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I love my Jopen toys. I'm quite the avid collector of them. When the Vr5 came to me with a less powerful shaft than my other Jopen's and a buzzy clitoral arm, my heart sank. While still a better bet than most rabbits on the market, this just doesn't live up to the same standard as the other Vanity vibrators. Those that prefer something on the buzzier side may find this to be the perfect Jopen, but for me it fell a little short.
Strong and rumbly vibrations in shaft, Rechargeable, High quality silicone, Waterproof
Buzzy clitoral arm, Weaker than other Jopen rabbits
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Vr5 is one of four smaller rabbit style vibrators by Jopen, alongside the Vr4, Vr6, and Vr3. The Vr5 features a waved body with bulges for a different feel than the other offerings in the line. The small rabbits by Jopen are non-rotating, dual stimulators. There is a main body and a smaller attachment arm. The main body is inserted vaginally while the small arm is used to stimulate the clitoris or anus. While not intended for anal use, I suppose it would be difficult to get this lost by using the attachment arm as a stopper of sorts.

The Vr5 can be used alone or with a partner. There's not a lot of need for thrusting. I find the best way to use the rabbits is by rotating or twisting. If your partner prefers thrusting movements, this might be a more suitable solo toy. It is waterproof, so it can go from bath to bedroom.

Material / Texture

The Vr5 is made of silicone, putting it at a ten on the safety scale. Silicone is non-porous in nature.

Jopen silicone tends to be draggy and the Vr5 is no exception. Some are more draggy than others and the Vr5 is one of the more draggy Jopen's that I own. Instead of gliding across the body, my fingers hop across it. It's nothing a bit of lube can't fix however. The material isn't a lube hog and once the lube is applied it doesn't need to be reapplied over and over. While draggy, the silicone manages to be soft to the touch, but not quite velvety or buttery.

The silicone is stretched over a firm body. There is no give to the toy. It is not a plushy vibrator and will be best suited to those who prefer something more rigid. The attachment arm has a range of movement that allows it to be moved around to better fit different anatomies, but this is the only area that has any give to it.

There is a seam that runs across the material. It is not noticeable during use, but may be to those who are seam sensitive. The body is smooth with no texture to the material. The design itself adds extra stimulation, but the material does not.

There is a very light silicone odor to the material, but it is noticeable only when held to the nose. There is no taste.

The material will be suitable to beginners and advanced users alike. While the drag doesn't feel good to the touch, once lube is applied it is not noticeable at all when used. It is still apparent that high quality silicone is used for the Vr5, so users at all levels should be pleased once you get past the drag aspect.

Design / Shape / Size

Vr5 is a smaller rabbit. It measures 6.5" in total length as per both the product page and my measurements. The insertable length is 4" at my measurements and 4 1/4" as per the product page. The product page lists the diameter at 1 1/4" and 1 3/8". I get 1.5" at the first bulge, .75" where it comes in, and 1.25" at the second bulge. The distance from the clitoral arm to the top of the shaft is 3". The clitoral arm is 1 5/8". The diameter of the clitoral arm is 1".

Here you can see the Vr5 in my hand for size reference:

The size of the Jopen rabbits is part of the reason I continue to buy them. I have an awful time finding rabbits that fit me. I'm closely spaced in terms of clitoris to vaginal opening (measuring around 1cm). Most rabbits tend to overshoot. In other words, the attachment arm lands somewhere above where my clit actually is. It's worth a few moments to spend some time looking over this forum post. It discusses women's measurements and will show you how they vary. This will give you and idea of why rabbits will fit people so differently.

The Vr5 works well for me, but may not be a great fit for everyone. I'm closely spaced, but the attachment arm does have a bit of wiggle room due to the flexibility. It should fit those that are closely spaced to average. Those that are further out probably want to pass and take a look at some of the larger rotating rabbits by Jopen instead.

In terms of diameter, the Vr5 will work best for those that prefer a smaller to average sized toy. Those that like a lot of girth won't find it here. I tend to prefer smaller diameter toys, so the Vr5 fits me nicely in that regard as well.

