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Form 6 G3

G-spot vibrator by Jimmyjane

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Gen 3 Luxury comes with a high price tag but some definite improvements

The Gen3 Form6 by JimmyJane is an dual ended luxury G-spot vibrator. It has all of the perks you would expect for a high end toy-water proof, rechargeable, silicone, warranty, but considering the high price be sure that it has exactly what you are looking for. It is completely inflexible, so while the tiny hooked end is great for almost any kind of stimulation, the larger end needs to fit to be enjoyable. It comes with several speeds and functions, although half of them seem pointless.
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The Jimmyjane Form 6 is an awesome, dual ended vibrator, perfect for vaginal thrusting and/or G-spot action. The smaller end can also be used for anal penetration, though I wouldn't want that sharp curve in my butt- up to you though! The smaller end can also be used for clitoral, nipple or perineum stim just as most vibes, including this one, can also be used to stimulate any erogenous zone as well as used all over the body for massage.
One end is thick but not perfectly round which will give you that nice 'full' feeling, while the other has a smaller girthed, somewhat sharp, curve just right for stimulation of your G-spot. This is a fairly expensive toy- so I suggest that you be sure that you enjoy vibration first and have some idea of the dimensions that your insides can handle.
Jimmyjane also suggests using the toy for dual stimulation, though I found this rather difficult.
This is such a nice all round all purpose vibrator that you can pack just this and take anywhere, or leave at home in its charging dock ready anytime you are.

Material / Texture

Being a luxury vibrator, the Form 6 is of course made of medical grade silicone. Silicone is a 10 on the Eden safety scale because it is non-porous, hypo-allergenic, phthalates and latex free and best of all, safe to share when cleaned properly between orifices and/or users.
The texture of Jimmyjane silicone is very smooth, but has quite a bit of drag and ends up picking up a fair amount of lint and hair. All I can find that you might notice is one seam running around the entire toy. Personally I never feel seams, but this one may bother some and you may want to file it.
At the G-spot end of the Form 6 is a band of metal used for conduction charging. The only issue I have with this, since metal has a safety rating of 10 as well, is that there are fairly deep crevices that will be tough to clean, joining the band to the silicone.
The material does not taste nor does it smell and really I recommend silicone to ALL toy users as it's the safest, lasts the longest and feels soo good!!
The charging dock and cords are plastic but none of that enters your body.

Design / Shape / Size

I love dual ended toys- I mean I'm the kinda chick who likes to have variety and two motors are better than one! I find all toys feel different and I have yet to find a dual ended toy with the same motors in both ends. Form 6 does not disappoint in this respect. It's dimensions are as follows:
Length 7.5"
Insertable length 5"
Larger end circumference: 5" diameter: 1.5"
Smaller end circumference: 4" diameter: 1"
Weight: 7oz

The larger end is thicker than I usually like my toys- but the real difference is in the shape. It's not round nor is it a chode (potato shaped). In fact, it's more of a diamond shape than anything- providing that nice ridge that a rock hard version of the real thing often has, which does my G-spot many favors.
The other end is much smaller and has a nice hook that my G-spot also appreciates. Fortunately it doesn't get hooked on my pelvic bone, which is a problem I have with toys shaped like Lelo Gigi. This end really is great for nipple or clitoral stim- I generally like the pin point stimulation that toys like the Form 2 provide, but since I have been spending more time with wand type vibrators I have come to appreciate a little more surface area; this is perfect for that, yet more of a warm up than a finisher.
I'm sure that some people will wish that the Form 6 was longer, whether using it anally (smaller end only-for safety) or vaginally, especially since it could then be used with 2 people.
Really I think its great for everyone. Beginners who don't want to buy 5 different toys will enjoy the versatility of the Form 6.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Lets talk performance first: I compared the Form 6 gen 2 and the gen 3 and it was tough for me to find much difference as far as sound and power were concerned- minor improvement but not enough to reinvest if you love it and you think you'll love the new one even more. One end- the smaller one, reaches a buzzy 3 vrooms but not quite in the end of the toy, not like say the Leaf Life, whose vibrations are strongest right in the very tip. The larger end is a rumblier 4 vrooms and definitely the superior motor. Both Form 6s are 3 bees when both motors are running.
There are 5 speeds and 6 functions.
1. small end straight buzz
2. large end straight buzz
3. both ends straight buzz
now this is where things get pointless
4. swing from one end to the other
5. both motors slow pulse
6. large end slow pulse, small end fast pulse
The vibrations easily reach from one tip to the other and I really don't understand why. It would have made much more sense to even just give each end a rapid pulse and an escalation. Jimmyjane says to try nestling the whole toy against your vulva. First off a 6" vulva? Maybe if you like a bit of vibe against your ass as well but then the same issue arises as with holding it by an end and using function 4-6 - your hand is bound to go numb. I asked other reviewers, I asked other bloggers, I read review after review and nope no ideas about creative use that seemed in any way to justify the waste of 3 patterns.

