Form 6 G3 - g-spot vibrator by Jimmyjane - review by Adriana Ravenlust

Form 6 G3

G-spot vibrator by Jimmyjane

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Starting to Form a Positive Opinion

The Form 6 isn't for everyone, but it's going to make a select group of people -- power-hungry, size queens -- incredibly happy. It comes with a hefty price tag, weight, and sound output, but it's the strongest vibrator you will find that doesn't plug in. There's no right or wrong way to use it. Clitoral, G-spot, and prostate stimulation are all made possible, on dry land or the deep blue sea.
Strong, dual motors, easy to use, bodysafe silicone, versatile, rechargable, LED light, filling.
Digital motor whine, too large for some, awkward button placement, cannot separately control motors.
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The Form 6 is, first and foremost, a G-spot toy. Its larger girth and relative firmness make it great for size queens who like to feel filled, while the gentle curve stimulates internal spots. However, the Form 6 does more than that. With two motors, it offers equally impressive vibrations on the smaller end, which you can use to bring yourself to G-spot orgasm or even insert (if you cover the toy with a condom for safety and cleanup purposes).

It's perfect for solo time, but the Form 6 would also serve you well if your partner were wielding the vibrator.

As a luxury sex toy, Jimmyjane's Form 6 is attractive and high quality, so toy collectors who simply want to get their hands on everything possible would likely be satisfied with this one.
    • Couples
    • Solo

Material / Texture

The bodysafe silicone coating on this seems thicker than other toys, especially around the thickest part of the shaft. There's the tiniest bit of give when you squeeze it. You can lightly dent it with a fingernail. This gives it a softer feel than, say, the Lelo Mona, but the silicone is over a rigid internal shaft, so there's no bend to the toy.

The silicone finish is smooth. It's not velvety, nor is it the slick surface you'll find on some toys. It's somewhere in the middle, which means there will be drag. Using lube will help insertion, which is important with such a large toy. The exterior is smooth, so the Form 6 might not be your toy if you prefer ridges, bumps or other texture. However, this might make it a better match for those of you who like simple stimulation or the ability to thrust.

The Form 6 will, unfortunately, collect lint. A soap and water wash will rinse it right away, but it will look fuzzy between uses if you don't keep it in a plastic or lint-free storage bag.

Design / Shape / Size

As a G-spot vibrator, the Form 6 has a slightly curving shaft. It does lack a distinct G-spot hook, however. Jimmyjane has done something interesting with the shape. The shaft is fairly hefty, and it doesn't taper eloquently, either. The end of the insertable shaft is rounded and starts with a diameter of just over 1". The diameter of the toy increases about half an inch toward the widest portion of the shaft. The Form 6 feels much larger due to the design. The circumference isn't exactly round, however. It's a very rounded triangle, so there's a rounded ridge running down the underside of the shaft. From the top of the shaft to the underside, the Form 6 has a larger 1.75" cross section.

If the Form 6 had a perfect 1.75" diameter, it would be a medium sized dildo that many people could enjoy. With the unique shape and larger diameter, this vibrator is better suited for size queens. The unyielding nature of the toy only further cements this fact. My measurements show that this toy is a little larger than what the product page shows, but this is partially due to the unique shape.

In contrast, very little of the Form 6 is truly insertable if you want to be able to reach all the buttons. Just 2.5 inches are insertable (the Form 6 measures just under 7" total), making this a better option if your G-spot is more shallow or easier to stimulate with straight shafts. Of course, it will work for general vaginal stimulation and be quite filling.

That's not all of the Form 6, however. The other end has more of the traditional G-spot hook, which you can also use for clitoral stimulation. It's much smaller: it's about two inches in length, with a diameter of 1.25". It's more perfectly round than the other end. The slight hook works for holding and controlling the vibe, while it lets you orient the vibrator when inserted. If the hook points up, the shaft will be angling toward your G-spot.

Between the two ends is a metal band with the company name on it; it's not seamless, as the silicone on either edge is slightly raised. Similarly, there's a visible seam that runs around the profile of the vibrator. You cannot feel the seam while inserted, but you may notice the band. Jimmyjane does recommend the smaller end for G-spot stimulation, and a toy cover or condom can prevent fluids from seeping around the band or you from feeling the seam.

The large size contributes toward a hefty weight. If you like to feel your insertables weighing against you, this will be good. It might feel unbalanced or heavy to folks with weak wrists, arthritis, etc.
    • Dual-ended
    • Futuristic
    • Large

Functions / Performance / Controls

The one area where this vibrator excels is the strength of its vibrations. Jimmyjane has put a motor in each end, and the different settings let you experience them in tandem and separately. The Form 6 is significantly more powerful than any other vibrator by this company. If you're not sure if you'd like it because other Jimmyjane vibes have left you wanting more, go ahead and try it. In fact, the Form 6 G3 might be the most powerful vibrator I've ever used that doesn't plug in. If you hold it against your body on the lowest setting, you're going to fell it internally.

Operation is fairly simple. Three buttons exist on the the longer shaft. They equate to up, down and mode change. The order from the end of the shaft toward the metal band is mode change, down button, and up button. Ultimately, you could insert the shaft past the first two buttons, keeping just the last button free to increase vibration intensity as you like. If you want all three buttons free, it significantly reduces the insertable portion.

