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Made from body-safe silicone, including two control systems and a unique design, the Jopen Vanity Vr5 could work well for those who are looking for an insertable portion that is different than the average vibrator. With luxury in mind, the Vr5 is rechargeable, has adjustable and quiet vibrations, is waterproof, features travel lock, and includes a one-year warranty for a perfect rabbit vibrator experience.
Great design, rechargeable, easy to control, extremely quiet, small size.
Clitoral vibration is buzzy.
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The Jopen Vanity Vr5 is a rabbit vibrator that includes two separate control systems for both the shaft of the toy as well as the clitoral portion. Made from body-safe silicone and including a smaller insertable portion, the Vr5 could work well for those who aren't interested in a large insertable portion. The Vr5, with the slightly flexible clitoral portion, also works best for those who are looking for a rabbit vibrator that has a clitoral portion that applies pressure. As the rabbit vibrator also has a slight g-spot curve to the tip of the shaft, the vibrator stimulates well for those that have a shallow g-spot that is reached by most g-spot toys.

This toy will work best for those who are looking for an insertable vibrator, want a small, discreet rabbit vibrator for travel, and for couple's use. Because of the discreet size and the quiet vibrations, this toy works well for those who need to hide their sex toy use, and the travel lock makes it suitable for travel situations.

Material / Texture

The Jopen Vanity Vr5 is made from body-safe silicone. The silicone has a satin finish, and there are no seams that can be felt. Silicone is non-porous, and thus, it can be shared with multiple partners. Silicone also is completely body-safe, and there are no chemicals or concerns about silicone material. The silicone is not plushy, but it does cover the surface of the toy. It does have a slight drag to it. It is not as smooth as LELO silicone, but it feels like high-quality silicone. There is no odor to the silicone, and it has no taste either. Because of the drag that the silicone material can produce, it is recommended that you have water-based lubricant ready for use when wanting to use this toy. Water-based lubricant will also make insertion much more comfortable and pleasurable.

There is no texture on the Jopen Vanity Vr5. It is completely smooth on both the shaft as well as the clitoral portion. The only texture is the back charging port hole, the front button controls, and the back-side of the base where some of the features and toy name is etched into the toy.

Design / Shape / Size

This vibrator is extremely well-designed. The insertable shaft has about four insertable inches on it, and it includes a g-spot curve. It includes multiple "bulbs" on the toy, and while it looks odd, it works out well during use. The tip of the shaft is meant for g-spot stimulation, and the larger portion of the middle bulb is meant to stimulate the outer vaginal muscles. The largest bulb, the base, makes it easier to hold the toy during use.

The shaft is not a large shaft. For those that are used to 2 inches and larger rabbit shaft diameters, this toy may come as a surprise, but in this case, the smaller size can easily work. If you want a toy that is more targeted towards g-spot stimulator or just a change from the larger diameters of most rabbit vibrators, the Vr5 could work for you.

The clitoral piece is flexible enough to bend with your body, but it does require applying pressure to the clitoral tip during use. It will bend to being about perpendicular with the vibrator, but it does require a lot of pressure to get it that far.

The toy is small enough to be able to be easily hidden, and with the travel lock, the toy is very discreet and safe for travel.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This rabbit vibrator is rechargeable. The charging port for the charger is in the middle of the back of the vibrator. A picture of the location of the charging port is available at the Jopen website. The charger just plugs into this port, and it takes about four hours for a full charge to complete. The red LED light will stay on while the sex toy is charging, and when it is done charging, the light will go off. The toy should not be charged near water, and the toy charges with no problem. Once done charging, just disconnect the toy, and it will be ready for use.

The toy operates very simply. There are two buttons on the front-side of the toy control the two separate motors of the Jopen Vr5. In order to increase vibrations, the button must be held down, and the vibration will slowly increase. Once you already have it on a setting, if you want to increase vibrations again, the button can be held down and they will increase. To shut off the vibrations, a single press of the button is required. There is no way to decrease vibrations, but the vibrations can be turned off and then turned to the optimal level. This rabbit vibrator also includes a travel lock which can be activated by holding down both of this buttons. This makes it so the vibrator will not turn on which means no vibrating luggage.