The Vr5 is different from the other Jopen rabbits due to the bulges in the body. Like some of the other rabbits, it curves upward allowing for G spot stimulation.

The bulges can be felt during use. They are not very close together and the difference in size is not too great, so it is more of a subtle feel. If you do decide to thrust with this, they become more noticeable than if you rotate with it. I was a bit nervous about the design of this as I'm texture sensitive and thought this might trigger that. So long as I rotated, it created a pleasant sensation that was not overwhelming. It was more of a design than a texture, which was what I was hoping for. It feels a bit like a wave where you can feel where it gets bigger in different places.

As for the G spot curve, I am unable to get pressure to my G spot with this. However, my G spot is very particular so I don't know if you should go off of me as an example. I generally need very intense curves to hit mine. The Vr5 has a nice upward curve, but not a very upward hooking one. Depending on what you need to hit your G spot, this may or may not work for you. It will provide firm pressure, so that may work to the benefit of many.

The small size makes this easy to hide and store. It comes with an included pouch for easier storage. It is not very discreet as it is in traditional rabbit style. Those that are familiar with sex toys will know what this is for. If in doubt, it's best to stow this away.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Vr5 has a two button control system. There are two motors on the toy - one for the clitoral arm and one for the main body. Each button controls one of the motors. The controls are easy to operate, but work differently than other vibrators so there is a bit of a learning curve. Once they are learned, it is very intuitive. The buttons can be almost too easy to press and there is a chance of hitting them during use.

To turn on, press the button once. To turn up, hold the button down until the desired speed is reached. To turn off, press the button again. To lock, hold down both buttons. There is no way to turn it down once you have it set. To get to a lower speed you have to turn it off and get to that speed. There are only constant vibrations on the Vr5, no pattern modes. Generally I keep my toys on high and don't use patterns, so I like the way the Vr5 operates. If you like to switch speeds or use patterns, the controls and options may be an issue.

At the lowest speed, the main shaft operates at about a low two vrooms. From there it escalates and any speed is available until you reach the highest setting. The highest speed is a high four vrooms. The Vr5 is slightly weaker than my other Jopen rabbits, which I would rate a low five vrooms. It's not a big difference in power, but it's a difference none the less.

The main shaft is a rumbly vibration. There are vibrators out there that are more rumbly than the Jopen toys, but that doesn't stop the Jopen's from being some of the more rumbly toys you will find. I find the shaft of the Vr5 to be slightly less rumbly than my other Jopen rabbits. Again, it's not a huge jump, but it does seem to be just a little less rumble.

The vibrations are located near the tip of the shaft. They radiate well down the toy and can be felt throughout.

The clitoral attachment starts at about a low two vrooms as well. It escalates in speed to a mid to high four vrooms, similar to the shaft. This is similar to the other Jopen rabbits in power.

The attachment arm is not the buzziest vibration I have run across, but it is buzzy. It seems especially buzzy in comparison to the more rumbly shaft of the Vr5. It is the buzziest of the Jopen rabbits I have (Vr3 and Vr6). It is also more buzzy than the small ends of the non-rabbit Jopen toys.

The vibrations are located near the tip of the attachment. They can be felt through the entire attachment equally.

To be honest, I'm disappointed with the vibrations of the Vr5. The vibrations are what I love about Jopen and what keeps me coming back to buy them. I have pretty much all of the Jopen toys minus the larger rotating rabbits specifically because the type of vibrations happen to work really well for me. The lower power level and the buzzy clitoral arm are almost a heartbreak to me.

The noise level is about the same as a cell phone. It can mostly be muffles with covers and cannot be heard through a closed door.

The Vr5 is waterproof. The charging port is left open, which makes it look like the waterproof capabilities are questionable. If you submerge this, the charging port forms a bubble around it to protect it. I still question if fluids or a few drops of water may be able to get in, but when submerged completely it seems to be safe. I have washed and submerged all of my Jopen toys with no issues thus far.