The controls are not as easy to use as the Form 2. Instead of raised bumps, Jimmyjane has used barely there plus, minus and squiggles, which have to be pressed fairly hard to activate. Not as hard as Je joue toys but when I did manage to get them to work the only way I knew was the change in the toy. What I mean by this is that you couldn't feel the buttons push down in fact you barely feel them engage at all. This and because of the placement, I guess this was the reason for previously needing a lot of pressure but that has been sacrificed. A position this reviewer is happy about. I still don't find the buttons accidentally getting pressed during use. In fact I find myself holding on with two hands and gripping tight to do so.

This is a waterproof toy and it works great underwater.

A luxury toy means no pesky batteries to change. Charging is very simple but like I always say they are like phones and you don't want your phone to die in the middle of your 'conversation' do you? Cool thing about this charging system is no over-charging and a gage of how drained or full it is. When you plug the included cord into the little white cradle, and rest the metal neck of the Form 6 on it, the controls will light up just like they do when the toy is in operation. If you set the toy on the charger for a couple of seconds, and then lift it up it will tell you by blinking how much charging you need.
3 blinks - high charge
2 blinks low - charge
1 blink - high charge
4 slow flashes - zero charge
According to the instructions it's not a good idea to store any of the Form toys with a fully discharged battery so charge at least 30 minutes before storing.
How long does it take to charge? Thats a tough one. I always charge my toys overnight first but after that I just store it on the dock- this way it is ALWAYS charged, although I have been known to squeeze a couple of hours use on high out of my Form 2.

It also has a lock feature- press down both the function and plus buttons for a few seconds and voila - locked for travel to avoid embarrassing moments in public or with friend and family!

Care and Maintenance

Silicone toys are always easy to care for as long as you follow one cardinal rule- NO CONTACT WITH OTHER SILICONE!
First we clean use our toys - and my suggestion is a good water based lube like intimate organics defense.
You can also use an oil based lube or even pure coconut oil which is suggested if you have allergies (except to nuts of course)just don't use a silicone lube because the way that silicone stays non-porous is by bonding to itself. If it bonds to other silicone your toy is going to break down- and fall apart literally.
Next we clean our toys- Rinse with warm water and anti-bacterial soap (even if you've put a condom over the toy) after every use, but especially if anal play or multiple users are involved. You can also use a 10% bleach solution but 10% hydrogen peroxide actually kills the herpes virus even faster, remember you are not only cleaning away possible STI's but also bacteria such as fecal matter that can cause bladder infections and possible fungus such as candida albicans that can cause yeast infections and jock itch. Toy cleaners also work and Eden gives away these wonderful wipes with every order!
Last (at least until next use) we store our toys- The Form 6 is happy sitting in its charger, as I explain in the packaging, it is one toy that shuts itself off when fully charged so no worries about over charging. If you do throw it in a purse or drawer or pouch make sure that no other silicone products are inside. this includes hairbrushes watches etc, not just sex toys. Same reason as the lube- bonding issues lead to deterioration.


