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For the music lover in all of us. . .

This is a must-have for any audiophile. Be aware that the vibrations come from the treble and not that rhythmic, bumping bass. Without the music, you will be able to cycle through ample vibration settings sure to make you sing a tune of your own. Best used on the clit in conjunction with a larger toy for penetration.
Unique way to experience music; quite powerful on high; multiple speed settings
Too thin for vaginal use; Durability may not be the best. Batteries get stuck.
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I, like many others, am a music lover. When I heard about this toy, my immediate reaction was to sprint to my wallet and unsheathe my magical plastic cards to purchase my new magical plastic friend. My only reservation was that it seemed a bit pricey for a traditional-style vibrator with a gimmick, but the novelty eventually won me over and I spent my day's hard-earned coin.

This vibrator comes in very attractive packaging, with a soft pink drawstring sleeve for storage between uses. There is a splitter for your music player or computer audio port, so you can plug headphones in while you are "fully enjoying" the songs' effects. It also comes with a second base, which turns this toy into a wire-free, multi-speed device (slow, medium, fast, and quite a few delicious and teasing combination of the three).

The hard, cool plastic felt nice on my clit, but its narrow shaft left a bit to be desired on the inside. The vibrator itself appears to be the standard size, suggesting that sleeves could be found to enhance its girth and texture. Without an accessory, this toy is best suited to clitoral use, perhaps in tandem with a larger toy for penetration.

I plugged in, laid down, and relaxed. I must say, my choice of song was impeccable: it was long; it started off slow and soft,then have a gradual build up to several loud and intense parts where the vocals and guitars sent impressively strong vibrations twixt my nether-regions. I found it a delightful tease -- It brought me close, but would not let me come until the song had reached its climax. Of course if teasing is not your style, you could put on some ridiculous metal and go all out from the beginning. . . Be aware that the vibrations come from the treble and not that rhythmic, bumping bass; because of this, I'm not sure how well suited it would be for trance, techno, or rap.

A mere week ago, I did not think there was any better way to relax than lying in a dark room and listening to a favorite album as my mind and body calmed down from a tense day. I was wrong -- now there is a way to turn your favorite album into a "whole body experience" that will leave you trembling and breathless.

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm ultimately lead to the demise of this toy about 8 months after its purchase (usage every 2-3 days). Sometimes, if I used it for too long, the batteries seemed to overheat, expand, and become next to impossible to remove from the shaft. Only after banging them against the edge of the counter for 20 minutes was I able to remove them. This only happened a few times, and could have possibly been due to a defect in my model alone. Even after I let the toy cool off, they were obstinately stuck inside until I walloped it a few good hard times. I believe this problem could be avoided completely by limiting use of this toy to about 45 min at a time. It can be a little harsh when used anally -- it can tease just fine, but I don't recommend using it for penetration.

If you want to enhance your music experience, give it a try. Just be careful: while wearing headphones, you may not notice the moans escaping your lips. . . but your neighbors will.
In my own humble opinion, this toy works best when coupled with Jeff Buckley's discography Heart

Try Mojo Pin (chocolate mix). . . that song makes me orgasm WITHOUT vibrations. While using this vibe, it is easily my favorite.
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  • Dame Demi
    I've always been afraid to try one of these because they seem fairly pricey and I'm iffy about something that doesn't offer steady, reliable vibrations. Thanks for pointing out that it vibrates to the trebel; most of my favorite "sex songs" feature a heavy base, which is what I would expect would control the vibrations. Nice review!
  • DespyKitten
    It is definitely more of a starter toy, or a teaser. However, if you choose to use it without music, the highest vibe setting is decently intense. . . but using it like that defeats the purpose of the toy and its high cost justification. You are correct in thinking it's not really a good bang for your buck. . . just something fun and specialized for people who want the experience. Thanks for your comment.
  • DespyKitten
    One last side note on this product.
    I had the chance to try the "naughtibod," (formerly the "naughtinano") today and I must say it is a complete and utter waste of money. For the same hefty price tag, It is only about half as powerful as the original ohmibod, and uses small and expensive batteries. The contoured, colored plastic is appealing, but the toy itself wasn't even enough to get me off! Don't buy this version of the toy! luckily it isn't offered on this site.
  • Epiphora
    Interesting. I read other places that it was the bass that seemed to drive the vibrations.
  • Victoria
    Thanks for the review!
  • Alt

    Good review.
    When you say it is too harsh for anal, is it too powerful?
  • lamira
    I love how this is such a different toy.
  • Ladygaga
    great review.
  • Valentinka
    the idea is absolutely fantastic...

    thanks for the review!
  • amandaco2011
    Great review. Thanks for the personal experience.
  • BlooJay
  • MissCandyland
    Thanks for the review!!
  • laceypanties
    Thank you!
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