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Lovemoiselle Cecile

Traditional vibrator by Lovemoiselle

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Gentle Elegance

The Lovemoiselle Cecile's ceramic shaft, with it's subtle bulges and frictionless surface,makes for smooth, easy penetration and a pleasant yet gentle sensation that is stimulating without being extreme.The vibrations are excellent as a warm up or for those who don't require super charged toys and can be felt through out the entire shaft.Though not highly powerful the vibrations are intense and feel very close to the surface, creating a wonderful sensation with either internal or external use.
Non-porous, sterilizable, smooth and frictionless, pleasing but gentle ridged shape
May not be strong enough for everyone
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The Cecile is an absolutely gorgeous, lightly ridged ceramic vibrator. The white, smooth ceramic is decorated with a single lavender colored flower and topped with a lavender colored battery cap with push button control.

Ceramic is a firm material with no give or bend to it, making it ideal for g-spot stimulation (though this shaft is straight and may make it hard for some to reach their g-spot) as well as clitoral stimulation, especially for those who may need the firmness and pressure of a hard material.

Those who prefer hard plastic toys, glass or metal toys will definitely love the feel of ceramic; the frictionless surface needs very little if any lube and creates a smooth glide with thrusting as well as when stimulating the vulva.

Material / Texture

The Cecile is ceramic so it's cool and smooth, frictionless with no flex or give. The shaft is just slightly ridged with a bulbous head that dips in then out again in a series of bulges ending in a thick, open base (where the battery cover screws in) that reminds me of a trumpet flower or lilly.

Ceramic can be heated or chilled and responds to temperature well. Even in the heat of summer the ceramic starts out feeling cool to the touch and warms quickly to body temperature with use. Running it under hot or cold water, or popping it into the refrigerator for a minute or two, you can easily create the temperature you want to start with. Caution should be taken when playing with temperatures, however. Going from very hot water to the freezer can cause the ceramic to crack or break.

Ceramic is non porous, durable, easy to clean and compatible with any type of lube. Lovemoiselle recommends water-based lubes but I've used silicone with no issues.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Cecile makes it an absolute dream for penetratation and thrusting. It's girthy at an inch and a half in diameter and manages to be filling without being too large. The smooth, frictionless ceramic allows it to glide and slide with ease. At eight inches long (six inches insertable) the Cecile is also long enough to maintain a good grip on it -- though it does get a little slippery if you use too much lube.

The bulges in the shaft create nice, mellow sensations as the Cecile is thrusted; bulgy and noticeable without being over stimulating or over ridged. Because the shaft is straight, it may be difficult for some to get g-spot stimulation from the Cecile but the large, slightly tapered head makes for wonderful sensations whether you can reach your g-spot or not. There is a raised swirl along the shaft of the Cecile, that runs along side the flower detail, but it isn't highly noticeable during use. It's pretty and interesting but mostly aesthetic rather than functional for extra sensation.

The vibrator inside the Cecile runs on two AAA batteries and is gentle to moderate. The vibrations travel the length of the shaft extremely well and are amazingly quiet but this is not going to be a powerhouse of a vibrator.

In many ways I would consider this a beginners vibrator; it has gentle vibrations, gentle ribbing, and an unintimidating shape and appearance. The size, however, may be a bit much for some beginners.

It's also definitely suitable for the advanced and particularly for the material connoisseur. While it may not be a rocket that will blow your socks off, it's terrific for a long, slow session, as a warm up for other toys or for play with a partner before intercourse.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Cecile has two levels of steady vibrations; I'd classify them as low and medium. Vibration is started by pressing the single, push button control in the battery cap and intensified/changed by repeated pressing. Once you move past the two steady vibrations, you're treated to three pulsating patterns. (All of the pulsation patterns are variations of long, steady vibrations along with shorter pulses in different patterns) The push button allows you to continuously scroll thru these vibrational styles without turning off until you hold the button down for a few seconds; a terrific feature since you can turn the vibrator off at any time without having to scroll thru to the end.

All of the vibrations, both steady and pulsating, are moderate in power and very, very quiet.

Often push button type controls cause one to accidentally change vibration modes but I had no issue with this with the Cecile. Because the thick, base of the shaft is so easy to hold I rarely ended up with my fingers on the battery cover or near the button unless I wanted to change speeds.

Batteries slide in, one up, one down, beneath the twist off cover.

Care and Maintenance

Ceramic, being non porous, is incredibly hygienic and easy to clean. A good wash with soap (or toy cleaner) and warm water should be all you need if you're not sharing. The Cecile is not waterproof, however, so take care with water around the battery compartment and do not boil. A ten percent bleach solution can be applied to the toy and wiped off if one wishes to sterilize it.

Ceramic is compatible with all lubes and shouldn't cause issues with other toys.

The Cecile comes with a slim, black velvet storage pouch and is best stored in it after it's cleaned and wiped down to keep it lint free and protected from being knocked around. If you do drop your Cecile check it over very carefully before you use it again; no matter how strong the ceramic is made to be it's better to be safe than sorry.


The Cecile arrived in a very nice, thick, black cardboard box with a plastic window in the front that shows the product. The box is decorated with a darker black flower in the same shape as the flower on the toy, as well as the word Lovemoiselle in silver letters discreetly embossed at the bottom of the box. The sides of the box are decorated with a silver flower, the back of the box has a multi language description of the toy.

Inside the box, whose cover lifts off, the Cecile sits nestled tightly in a cradle of foam to protect it and hold it in place. Under the foam you find a skinny, black velvet drawstring pouch sized perfectly for the Cecile as well as a small pamphlet with all the Lovemoiselle products as well as care, usage and material specifications and guides.

Very elegant, very discreet.

Personal comments

I'm excpetionally impressed with the Cecile. It's definitely a high end toy; elegant and attractive in looks and styling, quiet, well made, seamless and gorgeously packaged.

The Cecile is not a strong vibrator. It's gentle vibrations and pulsations may not be enough to get everyone off and definitely aren't designed for quick, frantic orgasms. I get the feeling, when I pull this toy out, that it's designed to be savored and indulged in. My favorite thing to do is to use the Cecile for thrusting, for enjoying it's cool, smooth length and light internal vibrations while using something else on my clit - either toy or fingers - when I'm ready to get off. It is enough to bring me to clitoral orgasm (though I do admit to having a sensitive clit. I am not a member of the clit-o'-steel club) I just prefer the way it feels internally to externally. With just the right amount of shallow thrusting and rubbing the bulged head along my g-spot, along with clitoral stimulation, the Cecile gives me phenomenal orgasms that often result in ejaculation.
Follow-up commentary
It's not that I didn't like the Cecile when I got it. I did. I liked it a lot. But I like it even more now, if that's possible.

Primarily, it's my thrusting, merrily humming, internal go to toy when I want vibration and something hard and firm. I like to use it along with my fingers manually stimulating my clit.

It's not a powerhouse but it sure is fun and different.
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