There is one motor in the tip of the shaft and another motor in the clitoral portion of this vibrator. The shaft motor is much more powerful than the clitoral motor, so if you tend to enjoy g-spot vibrations in your rabbit vibrators, this is a good choice. Also, with the curve on the tip of the shaft, if most g-spot-designed toys tend to hit your g-spot, this toy could hit your g-spot as well. The vibrations in the shaft are much louder than the clitoral portion when the toy is not inserted, but when the toy is inserted, the two strengths even out to a noise that can barely be heard in the same room.

The toy is easy to insert with a bit of water-based lubricant. I recommend using external lubricant with this toy as the silicone does have a bit of drag. The shaft of the toy is not large in size, and it will not feel filling (if you are used to large toys), but it does feel pleasurable. The clitoral portion does hit where it should, but, depending upon your preferences and your anatomy, it may be too tight. The clitoral portion is flexible, but it does require applying pressure to the clitoral portion to make it move. If you tend to like your clitoral vibrations as feather-light as possible, applying pressure through the clitoral piece may be uncomfortable for you.

The vibrations on the shaft are more rumbly while the vibrations on the clitoral piece are extremely buzzy. The clitoral vibrations feel best if applied with a feature-light touch, but they can still be felt when pressure is applied. The vibrations are not as strong when pressure is applied though. The controls are extremely easy to reach during use with the vibrator, and there were no issues with accidentally pressing buttons. To avoid pressing buttons, it does require that you hold the toy around the bottom of the base or apply pressure with a thumb at the base of the clitoral piece though.

Care and Maintenance

Taking care of this toy is easy due to its waterproof design and relatively stick-free silicone. Some small particles will stick to the material, but it is very lint and dust-free compared to other silicone toys like Tantus. It is not recommended to put it in a lint-ridden place, but most storage options should work well for the Vr5. The included storage bag easily has enough room for the charger, instruction book, the toy, any extra accessories (lubricant, etc.), and anything else you'd like to add. The bag also has the "Jopen" name on the outside of it, but aside from that, the drawstring bag is completely discreet. My past Jopen toys that have been stored in these bags have had no issues.

Cleaning the Jopen Vanity Vr5 can be done with warm water and antibacterial soap. It may be difficult to protect with a condom if using with multiple partners, but if careful, you should be able to bleach the toy for sterilization or use condoms and gloves to cover the entire sexual surface of the toy. If you doubt your ability to sterilize the toy, though, err on the side of not using it for multiple partners. Once clean, the toy can easily go back into the storage bag for storage, so it is not a high-maintenance toy.

For lubricant, due to the material being silicone, the only compatible lubricant is water-based lubricants. Any water-based lubricant should work fine with this toy.


The Jopen Vanity Vr5 comes in a cardboard box. Inside of the cardboard box, the rabbit vibrator sits inside a cardboard tray. On top of the vibrator is a fancy piece of paper that lists all of the features of the Vanity by Jopen line. When you pull up the tray, the black Jopen storage bag and the charger are visible. The instruction manual is also visible and can be pulled out. The tray is very easy to replace in the box.

The packaging is very minimal for the size of the toy, and it also is all made of cardboard, so it can be recycled. The packaging is not the most luxurious-looking packaging, but it is recyclable and environmentally-conscious. The design on the outside of the packaging is discreet enough to easily give this packaging as a gift.

As the packaging also comes with a storage bag, there is no reason to use the box as storage. If you wanted to use the box, though, the box could be used as storage as long as no larger and heavier objects were placed on top of the box.

The instruction manual is included with the box. The instruction manual displays all of the different Vanity by Jopen toys including their instructions as well. The Vr5 operates similarly to the other Vanity toys.

Personal comments

I do love the design of this vibrator, and I think it certainly works for me, but what keeps me from really liking it is the buzziness of the vibrations in the clitoral portion. I'm one of those people that really enjoys strong, rumbly vibrations, and the buzzy vibrations that get close to disappearing when pressure is applied don't work for me. However, if you enjoy buzzier vibrations and don't require as much power, this rabbit vibrator could certainly work well for you.
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