JimmyJanes packaging is great for shipping but not something you really want to keep the toy in. It's just too much hassle to pack everything up; the charger in one small box, the toy in a plastic form with an encasing form around it. It would be nice having a pouch for when you want to put the toy away, but the charger doubles as a great stand, as long as you are comfortable having the toy out on a table or counter. Most charging systems make a point of telling you not to charge your vibrator for more than 24 hours but I guess Form toys must stop accepting current once the toy is charged so go ahead and leave it in its stand at all times if you want!
The box does say the word 'vibrator' on it in 6 different languages, but other than that it is totally discreet.
I guess you could use it for a gift, but the box is an odd shape being long with square ends.
Inside is a booklet with some easy to understand pics and a description of the vibrations as well as a small catalogue. What I did appreciate was the part that explains the charging code. What I would have really liked though was something explaining what usage they had in mind for those pesky 3 patterns I keep mentioning.

Personal comments

I really don't understand the both ends vibrating at once thing or the one end and then the other. I must say though that I wish this feature was utilized in a rabbit- often having vibration in 2 places. Or the same vibration, means that I can't feel one or both because it's just too much for my poor nerves to handle. Have a clit portion buzz and then the body of the toy against my G-spot and we may have a winner!! Oh well Jimmyjane doesn't make a luxury rabbit- yet.

One other thing- THE 3 YEAR WARRANTY! I would much rather have 3 years then 10 years off of half price. And if you register your Form toy, you get 25% off of your next purchase anyway. I hate warranties that make you register your toy within a certain amount of days just to make the warranty valid. Not so with Jimmyjane- in fact even if this is a gift etc., if anything goes wrong that has to do with the toy breaking under normal use (void if you try to take the toy apart) contact Michael at Jimmyjane customer service and a new toy or charger will be sent to you within days without having to ship them the broken one! all you need is a short vid! Bravo Jimmyjane!


I already owned the Gen 2 Form 6 but since I am a power queen when it comes to my clit, and because I'm still looking for a toy that equals my beloved Form 2(minus the glitch of course) I gladly accepted the chance to review the Gen 3.
The first thing I noticed was the tiny charging dock- yes less waste and less space but I like the original better because it doubled as discreet storage. The vibrators are the same size and shape but I think the gen 3 is a just a touch stronger. Maybe it was just a timing thing but I never could get comfortable with the Gen 2 thick end, whereas the Gen 3 I managed just fine- a little hard, but still I took it fine.

I don't enjoy anal myself but can see how the hook end may be enjoyable for men or women.
I tried the hook end on my clit but it just wasn't strong enough for me to get off. I did have a nice warm up with it though- somewhere between pin point and surface area coverage. It's a great vibe if you just want to have one toy around- you can use it for massage and then move to nipples and perineum stim on him or her, then rub your clit, then thrust in the thick end. I did enjoy inserting the thick end and using the hook to rest against the bed while I performed oral sex on a male partner.
Jimmyjane suggests using the 'swing' feature pattern and placing the Form 6 against both your clit and your labia which I tried but your hand is bound to get numb and pressing stuff against me was my way of masturbating so long ago that its kinda creepy doing it now.
I still feel like this is a L-U-X-U-R-Y toy with all capital letters though and there is no way that this one is getting swapped!!
Follow-up commentary
I'm not giving this one up yet but it's really hard - I like my toys a little softer. It does have a lot of strength for a double ended toy and Jimmyjane remains a favourite brand of mine. I must admit though I haven't used it in months- but I have over 300 toys so I'm not surprised.
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    Thank you for the awesome review. I'm a little edgy about that metal band, is there any way to find out what metal it is exactly?
  • Munko
    Thank you, this might be something I consider purchasing!
  • Sangsara
    Oops! Guess I have some editing to do - it's steel @Rossie
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    I didn't know that it was a double ended toy. The longer end looks too thick for me. But now I'm interested in the Form 2. I don't own any toys from this line, but keep hearing good things about the Form 2. I hope they restock it! Your pictures were great! Thanks for the review.
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  • Sangsara
    Thanx guys jimmyjane really does make great vibes at least the Form 2 is great -but the Form 3 and 6 I think are just too expensive. The Form 4 interests me but only if the motor is as strong as the 2 and I've read conflicting reviews.
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