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Freestyle is a fabulous vibrator and since it will more than likely fit most women's preferences in some way or another, I would certainly recommend it to others. Being able to have the vibrations match my music is something that's always surprising. It makes a great couple's toy as well since your partner can have fun controlling the vibrations you feel and the music you hear. It's great for thrusting and if you can get off clitorally using something so firm, this would probably be perfect.
Holds charge well.
Sleek and I love the size.
Strong vibrations.
Variety in function.
A little too rigid.
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Freestyle is shaped like a traditional vibrator, a long, sleek wand only you don't have music with your traditional vibrator! Freestyle vibrates to the beat of any song you choose. Freestyle is compatible with all I-pod models, phone, MP3 players and home speaker systems. However, Freestyle can also be used without music manual mode.

Freestyle is a great vibrator for a girl who loves music and wants a strong, unique solo toy or for the couple who loves to toy play with each other. For the male and female couple who loves music, this has proven to be perfect!

Freestyle can be used by anybody and if you happen to be looking for a vibrator with a wide variety of functions and are new to vibrators, Freestyle is a great choice as you'll be able to learn what types of vibrations you love. Don't write it off as a beginner only vibrator though! Freestyle can fascinate and please even the avid vibrator girl!

The wand-like size of Freestyle makes it great for using all over the body, on the clitoris and internally as well.


Material / Texture

Freestyle is made of hard ABS plastic with a PU coating. Freestyle is phthalates free, hypo-allergenic and latex free and non-porous. It has a smooth coating, but it's not thick or squishy and has no give. It's very rigid. It feels nice and smooth, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it velvety. Other toys I've had, such as some silicone and even those with some type of "coating" have been more velvety than Freestyle. The rigidity combined with the smooth PU coating reminds me of Evolved's Armor Piercing bullet. So if you've felt of that, you can get a feel of what Freestyle feels like.

Since Freestyle is so hard and the PU coating doesn't provide any give, this won't be the best choice for those who like to grind on their vibrators. I happen to be a grinder when it comes to clitoral stimulation and the hardness of this hurts my pelvic bones. I was able to get past that though since this is such an incredible vibrator.

The vibrator itself does not have a scent, but the foamy thing that's in the storage box has a strong scent. It smells like a shoe store and I love it! Freestyle is in the box with it so it will carry some of the scent, but rest assured it's the box, not the toy. I have to sniff it everytime I open it because I really like the smell.

Since this is a sleek wand vibrator without added texture and has such a nice size, I can't imagine anybody not finding this to be pleasurable. Well, unless you require texture with all of your toys.

It is smooth and soft, but it has a slight drag when pulled across the skin. A good lubricant like Liquid Silk will reduce the friction though.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

Freestyle is a long wand with a rounded tip. This makes for easier insertion. The size has to be one of my favorites. You have a lot more length with this than a lot of other vibrators.

Length: 8 1/4"
Insertable length: 5 3/4"
Circumference: 3 3/4"
Diameter: 1 1/8"
Freestyle weighs 3.5 lb so it's not the smallest and is not discreet, but it will fit in a medium to large sized purse if you wanted to travel with it. Carrying it in its storage box will do too, but it is larger than the vibrator itself.

When I first ordered Freestyle I was worried that the plain wand wouldn't be very satisfying internally since there's no texture, but I was quite surprised with how well it works for thrusting. I'm not a size queen by far so I can't comment too much on how this would feel for someone who needs such a large size. However, I feel confident saying that even someone who needs a bigger size would more than likely still be well pleased with this.

I prefer average sized vibrators and this isn't small, but I would almost call it medium. The size, length and shape make this a great choice for beginners. However, I wouldn't label this for beginners only as I think about any level of user could really appreciate it. No matter how big my collection grows, this is one of my top favorites! You really have a lot of variety with this.
    • Beginner

Functions / Performance / Controls

The manual mode (without music) had 7 pre-programmed settings. You have the wireless transmitter (picture above) which does not need to be plugged into the I-pod to work, hence the word "wireless". However, your I-pod, phone or computer (or whatever you choose to use) does need to be plugged into the wireless transmitter. OhMiBod includes everything (and then some!) that you need to work this baby.

Freestyle has escalating and pulse vibrations. The built-in control pad is simple. It's also rechargeable!

The vibrations are a little tough to describe as you have so many to choose from. If you're using the 7 pre-programmed settings, (no music) you still have a wonderful variety. The vibrations are very powerful and in fact, Freestyle is one of my strongest vibrators. The strength of the vibrations carry thoroughly throughout the entire wand! The tip is rounded so it may not work so well for pin point stimulation, but it does enough for me.

The vibrations are strong, like I've said, but they aren't extremely deep and rumbly. However, they are very penetrative and slightly high pitched. I wouldn't describe them as buzzy like you often get with really cheap vibrators or bullets, but they aren't as deep as Matryoshka. I think they're a perfect medium between a little high pitched and penetrative. The different settings are great and while pulsating vibrations do nothing for me, I do enjoy the escalating in Freestyle a little. I prefer a constant, steady vibration and hard rock or metal gives me exactly what I want; My favorite music as well as strong, constant vibrations. I would say Freestyle has good quality vibrations.

