Nipple pump system by Cal Exotics - review by Foxxy Kitty

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Pump, Pump, Pump It Up!

The Nipple Pump System is the ultimate in inflation play, medical play, foreplay, role-play, and freaky-deaky fetish fun! With its heavy duty, professional design and function, you will no doubt have fun exploring this product to its full potential, as long as you use it with caution, care, tenderness, and love. The suction power is unbelievable; the experience itself is something that can’t be understood unless you try this one yourself. Try it; you won’t regret it.
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This is no ordinary sex toy. The Nipple Pump System looks like something that you would find sitting on the desk of your doctor’s office with its medical industrial design and heavy duty quality. Nobody would even suspect that it is an actual sex toy; it looks that professional. Yet, it is by no means intimidating to look at and definitely not intimidating to use. It is a thing of pure kink which can be used for different types of fetish play be it medical, adult baby play, or just for the shear eroticism of watching inflated flesh morphing before your eyes. It can even be a thing of just simple curiosity and novelty. However way you want to use it, this product is definitely an experience that can’t be missed!

The Nipple System has nicely padded cushioned handles that are not only easy to grip and pump, but has a smooth and fluid feel to it as you are cranking the pressure. Another reviewer of this product said that the handle was rather large and hard to pump, but I on the other hand didn’t have this problem at all (and I have pretty tiny hands). I found something so utterly powerful when gripping the handles, being in control of my partner (and vice versa) with only a couple of pumps (it makes a nice hollow whistle sound that I like as well). The flexible hose is also of excellent quality. It doesn’t crimp and it allows just the right amount of distance for both you and your partner during pump play.

The pressure gauge is also a sight to behold; immediately, it reminded me of a gauge on a bicycle or one that you see when your doctor measures your pulse. Power and control is literally in your hands. The higher the gauge, the more inflated the nipples will be. Use this toy with caution; damage can be caused on the skin if you don’t use it wisely and in moderation. Use the gauge as the determiner of your partner’s comfort level, and be sure to ask your partner what level is most comfortable or least comfortable (the most fun part is gradually building up to the highest gauge!).

In case the pressure is too much, there are two ways to release it. There’s a tiny release valve under the metal vacuum pump; by pressing it, pressure is relieved from both of the suction cups. Another way is by using the suction cups themselves. On each cup there is a metal spring button that will quickly release off the nipple. Also, the button is there so when pressed, it will make just one suction cup work, leaving the other dead and useless. With one suction cup, you can do an array of kinky things, such as inflating the clitoris, the buttocks, and the rim of the anus, along the back, legs, and stomach. Depending on how long you use it, it will leave behind such dark and luscious hickey circles. You can practically be as crazy as you want to be with it, as long as you use common sense and communicate with your partner on what feels good and what does not.

I naturally tried my nipples first. Let me tell you, although I didn’t get too horny by using the nipple pump itself, there’s absolutely something so amazing and breathtaking when watching the nips turn from tiny, to larger, and more engorged with each gauge. It’s thrilling and even scary in a way to see the nipples grow in such a big size, locked in the confines of smooth and seamless cylinder cups. They look as if they are about to explode, but there is never no worry, when the pressure is released they are harder, perkier, more sensitive, and ready for more action. You just can’t help but use the pump again and again; it is like watching a freak show! This is definitely a toy that is meant to be shared and enjoyed with a partner; it is just too amazing to watch solo, plus, it is a blast taking turns and using it on each other. When you are done using this bad boy, all you do is twist off the suction cups and rinse the inside of it with soap and water, and possibly an alcohol wipe to just be on the safe side.

