Go for the gold: Va, va volt!

Want a sensation play product that not only warms, but tingles? Look no further! Besides the Jo Volt V12, this is by far my favorite sensation play product. Compact and discreet, it is possible to bring with you almost anywhere and to wear and experience pleasure in public. Although, some product may be lost when opening each capsule and capsules may be difficult to store/save. That's why you just "go for the gold" and use the whole capsule at once.
Not only warms but tingles! Menthol-free, unlike most other "warming" products. All natural. Pretty.
Difficult to store/save. Only has 0.17 oz. Expensive. May require scissors/blade to open.
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I personally find that the best place to apply the Jo Volt V9 is my clitoris.

I do not feel any warming or tingling when it touches my nipples.

I did not try this because I have had previous adverse effects, but when the Jo Volt V12 accidentally got on my anus in the past, I felt burning there. My guess would be that the Jo Volt V9 would feel the same; in all other ways, it performed the same, so I am guessing it would be the same in that way also.

Although the product is not as runny as some lubes I have used, it is nonetheless runny. For that reason, I would advise being careful while using it. It could easily drip into your vagina or on/in your anus, which would be painful. This product is designed for external use only. For that reason, I would not recommend having oral or penetrative sex while using this product. However, I have not tried doing either, so I would not know for sure. I have just tried rubbing/dry humping methods, and felt that the product did not increase my orgasm intensity.

However, it did provide a unique, nice "burning" (to more accurately describe "warming") and tingling sensation. I loved it! I feel as if I would wear the product and not touch myself and experience great amounts of pleasure from that alone. For that reason, I feel that the product can be worn discreetly, although increased public horniness could occur because the area became more sensitive for me, although the product did not cause me to become as horny as the Jo Volt V12 did. The Jo Volt V9 made me like, "Sex would be nice right now." The Jo Volt V12 made me like, "Sex! NOW!!!!!!!!!"

I think that the Jo Volt V9 would be great for foreplay, although the product's effects last for approximately 30 minutes. I would advise being careful, if you are going to transition from using this product to having sex in such a way that a vagina/anus may get the product inside of it, again because of potential burning issues. Because the product is made of oil, it does not totally absorb into the skin, and will stay on the skin longer than 45 minutes, even if its effects only last for about 45 minutes.
  • Who / How / What
    [ ? ]
    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Foreplay
    • Masturbation
    • Sex
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Anywhere
    • Possibly dry places so not showers
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Externally
    • Genitals
    • Not on the anus

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The product is very oily and runny, with a texture of vegetable oil or olive oil.

It is difficult to have exact precision, in terms of where you apply the product, for that reason. For instance, if you lather a lot of product onto your clitoris, be careful that it does not run into your vagina, or into/onto your anus. That could cause burning, as the product is only intended to be used externally, and preferably the clitoris over the anus.

The product is slightly difficult to pour, mostly because of its format of packaging. This version comes in little pill-like capsules. It is best to cut the capsules with scissors or a blade of some sort. However, this wastes some of the precious product, as it drips onto the blade. (Hey, you'd be stingy, too, if you only got 0.17 ounces for $18!)

One Volt pill next to a nickel

Because it is made of oil, it does not absorb into the skin very quickly, and the area may remain lubricated even longer than the 30 minutes that it burns/tingles. I imagine there may be slight difficulty removing the product in water, due to oil being hydrophobic. However, if you dry pat the area before applying water, it should become easier to remove. I personally would not want to remove the product, though. I enjoy its effects too much.

Because it is made of oil, it is not okay to use with latex condoms. Although, again, I would advise remaining cautious when combining this product with sex because it is so runny and has the potential to burn when used internally.
    • Oily
    • Smooth
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

I honestly used the product while having a cold and having sniffles, so I did not notice its smell very much.

Then again, when I very first used the Jo Volt line (Jo Volt V12), I did not notice a smell then, either. It took until I read other reviews and read that it smelled "like a pine tree" that I began to think, "You know what? It DOES smell like a pine tree!"

I think it took hearing others put a name to it for me to be able to recognize it as having a smell at all.

While I now agree that it smells piney, I do not find its scent to be distracting or clingy.