The buttons themselves are somewhat different, as they lie under the silicone and would be flush with it except for the embossed symbols. Because of this, they're a little more difficult to find in the dark, and you don't have as much tactile feedback when pressing them. You can hear them click into place, however. There's also two lights that shine through the silicone on either side of the buttons. They light up whenever you press a button. It doesn't give you any indicator of intensity in use like some toys, and you might not be able to see it in use.

The biggest issue with the buttons is placement. It restricts how much you can insert and could be awkward, as you have to reach further up the shaft rather than the base.

The buttons power some intense vibrations. The first mode is small end only, the second only the large end. After that, both motors turn on continuously. There are 5 settings for each of the steady modes. The vibrations are fairly rumbly -- not comparable to a wand style vibe -- even as you increase them. There's no discernible digital whine with the Form 6 with the continuous mode, but it's there when you cycle through the other settings.

The modes include a back-and-forth escalation, back-and-forth pulsation, and a mix of back and forth pulsation and escalation that's hard to describe. When you turn it off and back on, Form 6 remembers your setting.

You cannot manually adjust the motors separately in the third mode, which was something that the original Form 6 could accomplish. You might not find the back and forth vibration to be useful, either. If you've got the thick shaft inserted, the smaller end will likely not be stimulating your body. However, if you've inserted the smaller end, the shaft can press against your clit. When the hooked end is against your clit, the vibrator can press against your perineum. Still, this isn't meant to be a dual stimulation toy, so the settings are a bit odd.

This is all powered by a rechargeable internal battery. Like other Form vibes, the Form 6 rests on a cradle. Jimmyjane sends a different cradle that rests under the smaller side of the toy. It doesn't line up exactly, so it's hard to know whether it's in place. Thankfully, the LEDs will blink when it is. When you take the form 6 off the charger, those same lights will blink in succession. The more blinks, the more charged it is. The included pamphlet says it needs a good 8 hour charge. This is longer than other vibes, but the Form 6 also has two motors. You can expect a theoretical six hours of use, but I haven't gotten there yet.

The charger induction charging method means there's no ports for water to get into, so the Form 6 G3 is absolutely waterproof. Take it into the shower, the bath, or scuba diving. Actually, Jimmyjane probably won't guarantee the waterproofness after a certain depth, but you should be good with your reasonable cleaning and wet fun.

The charging base would work for storage, but it's not super secure, nor does it provide shelter from lint. Plus, you'll need to use a different dock with your other Form vibes, which is probably the biggest downfall.

The power cord plugs into the adapter, and you'll have to slide the right adapter into place. It's not difficult. A plastic button releases it, while that same button snaps into place once you've positioned the adapter correctly. Chances are, once you set it up, you won't ever think about it again.
    • Powerful
    • Rechargeable
    • Strong patterns

Care and Maintenance

The Form 6 is coated bodysafe silicone that is completely nonporous. A careful bleach dip will sterilize it, while you can wash with soap and water for daily cleanings.

While Jimmyjane doesn't provide storage for the toy or charger, the inert silicone is safe to store next to other silicone, glass, metal, and plastic toys.

High-quality silicone lubricants may be compatible with this vibrator, but you should stick to water-based lubes if you're unsure about the quality of your lubricant.


The Form 6 comes in a sleek box. Both colors of the vibrator are on it on either side. The box is rather long and is just wide enough to encase the plastic trays that surround the Form 6. It's easy to pull it out upside down because of how the trays are situated, but this isn't a big deal. A small box sits at the bottom of the larger box. It holds the charger, cord, and multiple AC adapters for use in different countries. This is a thoughtful gesture on the part of Jimmyjane, but you'll have a bunch of extra adapters left over. The included adapters are for USA, Europe, UK, and Australia.

The cardboard and plastic are recyclable, which is a plus. Jimmyjane spends more money on toys than it does packaging, so you won't have a nice box like Lelo or Njoy, however. A storage pouch would also have been a nice addition.

Jimmyjane includes a standard-sized pamphlet with illustrations to quickly let you know what's in the box and how to use the Form 6. Another piece of paper outlines the dangers and risks of the toy in various languages. Most people won't need to look at it.

Personal comments

Just a few overflow thoughts:

This strong toy comes with quite a lot of noise. You can hear it through a closed door if no background noise exists. With background noise, like a TV show, you cannot hear it. For many people, this won't be a problem, I would imagine.

You can lock this, but the pamphlet doesn't explain how. Holding the + and ~ (mode) button for two seconds activates the lock function. This automatically turns the toy off for travel or storage. The same combo unlocks it, and will turn back on to the same settings. Make sure it's off before you lock it because of this.

Jimmyjane provides a three-year warranty for this toy.


After a rough IUD insertion, I haven't quite worked myself back up to toys this large, but I have immensely enjoyed the hooked end for both clitoral and G-spot stimulation. It's definitely got the weaker motor, which is a bit of a bummer. It's still fairly strong, though, and the shape seems ideal for clitoral orgasm and producing FE.

I've had to memorize the order of the buttons because the raised silicone just isn't enough for my fingers to tell them apart.

If you couldn't tell, the combination of strong and rumbly vibes really won me over. Strength doesn't matter if the vibrations are shallow, but the Form 6 G3 fits the bill.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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