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...but not Bounding Bunny challenged

Can't go wrong with a vibe that's cute, nice to the touch, quiet, has no taste, and no odor, now. I love all 10 function patterns of vibration, pulsation, surging, and escalation. I must say, I'll be working on turning around from being "battery cap challenged" to "we're very friendly together" since Lia Bounding Bunny fits right up there as one of my New BFF.
10 levels of functions, rumbly vibrations, very quiet
vibrations too strong in hand held part of shaft
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


I saw the box delivered by the mailman (yes a real mail - "man"). YAAAY!!!, it's here. California Exotics' Lia Bounding Bunny finally got here! This much anticipated toy was going to be in my hands as soon I could get that box open. Then thinking, I need to slow down and just take my time and enjoy each sensual moment.

Moving slower, pulling the package from the box I'm pleasantly surprised with Lia Bounding Bunny's appearance. Taking it from the package, there's a good weighted feel to it. It feels smooth and velvety as I glide my fingers over it. Purple, cute, it's no bigger than my whole hand. Continuing to glide my hand over it, squeezing here and there and it gives a little to that pressure. Bringing it to my nose I notice a faint scent. It's not strong, not unpleasant, just noticeable. Carefully touch my tongue to the massager, no, no taste.

I see the power button on the battery cap, the butt of the shaft, and push it. Pushing it again, and again I notice how easily the button pushes - nice. Removing the battery cap is easy. Screwing it back together, screwing it back together, screwing it - what's wrong here? What, now I'm battery cap challenged? Well this isn't ok! Trying repeatedly to screw the two pieces back together just isn't working. Oooooh, it twists on first then it screws on, oooooh, I see.

Now it's time for playing with bunny ears and my fingers. With each push of the button I sense a different vibration, hmmmmm, delightful. Continuing playing with my fingers, exploring the functions, I think I found my favorite setting, surging, mmmmm,. No, wait, it's the deep rumbly setting. Hmm, it's kinda weak, too bad. Oh, deep pulsing and surging, my favorites, yesssss. The vibrations are definitely rumbly and strong from the soft flexible ears. Uhhhh , a setting too intense, I lighten the pressure of Bounding Bunny's ears. Can't wait for the rest of my research!

Taking Bounding Bunny to the bathroom for it's first soapy wash. I fully submerge it in water to wash and rinse. After drying, I put a battery in. Once again, I'm BATTERY CAP CHALLENGED. Oh, yes, twist on first, then screw shut tightly. Now it's time for the real waterproof test. Back to the bathroom for another washing with the hope it will remove the faint odor too. Here goes, shock or not.

While holding in the water, wow, I'm still amazed at the power of this little Bunny - alright no shock, truly a waterproof toy. Then I slowly cycle through the functions as I run it over my fingers and palms of my hands. I notice the powerful vibrations in the handheld part of the shaft are not near as noticeable now as when I was playing with it earlier. I like that.

Sniffing Bounding bunny, I notice the odor is still there. Ok, back for another washing. I wash several times within four hours. Now with my nose pressed against it, I'm aware the faint smell is almost gone. I like that too. Looks like the odor will be gone soon.

Lia Bounding Bunny is intended to be a clit stimulator but I see it can be used in other ways. The vibrator is great for pleasuring the whole body. All erogenous zones are fair game. It's not designed for internal use, though. Couples can share in teasing each other in their own hot spots. You can get down to serious business for an orgasm, or keep it at exquisite teasing. Those tantalizing ears are amazing!
    • Couples
    • Sensory play
    • Solo

Material / Texture

Lia Bounding Bunny is covered in pure silicone and the battery cap is ABS plastic covered with PU Cote. Both are phthalate free and hypoallergenic making the surface non-toxic and irritation free. Silicone is also non porous, soft to the touch, easy to clean, can be sterilized, and the safest toy material. It feels very smooth as it glides across my skin, velvety even.

I sniffed Bounding Bunny and found a slight scent even after washing. It isn't an unpleasant odor, just a noticeable faint scent. After several washings the odor did fade away. I did a taste test which proved there is no taste.

Down the underside and top I see faint seams here and there running down the middle. Touching where I see them, I feel nothing worth noting. This is a cute and somewhat small clit vibrator.
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Bounding Bunny is actually quite cute. Two very flexible ears curve down to a bunny head. Moving from the head down is a small bulge. Below that is a much larger bulge followed by the the smooth shaft of the toy. The overall dimensions are 4 1/4" in length X 1" diameter.

The shaft is a little bit more than 1/2 of the total length. A nice sterling silver plate ring encircles Bounding Bunny where the battery cap screws onto the toy. A special decorative touch. The push button control is located at the butt of the shaft.
    • Partner play
    • Whimsical / artistic
    • Discreet look/design

Functions / Performance / Controls

Lia Bounding Bunny has 10 powerful function patterns. Yes, 10 rumbly quiet functions ladies despite it being a mini massager. Ten incredible functions of vibrating, pulsating, surging, and escalating.

