stimulation is great fun and a good inner workout.
It took a little experimentation to figure out how best to insert the spheres deeply enough to make them stay. Once the balls were in, I could definitely feel myself clenching up on them, partly because I was just so aware of the feeling of having something inside me, and partly out of paranoia that they'd fall out at any moment. They stay in securely, though, and after a few minutes their presence becomes less intrusive. It transforms into less of a sensation and more of a delicious little background hum that keeps you keenly aware of your cunt while you go through your daily activities.

And, of course, using a clit vibrator with these spheres of pleasure nestled deep inside, is fantastic. When my vagina clenched and spasmed naturally during orgasm, I could feel the inner balls moving and rocking, and it prolonged my climax with waves and waves of bliss.

I find that I feel the balls moving a lot more while I'm walking around and being active (try wearing these to the gym! wow!), but that when I'm seated is when I really find myself squeezing them and getting aroused. I can barely get through my morning email before I find myself leaning forward in my chair a little, rocking slightly as I clench my cunt around the spheres, and squirming with the need to find something to rub against my clit. I'm looking forward to slipping the pleasure spheres in the next time I take a plane trip to visit my long-distance partner. By the time I arrive, I'm going to be climbing the walls and begging to be fucked.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Thanks for pointing out the material concerns... and these specifically shouldn't be used for anal play, at all- they're too small!

    Nice review. I wonder if anyone can pee with these in without running into problems...  
  • Cinnocent
    The packaging states that they're appropriate for anal play, but I would only use them briefly, anally, if at all. It wouldn't be safe to leave them in. The string is long enough to use them as anal beads, but only if you're keeping a hand on it. Unattended, it could easily slip inside.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Very good review! Big smile
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