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Eden Flow Afterglow

This toy, aside from packaging, leaves me feeling quite satisfied and pampered. I was unsure about spending so much money on a vibe, but then was very pleased that I was able to get this treasure on sale. I feel it is better than some of the slightly more expensive luxury rabbit vibes that I was considering, because it has the best combination of features. It is beautiful, much easier to clean than many of the others, and is also rechargeable, and waterproof. It has it all!
Contoured shape, Silky feel, Nice intensity, Many vibration patterns, Stimulates G-spot & clit
Could be more intensity variety, adding a varient that is a bit soft & also a very intense one
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Initially as I was looking through the rabbit vibrators on this site trying to decide which one to order (this being my first time from Eden and my first rabbit or G-spot vibe), I had narrowed it down to a few but it still took me a couple days to decide which to get. Based on reading the insertable length, I was afraid that I would make the wrong decision. It just didn't seem as if the insertable length would be enough to do anything for me inch-wise, due to me not having actually tried this type/size before...(not that I am typically much of a "size queen", especially with toys since they always feel bigger to me than flesh). However, as soon as I opened the Eden Flow I was pleasantly surprised at how seductive the look and feel of it is in person! The rich purple colour looks incredible, and together with the velvety-soft silicone gives an overall impression of luxury. I even had to rub the Flow against my face because it was so silken and pretty that I couldn't resist!(That was even before I had tried it in other ways).

When ready to try this toy out, (which was as soon as possible!), I found it to be immediately arousing to every part of me that came into contact with it because of the sublime feel of the material against my skin. Inserting the the main shaft of the vibe inside of me, I was pleased to find that it slides in quite well without too much effort, even with close to minimal wetness, (or lubrication if someone needs or prefers it), due to it's moderate size and smooth silicone texture. However, once in me it doesn't accidentally slip out of me easily, even when I get very wet...this also seems to be a benefit of the shape. The flexible clitoral arm can be placed where you need it most on the labia, or directly or indirectly stimulating the clit quite well. The clitoral arm of the toy can be adjusted pretty easily to the spot you need, which is an advantage since we all come in different sizes and shapes. All in all I found this to work perfectly in and on my body.

The main parts of the toy, such as the bulbous head and the swelling against the clitoral arm, are basically rigid underneath of it's supple outer surface, but there is some over all "give"/flexibility, mainly in the area of the clitoral arm's tip, where that arm meets the main shaft, and at the base of the shaft. In this case it is a benefit, not a problem, since it doesn't have that OVERLY unyielding sensation that some harder toys do, while still being firm enough to satisfy. It is the perfect balance of hard and soft.

The Eden Flow fills me well enough to hit my G-spot expertly, without "poking it" like some G-spot toys look like they would do judging by their shape. This seems to be more from the size and shape of the Flow putting the ideal pressure inside of me. The vibrations are reasonably intense, but not over the top, and it has many pattern options to suit all of my moods! I have also found myself holding the clitoral arm between my fingers and guiding the toy partly in and out and/or gently twisting it back and forth when I feel like some thrusting or light partial rotating so as to mix up the sensations.

Although this is designed to be a G-spot toy primarily, this toy could work in other ways, such as anally if you are used to some size there. I cannot, but my partner was able to comfortably and happily use this in their backside with a condom and some water-based lube. While inserting it anally, (again only if you are used to a bit of width in your rear, not for anal beginners). You could even have the clitoral arm vibrating and stimulating the perineum if you fancy, or you could have it facing your butt cheeks if you do not want it to stimulate you there, (and if you don't mind, or even enjoy, the smaller arm vibrating against the outer region of your anus. Since the arm is gentle it shouldn't feel too rigid against the outside of your body). The clitoral arm will keep it from accidentally slipping inside of you too far as well.

This toy can be used by those that enjoy double penetration also. For example, if you have female genitalia but also enjoy it in your rear, you can be penetrated in your pussy with the toy while your partner gives it to you in your behind (with their cock or strap-on, whichever the case may be). Or, you could have your partner penetrating you in front while using this toy in your back door, either inserted or just used to vibrate against your anal opening. Remember not to share or go directly from anal to vaginal play without sterilizing and/or switching condoms! Keep hygiene and safety in mind.

I have also, during foreplay, lightly ran the vibrating bulbous tip of the shaft over my nipples a bit which I found to be quite stimulating. I'm sure this toy can be used just about anywhere on the body you want to stimulate, though I feel the best use for this design is still inserted vaginally for simultaneous G-spot and clit/labia stimulation.
Eden Flow side view1

Flow's main shaft flexibility
Flow's flexible areas between shaft and clitoral arm
the Flow's ridged swelling on the flexible clitoral arm
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    • Couples
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    • Anywhere
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Easy to clean
    • Travel friendly
    • Waterproof
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    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The Eden Flow's silky exterior is made of non-porous, premium silicone that can be used by virtually anyone, beginners or advanced. This petal-soft texture covering the firmer shaft makes it easier to slip the insertable length inside, making it a good choice for anyone, including those new to rabbit or G-spot vibrator play. The clitoral arm is gentle, flexible and soft, so it's not too hard on the sensitive area of the clit, while still doing a great job at stimulating and satisfying. The Flow's appealing, non-intimidating appearance also help to make it beginner friendly.