The Nipple Pump System is by far one of the most elegant, professional, and industrial sex toy device that I’ve ever owned, and is one that you should definitely own yourself. When used with caution, love, trust, and tenderness, this toy can give you the most ultimate of kinky thrills and chills, fulfilling any inflation fantasy that you have longed to see and can now be for real.
I love exploring my body; the Nipple Pump System made me explore it in a different kind of light, inflation-style. What I love about the suction cups is that they are neither too big nor too small; they fit just right on the nipple area, but on other parts of the body as well (except the penis of course, unless one has a rather tiny dick). After trying it on my nipples, I placed one suction cup on my clit and started pumping away. I have a rather large clitoris enough as it is, but when using the Pump System, I was amazed at how it made it even thicker and fuller as it was confined in the vacuum (and the suction cup itself didn’t cease to fall right off during the pumping). Was it pleasurable? Hell yes, more so on my clitoris than it was on my nipples (it just made them perkier and sensitive, and naturally, inflated). I would highly recommend using it for clitoral inflation, enlargement (temporarily of course), and increased sensitivity. On my buttocks area, I loved how well the cups suctioned onto my skin, inflating it, and then leaving hickey marks behind. I tried it on my butthole because, what can I say, I love pleasing that area in every way possible as long as it’s safe and pleasurable (just be sure to give it a thorough cleaning afterwards, and DO NOT insert it inside the anus, just the rim of it). I found the feeling rather orgasmic, as if my partner was suckling on it with his own mouth. I was surprised that the suction cup even stayed put onto that area! The fun thing about exploring your body with the Pump System is that you can use it anywhere on your body and have fun putting circular hickey marks all over. It could be a way to remind your partner of what happened the day after, or just for the sheer fun of staring at them right after using the Pump System. Again, be careful with how much pressure you place on the skin. Naturally, the longer you keep the suction cups on and the higher the pressure, the more likely you are to leave bruises (some are pretty, yes, but not if it does damage, so don’t go overboard). I definitely plan on using the Pump System again and again for pleasure, for role playing, for hot and filthy kink sessions, and for foreplay, basically using it to its fullest. The Pump System is only as fun and exciting as the person(s) who make it that way. Enjoy!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Nashville
    I had a really hard time with the handles as they were too hard to squeeze. I wonder how you got so lucky with handles that were actually easy to grip! Also, I found the handle grips were just too effin heavy and couldn't yield them at all, how were they for you?
  • Foxxy Kitty
    That's strange Sleeping Dreamer, the handles for me were easy to grip and light! I didn't struggle at all with pumping it or holding it. The only reason i can think of is maybe some of the handles are just a bit rustier than others?
  • Liz2
    Great review! Always have been curious about this item but never realized the possibilities, you certainly explored so many. I have been interested in something to "enlarge" my small nipples so that nipple clamps will stay put.
  • Rockin'
    This product looks so hot. Mmm! You mentioned how to clean the suction cups. How about the rest of the toy? If I happened to get lube or fluids on it, would it be easy to clean?
  • Foxxy Kitty
    Liz2- That's another great way to use the Nipple pump system, as a "pick me up" for the nipples before clamping them, etc.

    Rockin- Of course it would be easy to clean! The rest of the toy, just wipe down with light soap and water if there's lube or liquid on it. On the padded handles it might get a bit messy if dirty, since it's foam-like and may not be as easy to wipe down as the metal vacuum cup and hose. I would recommend to just wipe that down with soap and water, just like the rest of the toy.
  • Sammi
    This reminds me of my old breast pump, lol.
    Good review!
  • Oggins
    I agree with Sammi! I couldn't help thinking how much it looked like one of those double breast pumps when I first saw it. I wonder if it would even work out for that. Lol! Nice review!
  • Foxxy Kitty
    Hehe Oggins and Sammi, i'm sure it can! This one also reminds me of when Belladonna used something like this in Fetish Fanatic I, she just had a baby, so her breasts were full of milk. The milk was contained inside of the cups while she was being pumped (hers was more mechanical though than this, but still HOT). Smile Mmm nipple/breast pumps are sexy.
  • eroticmutt
    Very helpful review, thanks for all the info
  • Stinkytofu10
    Thank you for the review.
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