Vr5 is rechargeable. The charge time is about three hours. This will give you what seems like a never ending run time. I rarely have to charge my Jopen toys. When charging, the light will glow red. When complete, the light will turn off. It is worth a note that after a few charges, there seems to be an odd thing that happens when the battery gets low. I haven't had it happen with the Vr5 yet because I haven't had to charge it more than once, but my other Jopen toys all seem to do this (as well as my Leaf which is powered by the same motor). As the battery gets low, when the toy is turned on the light will come on as if it is working. However, no motor will run. This makes it appear as if the motor is defective. I find that shaking the toy very gently will get the last bit of juice out of it before it dies and needs a charge. It doesn't seem to do this any other time other than right before the battery dies. It happens with pretty much every Power Bullet toy I own, so I'm assuming it's some type of design flaw with that motor. I would have mentioned this in other reviews, but it doesn't happen on the first few charges, so I didn't know it to mention it.

Care and Maintenance

As a waterproof toy, care is simple. You can wash this with soap and water or toy cleaner. You should not boil it as this could ruin the motor. You should take extra care to clean in between the attachment arm and shaft.

Only water based lubes should be used with this toy. Silicone lubes can damage the silicone material.

Jopen includes a storage pouch with the Vr5. It's a large pouch that is high quality and perfect for storing this toy. If you decide not to use that, another pouch or baggie will be fine.

Mind the bad picture, my camera hates black for some reason.


In case you missed it in my other reviews, I'm not a fan of Jopen packaging. I feel like you should get more than a white cardboard box for all the money that's spent on these. The front of the box is white and says "Vanity Vr5 by Jopen" on it. The back has a picture of the toy with information about the features. The box opens to display the Vr5 by itself. The charger is located underneath along with the pouch and instruction manual.

There's a little cookie sheet looking insert that comes in the box that also lists the features of the toy.

The instruction manual serves as a manual for all of the Jopen line. It has a picture guide to the toys as well as written instructions. I'm quite sure this is a marketing tactic as well, since it shows you all the other shiny things you can purchase.

The box does not make as good of storage as the pouch, but will do if you have more storage space. The box is not discreet as it has a photo of the toy and information on it. It could do for gifting if you do not mind the information and pictures.

Personal comments

If you are set on the shape of this and don't mind buzzy vibrations, the Vr5 isn't a bad toy to get. It's not that it's awful or anything like that. In fact, it's still a very nice toy all things considered. I just wouldn't recommend it over the other Jopen rabbit options. Both the Vr3 and Vr6 offer stronger and more rumbly vibrations than the Vr5. However, if that's not your preference, than perhaps the Vr5 is the Jopen for you.

This will work best for those whose anatomy is on the smaller to more average size. Those who are spaced more widely from clitoris to opening should probably take a look at the Jopen rotating rabbits. I don't have those personally to say, but I think those would fit better on that type of anatomy. Don't quote me on that though.


I really didn't want to write this review. Jopen is my all time favorite company and it is painful for me to write anything less than a five star review for a favorite. Those who know me know I rave about and recommend Jopen toys all the time. To say that one is a little less than perfect really kills me.

I'm an honest person though and the Vr5 just didn't do it for me the way my other Jopen rabbits do. The clitoral arm was just too buzzy and the shaft being a bit weaker made me sad. Can I orgasm with this? Well, yes. But it's not the intense Jopen Orgasm that legends are made of that keeps me coming back to these amazing toys. I could manage one of those if I turned the attachment arm off, pushed it to the side, and used my Mimi with the shaft of this. For all that, I could just use one of my non-rabbit Jopen's though. What's the point of a rabbit if I have to add a clit vibe of my own?

It's not that I don't like the Vr5. It's still better than most rabbits. It's still way more powerful than most things that you'll run across and the vibrations are still deeper than many in the shaft. It's just not the stuff that dreams are made of and that's what I look for in a Jopen.

At the end of the day, the Vr5 is only a four star toy for me. Better than many, but not earth shaking or amazing like my others in the line. I may be holding it to a higher standard than other toys. Perhaps if it were another brand I could rank it five stars. As a Jopen, I expect more of it and it just didn't deliver the quality and vibrations I know Jopen is able to do.
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