Once your all plugged into your transmitter, then you can set the vibrator to the music symbol by twisting the base until the arrow is on the music symbol. You have 3 symbols on Freestyle. One is a square for deactivating Freestyle. The other two are the music symbol and the (((7))) symbol. The music obviously, is for when you're wanting to have your vibrations beat to your music. The (((7))) symbol is just the manual setting. This setting has 7 different speeds of vibrations and it's best for when you're not wanting the music part of the vibrator. The manual setting speeds include pulsating, eslcalating and steady vibrations. Very nice combination of choices here. So, Freestyle can be used with your music or just as a regular pre-programmed vibrator. Either way, it's a very outstanding vibrator.

The buttons appear white in the photo, but are actually light pink and they light up. The top button is a + and the bottom a -. Use the + to increase and the - to decrease.

The wireless transmitter also has a spin dial at the top for increasing intensity. These allow you to truly customize your O. Also, the wireless transmitter has a light, a lot like a bright key chain flashlight.

Freestyle is rechargeable and the charger is white and lights up green when fully charged. Freestyle charges fully in only 2 hours! Thank God because I could not have waited to use this for the first time. It will hold a charge for up to 5 hours. Freestyle comes with everything including the batteries for the transmitter and the charger for Freestyle.

There's a little port at the bottom/base of the toy. A lot like a cell phone's charger hole cover, Freestyle has a similar one. Flip it open to charge, but make sure it's closed when using and especially when washing!

As for the noise, it's certainly not the most quiet toy I own, but it's not too bad. It can't be heard through a closed door with the TV on for extra assurance.
    • Long lasting power
    • Rechargeable
    • Strong patterns

Care and Maintenance

Freestyle can be used with both silicone and water based lubricants so feel free to grab your favorite! Since it's smooth and has no crevices or texture, cleaning is simple and quick. Sometimes I wipe it down with my natural toy cleaner spray and then wash it with warm water and mild soap before using again.

Keep in mind that Freestyle is not water-proof, but splashproof only! I will not test it under water for reviewing purposes since I spent quite a large amount of money on the toy, but I did use it in water, keeping the controls out and it done just fine. I keep that area away from water at all times because the charging port could ruin if water gets inside. This doesn't make cleaning a problem though. I just wipe that area with a damp cloth when it needs cleaning. Despite this not being water-proof, it's one of the easiest toys I have to clean and store.


BoxPackagingStorage box

I love Freestyle's packaging! It came in a large white box (see photos) with the lovely toy pictured on the front and some info about it on the back. I gained quite some respect for OhMiBod due to Freestyle's high quality and tasteful packaging. I'm not the kind of person that gets my panties in a wad when an item I purchase doesn't come in beautiful boxes and such. I buy a product for the product, not the packaging. If it's nice and comes with a storage box though, that's awesome! If it comes trashed out with naked pictures and that kind of garbage, it bother me. As far as I know, OhMiBod does not package their products with anything degrading or distasteful. It does have a photo of the toy and that's not discreet, but I'm happy that the manufacturers don't feel the need to trash packaging just for sales. Freestyle can truly hold its own. The packaging refers to Freestyle as a wand, not a sex toy. Still, if anyone happened across it, they would either think it's a wand massager for all purposes or know that it's intended to be a sex toy. However, OhMiBod does it tastefully and I personally wouldn't be too horrified if anybody seen it.

I write reviews based on my own personal opinions, taste and preferences and for me personally, Freestyle is discreet enough. The big cardboard box it comes in is kept under my bed and the storage box that says "OhMiBod" and houses Freestyle and the transmitter sits on my bookshelf. The box it stores in hasn't ever drawn attention, but if it did, at least it's more classy than a realistic dildo.

In the large box is a user's manual for Freestyle as well as all the different charging adapters.

The storage box is wonderful! A toy like Freestyle deserves its very own box. It's sturdy and hard with a clear shell over the white plastic. I suppose that just makes it a little more sturdy. It's about the size of a large book. If I were giving someone a toy for the first time, this would be my choice since it's classy, looks nice and has the storage box.

If I were taking Freestyle on one of my mini road trips, I'd just toss it in a bag in my purse. If I were travelling, I'd pack it in it's storage box and keep it in my luggage.
    • Good for storage
    • Would make a nice gift


I really love Freestyle. The vibrations are some of the best, but I have to admit, I love my Matryoshka more. It's vibrations are stronger than Freestyle and the shape works nicely for me. However, using Freestyle for thrusting and warming up is great. Since it's so hard it doesn't give me clitoral orgasms, but I'm hoping I can find a way to make it work without having to apply pressure.

It's easy to use, which is nice for someone like me who isn't so great with electronics. One thing I love about it is that my partner can choose songs and surprise me with different vibrations! I'm still finding songs that I really enjoy using with Freestyle, but so far my favorites are:

Three Days Grace-Pain: Constand strong vibrations!
Three Days Grace- Riot.
A lot of Three Days Grace does well for strong and constant vibes.
Anthing Mudvayne!
And when I'm in the mood for less heavy and not so intense vibrations, but still strong and constant, I listen to my absolute favorite band... HANSON!

Depending on what you like in your vibrator, you'll more than likely be able to find music that suits you. As for us, Freestyle has been one of our favorites sine December! I like it so much that I wanted to try Naughtibod because the shape, but since it didn't get great reviews I will stick with Freestyle. It's still my second favorite though, Matryoshka being my first.

My partner took to Freestyle really well. He can sit on the bed changing different songs to see how I like the reaction from Freestyle for hours! I think he's as entertained as I am with it.
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