Although this lovely toy is listed as having NO scent, I am VERY sensitive to scent and can detect a very subtle, but not unpleasant, scent when I hold it directly under my nose. However, the scent is so very light that I would still classify it as having "no odour". I am unable to detect any taste whatsoever with this toy.

The material feels very sensual and smooth, and although there is a discreet seam that runs its length in the front and back, it visually blends in fairly well and is hardly noticeable from sight and touch. Upon insertion the seam can not be felt at all. It is also not the type of seam that would cause any problems when cleaning. The luscious texture of this toy definitely adds to my pleasure when using it.
Flow's discreet seam on one side
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth
    • No odor

Design / Shape / Size

The Eden Flow is an ergonomic and superior "rabbit", (though not animal shaped), vibrator, with a bulbous tip designed to put pressure on and stimulate the G-spot, while simultaneously stimulating the clitoris with it's leaf-like, (nearly tongue shaped), clitoral arm. As mentioned, it does have some flexibility at the base of the clitoral arm, as well as a slight give at the main base of the toy.

Depending on how much you prefer to flex the clitoral arm, and depending on your personal anatomy, it can stimulate a specific point, such as your clitoris, more directly, or the whole inner labia. This flexibility allows you to customise the point of stimulation when used vaginally, enabling it to work with most peoples' anatomies, giving a ton of pleasure with it's vibrations! The main shaft of the toy fits perfectly to put pressure on my G-spot which, for me, can sometimes be better than very deep penetration. The size,in my experience, was just right in that it doesn't require a ton of "warming up" to slide it in, while still being pleasantly filling despite the toys measurements, (most likely because of it's ergonomic shape). The combination of the circumference and length of the shaft, which has medium to strong, (but not OVERLY intense), vibrations, along with the perfect amount of gentle pressure and medium level vibrations from the clitoral arm on my clit, are just the right formula for magical G-spot and clitoral combined orgasms!

Having yet only had a few vibrators so far, and this being my first rabbit or G-spot vibe, I'm somewhat a beginner to them, but this is the most comfortable and pleasurable experience I have had with a vibrator so far. I feel this works wonderfully for beginners, but I feel it is something anyone would want to use no matter how experienced they are with other types and sizes of vibes. I know I will be using this as one of my permanent favourites, no matter how many other vibes and toys I collect in time.

The shape is simple yet gorgeous and graceful. Though it is not "realistically shaped" it is still recognizable as a sex toy if left out, it is fairly easy store or to pack for travel if needed.
The Flow's length compared to typical 16 oz. bottle of water 1
The Flow tip size shown next to bottle cap 2
the Flow's Clitoral arm flexibility
    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The sound is noticable in the room, but not extreme. Since I don't always have very good privacy, with frequent house guests and a thin bedroom door, I play music at a moderate level in the background, and in the summer run a fan between myself and the door. I also use the toy under the blankets during those situations, just to be safe.

When I read others' reviews of this toy, I held a mild concern since they had experienced difficulty with the vibrational pattern control button. They were not able to switch to another vibrational pattern while the toy was inserted. I personally did not find this impossible, or even overly difficul. I had only a mild obstacle on the first attempt until I figured out that all I had to do was feel with my finger for the 2 control buttons which you can feel as 2 circular indented ridges, one above the other. The one furthest from your body, below the power button can still be pushed, thereby adjusting the vibration pattern, even when inside. I only had trouble doing this one time and haven't had the issue since then, though I use it regularly.

The charge lasts me approximately 2 hours if used continuously, and takes around that long, or a bit more to fully recharge once dead. Although I don't always use it for that long at one time, so I am normally able to use it a few times before I need to recharge. I love that I can charge this from a USB cord OR with the regular wall charger that both come with this. That is very convenient!

The ONLY small issue I have had with this toy at all, if I had to pick one, is that all the vibration patterns are within a similar, (somewhat high,but still moderate), intensity range. I do wish there was one or two that were a little on the soft side for those occasions when I am feeling more sensitive and easily stimulated...and maybe one variant of a high intensity for those "give it to me hard" moments. On the plus side, the range it does have works best for nearly all my moods, and if I had to choose a certain intensity level only this would be it. Also, I love that there are many patterns with both simultaneous clitoral arm and shaft vibes and also some alternating between the shaft and arm. It is great to have those choices! Also it is not overly "buzzy", having enough of a rumbling sensation to be pleasing.

