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Keeps the rhythm steady and jamming.

I love music. I love to orgasm. Putting both of my favorite things together in one was like a dream come true. The most fun thing I found about it was finding out which of my favorite songs were best at making me come. Revisiting those songs is fun too. I just think the idea of this vibrator is ingenious, and anyone who loves music will love this too.
Aesthetically pleasing, controls are easy to manage and easy to reach.
Must use brand specific batteries, or they will get stuck inside the vibrator.
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When this ohmibod vibrator first arrived at my house, I was very excited. I already had a few songs waiting to be used with it, and i was more than ready to test it out. The packaging was very pleasing, and it helps that I like the color pink, a lot. It came in a cute pink velvet storage bag. The actual vibrator was a good length, and smooth and white. The attachments for listening came with it also, along with a separate top so that you can use it without an iPod/mp3 player.

Now the first song I chose to use this with had a good steady, throbbing beat, and I was quite pleasantly surprised at the intensity of the vibrator as it vibrated along to the beat. The entire sensory experience of listening and feeling at once brings masturbation to a whole new level. I found myself coming at the climax of the song, which was quite satisfying. Later, I tested the ohmibod without the iPod attachment, to see the different speeds, and it has speeds for every person, from low and gentle to high and fast.

Not every song is going to work with this vibrator though! There was a song that always turned me on that I was dying to try out with the ohmibod, but because of the lack of a hard driving beat, it failed to get me off. I have actually used the wireless cap, and still listened to music while using it, and even though the vibrations won't be matching the beat, it was still very enjoyable! I have also used it along with a dildo because I like penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time. This worked wonderfully and the ohmibod did not get in the way, and was easy to use with another toy.

Clean up was quick and easy, thanks to the smooth, hard plastic finish. All I needed was some soap and water on a washcloth, a few quick swipes, and it was perfectly clean! No hassle whatsoever.

Pay attention to the label when it tells you what kind of batteries to use in this vibrator. I had batteries get stuck in there before, and it is truly annoying to try to get out. I used the batteries the box suggested, and they came out with no problem. So be cautious of that.

Overall, this is an amazing product. My only issue with it is having to use brand specific batteries if I don't want them to get stuck in there. If you're a music lover like I am, you should most definitely add this to your collection, and find out for once and for all what songs are truly orgasmic.
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  • Femme Mystique
    Interesting! From the picture, the packaging looks very simple and cute.
  • CaptainBunnyKilla
    That is a huge pain about the batteries. How easy/difficult was cleanup with this vibe? Great review!
  • bleedingxsoul
    I'm going to update the review with this info, but the cleanup was so quick and easy, due to the smooth, hard plastic finish. Just some soap and water on a washcloth and in a few seconds, it was perfectly clean!
  • Actually gals...we have updated the battery compartment. Batteries no longer get stuck. Basically, a battery compartment slides out. You load your batteries (positive ends toward tip of vibe) in the compartment and slip it back in the body of the vibe. Then...you are ready to rock. Big smile
  • bleedingxsoul
    Oh wow, thanks for that update! That's great for future customers!! Big smile
  • KinkyPink
    I've had my OhMiBod for nearly a year now, and I'm still finding songs that are more...ahem....*enjoyable* than they used to be. Winking I think every masturbating music lover should own one of these!
  • Pumpkin Lady
    I was trying to think of a way to use this discretely in public, like on the bus on the way to work... I don't think this is quite the product but it was an amusing prospect!
  • lamira
    It seems like a really fun toy!!
  • Ladygaga
    nice job.
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Thanks. That bit about the batteries sounds really annoying.
  • Dyma
    Thank you for the review. It's very useful!
  • pixieluv
    Try some other things or let us know how else you have used it - [https://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-forum/companies/ohmibod/what-have-you-plugged-your/]
  • BlooJay
  • MissCandyland
    Thanks for the review!!
  • Lover of Leather
    Fun combination, music and orgasms, great review, thanks
  • Michelle Conner
    nice review
  • Jenny Smith
    thanks for the review
  • Jenny Smith
    Thank you for the review
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