Even though my online research showed the functions to include the Roller coaster function, I didn't notice it. The Roller coaster function is just like the name suggests: speeding up and then slowing down and then it repeats continuously. I did find the Surging function: speeding up and then abruptly stops which continuously repeats.

These are the function patterns I found:

1. vibrating - high
2. vibrating - medium
3. vibrating - low
4. surging
5. pulsating quick - low rumble
6. pulsating quick - medium
7. pulsating quick high
8. pulsating - medium rumble
9. pulsating longer - high
10.steady low rumble

Bounding Bunny is simple to use. Cycling through the functions is just a push of the button. Easy turn off is done by holding the power button for two seconds any time you wish. It powers back on to the next setting in the pattern sequence from the last one before being powered off. The vibrations are strong the whole length of the shaft including where the massager is held with it being less intense in the soft flexible ears.

A light circles the the power button and lights up when the vibrator is powered on. To add to the fun is the strobe light that begins with pattern 4 and continues with each pattern through number 10.
    • Discreet sound
    • Long lasting power
    • Lots of variety in function

Care and Maintenance

Silicone covered and waterproof Lia Bounding Bunny is so easy to clean with soap and water. A favorite toy cleaner can be used if you choose to. Silicone lube should never be used since it's incompatible with any silicone surface. Also, it's always a good idea to store toys separately from each other to prevent any possible materials contamination.

To store each toy, I just toss a paper towel inside a baggie slipping a toy in beside the paper towel. I allow the flow of air into the bag so I actually don't seal the bag. The bag serves to keep the toys from touching each other and possible material contamination. I use a paper towel to absorb any moisture that may be on the toy as well as any remaining odors. After awhile I replace the paper towel to discard any remaining moisture or odors that may have been absorbed by the paper towel. And keeping toys from direct sun or heat is always good toy care as well.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging is a cheap presentation for such a high quality toy. It is clearly labeled with many of Lia Bounding Bunny's features. A massager with 10 intense levels of functions, is pure silicone, and is waterproof are all stated on the package front. On the back is more information: safe and pure, 10 incredible functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation; totally waterproof; 4 1/4" x 1"; easy push button control with LED; uses 1 AA battery which is not included, by the way.

The bottom of the package has several important points. Be sure the cap is twisted on and screwed on tightly, initially a challenge for me. Remove batteries after using. Wash Lia Bounding Bunny before and after using. And to get the most pleasure, use a water based lube. This is an external use only toy. And the ever present disclaimer is noted: "the product is intended for use as a novelty product." Also noted is the statement that any other use of the massager is prohibited. Ummm, prohibited huh, now how can they police that? I can see it now, Bunny spies everywhere, everywhere...
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative

Personal comments

My external genital area is easily aroused by vibrations of any type. In fact, intense vibrations are way too much for me. I appreciate this sensitivity. When any vibration is too intense, I simply power back the toy being used or just lighten the pressure. My sensitivity in no way changes the fact that Bounding Bunny is powerful.

Discreet definitely fits Bounding Bunny. Traveling or leaving it lying out is no concern for me. The massager doesn't resemble anything that screams: "here I am, I'm a sex toy."

My first sight impression of Bunny was, "so that's it, doesn't look like a vibrator, looks like a cute bunny head on a somewhat, hmmm, well whatever, I don't know what to call it, maybe like a really nice pogo stick." Of course we all know that it's not. This is Bounding Bunny from California Exotics quality line of vibrators, Lia.


Gliding the bunny ears across my neck, up around my ear, down and around my breast, nice. Having cycled through all the functions, I move on. Gently guiding the vibrating ears around the nipple, down to my abdomen, swirling it all over, very nice. Taking those tantilizing ears to my pubic area, inner thigh, groin, teasing, teasing, oooooh, very, very nice.

I bring each function to the attention of every tingling, aroused spot. Teasing, teasing, more teasing, everywhere teasing, mmmmm, very, very, very nice. Not only are the ears pleasing, the bunny head and bulges have much more powerful vibrations requiring a lighter touch for teasing, though. At each setting, something to be enjoyed, nice.

Oh, my body yearns for the ecstatic pleasure of an orgasm! Well, why go with just one, lets have as many as it takes to satisfy my sexual desires. Lia Bounding Bunny, pleasuring my vulva, labia. OMBod, I don't want to wait any more. All the tantilizing teasing had done it's magic. Bringing it to my clit, my body shakes from the powerful vibrating ears. Cycling to a favorite function, surging, I am consumed with pleasure. YES!!!
Follow-up commentary
I so appreciate the easy to use push button control. I now have more toys since receiving Bounding Bunny and some of those control buttons are not near as user friendly. I'm still thoroughly enjoying all the exciting functions, especially the rumbly ones. And I have now had many hours of enjoying the special features that silicone material offers.
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    Mine just got here. Got it open and inserted the battery. Turned on and pressed button all the way to the top speed. No LED light and now can't turn it off or get it to recycle down. Wanted to see if pulsating or surging or steady was better but since it won't cycle back down or turn off even after taking battery out.
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