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This is an attractive pump system that yields promising results. Not only does it earn a Gold Standard for Quality and Innovation, it's also endorsed by Dr. Joel Kaplan who has been awarded Diplomat status with the American Board of Sexology in Washington DC and is a registered sex researcher and certified sex therapist.
Industrial grade, professional, and absolutely lovely.
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I chose the Nipple Pump System by Cal Exotics to review because I'm a huge fan of body modification. I drool over piercings, tattoos, and enlarged clitorises. I love porn where women use pumps to engorge their vaginal lips or to increase the size of their nipples and I figured if I got off on these particular pumping videos that if I were to use a pump myself I'd be in for an incredible night of masturbatory pleasure. While it was an extremely pleasurable night, it wasn't one where I could fly solo.

This is a high quality pump system with an industrial grade pressure gauge, professional high pressure metal vacuum pump, and heavy duty EZ-grip trigger handles which are coated for comfortable use. Unfortunately, these handles were made for large hands. As I'm someone that has rather small hands and not exactly a firm grip, trying to pump the handles with one hand proved impossible for me. I couldn't use this by myself because not only did I need to have one hand on the trigger grip handles I had to have my other hand securing the cylinders over both nipples. Sad to say, I had to call in my husband to pump the handles while I held the cups over my nipples. While it was fun playing with him, my dreams of being able to use these for a hot night of solo masturbation were broken.

Coming off the high pressure metal vacuum pump is a dual buddy connect with two clear, non-crimping flexible hoses. Attached to the end of both hoses are smooth and seamless cylinders with flanged tips. These cylinders are 2 inches long and rather large which is what I need as my nipples are larger than most others I've seen. As well as being large enough for both my nipples they're also large enough for my clitoris. Seeing as I'm still a novice to pumping I am positive that pumpers would easily be able to distend their clitoris up an inch or more in length if they desired to do so. These cylinders also offer a quick disconnect tab so you're able to keep your nipples or clitoris securely engorged inside of them without the hassle of attached hoses. It makes for easy mobility and the ability to engage in multiple activities whereas having to be hooked up constantly to a pump limits play.

With my husband at the wheel, I had to constantly remind him to be gentle. It was easy for him to squeeze, squeeze, squeeze with little regard for my pain threshold because he personally could not feel the incredibly strong suctions or repeated pulling and stretching of skin. I was impressed because it only took a few pumps and my nipples had already doubled in size inside of the cylinders, there were slight after effects but they didn't last as I kept my play time with these rather short. What was great was that even though I was able to communicate with him if it hurt too much, he had the option to reduce all pressure inside of the gauge by pressing a small pin on the underside of the vacuum pump. It's an invaluable asset for couples where limits haven't been defined or for those that love to constantly tease their partners.

The hoses are roughly 20" long. You're allowed a good distance between your partner which I think is an added bonus for those who do not want to directly touch the person they're interacting with. I can see this as a great tool if you're teasing a sub that's tied up or you're a Dom/Domme that has little desire to physically touch their miscreant but still wants to remain within arm's reach. My husband and I were able to sit far enough away from each other on the bed that we could fully observe what the other was doing. However, at any point I could get as close to him as I wanted without fear of crimping up the hose or tangling myself up.

After using the pump my nipples were swollen and felt incredibly sensitive to the touch, it was a new experience and most definitely a fun one. For those that are also new to pumping there are a few rules to follow: One, consult your physician should there be any complications. Two, discontinue use of pump if pain occurs. Three, apply the minimum amount of vacuum pressure necessary to achieve an erection. Four, use of a vacuum pump may bruise or rupture the blood vessels below the surface of the skin. While some rules are really just a basic guideline, it's important to remember that if you treat your body and this beautiful system with respect you'll have years of pleasure ahead of you.
Follow-up commentary
Backseat Boohoo brought up the fact that these look medical in her comment. She's right! But, you can quickly remedy that if you have acrylic paints on hand and have the desire to be artistic. Be very careful because most paints won't come out so make sure to wear a shirt you don't mind making a mess out of.

You'll want to clean the tubing and removable suction cups (make sure to cover the metal ends with saran wrap first) with rubbing alcohol.

Then spray with plastic primer.

Add a plastic flex agent to your paint.

Paint whatever designs that come to mind. Little flowers, tribal designs, swirls, or words such as 'slave', 'slut', 'love', etc..

Then use a sealer.

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