Even better, this toy is waterproof! Since I am a "squirter" that is almost a necessity, especially since this toy makes that happen regularly! This also means, of course, tons of waterproof play in the shower, etc. (just watch out not to get soap, shampoo, pool chemicals and such into sensitive places). I was nervous to use it in the water at first, because I love it so much that I was afraid it would ruin it, but it seems to hold up fine in the water. The water does not seem to affect its function in any way. Using this in the water gives even more possibilities with the sensations that you can feel from this toy, and is quite a wonderful variation to enjoy, though I have only used it in the shower so far, so have not fully submerged it in the tub yet.
the 2 control buttons (power top, patterns bottom)
    • Long lasting power
    • Multiple settings
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

I personally clean mine before use with toy wipes and after use with antibacterial soap, rinsing well with water and pat dry with a clean white cloth. Yes, I'm a bit of a clean freak about some things, especially when it comes to my "kitty". It can also to be cleaned with a good toy cleaner if you prefer. While traveling I feel the best option is antibacterial sex-toy wipes. It is very easy to clean since it is made of very smooth, non-porous silicone, having no hard-to-reach groves to worry about. The mildly ridged control buttons are indented into the toy, but not to the degree that should be much of an issue when cleaning. I don't recommend boiling to sterilize since it has internal parts which would be destroyed by the intense heat. I also don't recommend freezing the Flow for sensory play because of the internal motor.

The toy comes with a black mesh pouch, but for sanitation purposes I don't use that alone to store it in. I suggest an easily cleaned toy case, a clean bag of a more substantial material, or even a new large plastic storage/freezer bag if you don't have a better storage method, (though such a well made and gorgeous toy deserves a special case in my opinion if you can acquire one).

It is best to store your toys where they are not touching each other in most cases, so that there is no damage or degradation of the materials, particularly with silicone or jelly-type toys, as this may cause deterioration or harmful interactions with other toys. As with any silicone toy, it is best not to use silicone based lubes as you do not want to harm the toy. If you MUST use a hybrid, or even silicone lube, I would suggest a patch test in a non-conspicuous spot that doesn't get much contact with your body, such as under the control buttons on the bottom of the handle since there is a good chance you could damage the toy, (and believe me, you won't want to damage this beauty).

Basically, this toy is made of a silky, high grade silicone so I feel comfortable knowing that it is body safe, non-porous, and able to be sanitized quite easily. This toy is also fairly easy to store, as the over all size and shape make it easy to stash away and the buttons are not easy to accidentally turn on despite the fact that the control buttons don't lock.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


This toy was sent in a bubble wrap lined yellow envelope that contained a clear sealed plastic bag that contained both the charger and the black mesh drawstring bag containing the toy. Despite the simple mailing package being their shipping choice, (which would not protect well from rough handling during mailing), I still feel this would make a wonderful gift...mainly due to the beautiful look and quality of the toy itself. The black net bag is kind of cute, despite the clear plastic overwrap that contained both the charger and the toy in it's mesh sack.

There were no instructions, but luckily it is pretty self-explanatory and handily contains both the USB charger and a regular wall plug charger!

To REALLY spoil someone I would also purchase and include a nice storage case to give with this as part of the gift, placing this package without the shipping envelope inside to give as a present. (This toy is a little pricey, but it is worth it, so maybe if you can, buy it on sale and use the difference to buy a nice case to gift it in if you are able). Even if you are unable or unwilling to buy a case it is still a gift that should be well received by anyone who enjoys indulgent, effective, and aesthetically attractive sex-toys.
Eden Flow in the black net pouch (after bag was washed/dried oops!)
    • Minimal
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I would like to further mention the look, particularly the colour and overall impression. Although the description on this site of the toy said "purple", the pictures don't do it justice, so I worried it would look too pink when I specifically wanted purple. I was so relieved when I received it and saw it in person! It is a stunning shade of almost "royal magenta". It is hard to describe, almost a fuchsia based purple, but not too much on the pink side like many fuchsia based purples. You would really have to see it in person to appreciate how gorgeous it really is. Combined with it's luxe over all feel, it would be hard get a much more decadent feeling vibe, (with the exception of the packaging/storage bag).
    • Couples
    • Group situations
    • Solo


I have to say that I am rather attached to this toy already! It has spoiled me to where I usually don't masturbate without it, using it between my partner's erections or in their absence, or when I am in just in the mood for penetration that doesn't require a lot of depth.

If your parter happens to have a penis, as my partner does, and it happens to be a rather large one, like theirs, we know that is extremely enjoyable of course, but you may sometimes just be in the mood for the somewhat more shallow G-spot stimulation this toy provides as well. I find this toy to be great for those times, whether they are using it on me, or when using it on myself either when I'm alone, or while they watch, (at first), or even when used to warm me up for them giving me a deeper penetration.

My partner finds watching me play with this even more exiting than with some of the other toys, because they also find it to be a very visually appealing sex toy, and when powered on they like the "little red LED light" that is on the bottom being visible even when the Flow is inserted.

We also use this toy in other ways, such as rubbing against the clitoris, while they are penetrating me. We have so much fun with this toy and I am really glad that I ended up choosing this one!
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