CyberSilicone hot & heavy pleasure spheres by Topco Sales - review by Valyn

Great (blue) balls of fire! Indeed they are!

These blue balls are great for exciting Kegel exercises or with some clit action, endless hours of vibration sensation stimulation! A wonderful addition to any ones collection.
Wonderful vibrations and it's great to wear them out and about. I love running errands now!
A tiny bit noisy inside if you're moving around too much.
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These pleasure spheres are really nice, and very distracting if you’re moving around! I got the CyberSilicone™ hot & heavy pleasure spheres to try to work my PC muscle back to normal, a little after getting and trying out a monstrous dildo, Tera Patrick’s™ big one™. After being stretched out by the big one, I felt I could use some Kegel exercises in between stretching myself out. As much as I loved being stretched, I wanted to go back to normal again.

First of all, they are made out of a “silicone based rubber compound” that is also known as TPR Silicone. (TPR Silicone) This means they are hypoallergenic, and do not contain phthalates. They feel very rubbery, but somehow a little grab-able, like a weird skin.

After getting them and washing them with warm water and soap (I always clean a new toy before using it), I put a little lube on them and slipped them up. Getting them in the first time actually wasn’t as easy as I had expected. Mine had a tiny bit of extra CyberSilicone where the string came out at the bottom, and it pinched a little when I was pushing it in, so I shifted my finger and ended up pinching myself with my nail. But this was a silly frustration, and something long forgotten as soon as the spheres were in and I moved an inch. The vibrations are delightfully distracting, and though they destroy my attention span, they also keep me in a wonderful mood all day.

They do make a weird marble-rolling-in-a-Tupperware-dish sort of sound outside the body, and I found that the sound is only mostly muted inside. If you’re not moving around too much, it’s not really noticeable; but I don’t think I’d wear these on a jog with a friend anytime soon.

As a sex toy and exercise tool, the CyberSilicone™ Hot & Heavy Pleasure Spheres are a good addition to any persons' collection, and I would definitely recommend every sexually active women get a pair. A pair of nice, blue balls.
The pleasure spheres are definitely not just the exercise tools I thought I was paying for. I seriously underestimated the silly tinkling noise they make outside to mean any vibration power inside. The CyberSilicone™ hot & heavy spheres also “vibrate”. When they were in, any time I moved my hips or legs a slight bit, they would vibrate and send dick-craving shivers all over me. I waddled around the house for a few minutes of ooey-gooey vibrating desire, and then flopped down on a couch. Explaining my over-stimulation to my boyfriend, he laughed and dragged me out to run errands, balls still in.

Before I even bought them, I wanted to try something I read from another review. The author wrote that “small, quick tugs” would produce a vibration sensation that I had to try. On a fresh, new day, I decided it was time to let the blue balls give me more pleasure, and I tried the tugs. They did produce extremely distracting vibrations, but those alone were not enough to get me off.

However, with a vibe on my clit or my boyfriend down on me, these balls are great! I’ve always naturally shifted my hips a little with clit stimulation, but with the pleasure spheres inside of me, that movement and clit combination threw me over the edge more than once.

Wear these babies out on the town and you’ll be in for a ride! I’ve worn them while sitting at the computer, and I find that I’ll start wiggling my hips and shifting my position to get them vibrating again. It is fun, but you could get weird looks doing that at work.
Follow-up commentary
The CyberSilicone balls are still a great addition to my toy collection. I've given up trying to use them as pure pleasure toys, but as muscle exercising tools they are still a lot of fun! I can only wear them for maybe a couple of hours at a time, and then I start feeling like they need to come out.

They're relatively easy to get in, but sometimes when pushing in the second ball, my nail scratches a little. You have to careful getting them in! Once they're in, they make moving around a little more fun. I haven't had a problem sitting with them or doing any sort of movement. There is a little nub of silicone where the string comes out, and when pulling out the balls, that little nub can be a little uncomfortable.

So, be careful when you're putting them in or getting them out, and otherwise, have a ball! Haha :)
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  • Naughty Student
    I love your description of the sound it makes, ha ha ha.
  • Valyn
    Lol, thanks.. I always thing they sound funny when I get them out of the toy drawer.
  • Meowmix
    Really great review. I've been looking for some duotone vaginal balls. I love that these are "blue balls." Lol.

    Wish they hadn't been discontinued. Man, I miss out on all the good stuff! Know of anything else similar?

  • Valyn
    Not yet.. though Smart Balls has lots of really good reviews. I was actually really surprised to see they were discontinued too. Discontinued products always worry me. They make me wonder if something was wrong with the product. Not that there's anything wrong with my blue balls.. besides being so blue, maybe! Winking
  • spicywife
    It seems like the silicone nub on the end where the string isn't would cause pain. I was confused in your review because you mentioned the nub near the string but you didn't mention the nub that is on the other side of the balls. Does that not cause problems? It looks odd in the photo. I know it doesn't really matter since these were discontinued but it makes me wonder about that nub and if that's perhaps why there were discontinued.
  • Nashville
    How has your muscle tone changed since receiving and using these balls in June? Or have you not used these much?
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