I have not tried tasting the Jo Volt V9, but when I tasted the Volt V12, I felt a tiny, minty bite and it tasted oily. I personally do not recommend going out of your way to taste this product because it comes with so little (I cannot emphasize enough how disappointed I am that I only get 0.17 ounces!), unless it has already run its burning/tingling course, and you no longer need it for that reason.
    • Menthol smelling
    • Pine scented
    • Strong smell


The product did last about 45 minutes, as it promised. This was a pleasant surprise, as I was expecting it to last only 30 minutes. I am pretty sure that the Jo Volt V12 promises to last 45 minutes, but I have usually only felt it for 30 minutes. I am not sure how this is possible that the "lower dosage" feeling lasted longer. Perhaps that is because my clit was "burned out" from the sensations of the stronger one faster, and I simply stopped feeling it sooner? I am not sure.

I have not felt a need to wash the product off, and might be opposed to washing it off sooner than its effects were to end because I like its effects so much.

I like that I am able to wear the product in public and be able to feel physically pleased, but do not like how little the bottles are. They are very tiny and easy to lose, if, say, I were to keep one in my pocket or backpack. However, for this reason, they can be very discreet. They can be posed as medical pills. Although, that could also lead to problems, such as you or someone else accidentally eating them!
    • Allergy concerns
    • Long lasting
    • Needs to be washed off with soap and water


The 12 Jo Volt V9 "pill-like" capsules come in a yellow box that is sheathed by a black cover.

Jo Volt 9 package with cover sheath off
Jo Volt 9 package with sheath off and box open

Inside of the yellow box, the twelve capsules sit similar to eggs in a dozen-size carton.

It is difficult to store and save each capsule, let alone cut each capsule open. When cutting the capsule open, you may lose some of the product against the blade you are using for cutting. This could be considered wasteful, as the product only comes with 0.17 ounces to begin with.

Open and closed Volt V9s

It is best to cut the capsule at the tip, if you plan to save it for later, and possibly even cut it so that the tip still slightly clings to the body, so that the capsule does not dry out. You may re-close and re-cover the box, to further prevent the capsule from air-drying, although you should remember not to tip the box back vertically; it should remain horizontal, or the product you just tried to save may drip out.

This is what the package looks like when it is all put together, and these are zoom-ups of both its inner and outer sheaths.

Jo Volt 9 package all put together
Inner package of Jolt V9
Outer sheath of Jolt V9

The product contains few instructions, if any. It simply says, "Created by women, for women" and "Apply a few drops to your intimate areas." It does not specify which areas, which could lead to discomfort, if you do not look at other sources (such as EdenFantasys reviews) for advice prior to using the product.
    • Difficult to store or save
    • Fancy elaborate packaging
    • Messy dispenser

Special Features

Unlike most "warming" sensation play products that I know of, this product does not contain any menthol.

I have never heard anything wrong with menthol. In fact, I have seen it used in many "natural" and "organic" products, like the Sliquids line. However, it is just something I think is interesting to note.

Also, unlike most warming sensation play products, this one not only warms (to put it mildly--- I think a better term might be it "burns"), but it tingles as well. It provides such a unique sensation that I cannot find anywhere else. I highly recommend the Jo Volt line. I have tried the Volt V9 and V12 so far, and am eager to try the V6.

I realize that many say the product is "too strong" or that it "burns," but that is my favorite part about it. I am someone who enjoys A LOT of sensation. I actually tried the strongest dosage first, for that reason. I enjoy the Hitachi on high, and sharp biting, if that tells you anything.
    • Increases sensitivity
    • Tingling
    • Warming

Personal comments

It may be wiser to get the single bottle of Jo Volt V9, as opposed to the per-divied 12 pack, if you are worried about losing any product (i.e. when using scissors to cut the product open). However, I personally go with the 12 packs because I am worried I will not have the self-discipline to portion control my uses. Like I mentioned before, I like a lot of sensation, and might start pouring the whole bottle on my clit, if I were to get the single bottle version!

If you are debating between getting the Volt V12 and V9, I personally would recommend just going with the V12. I notice little, if any, difference between the two, and again, like as much sensation as possible.


I consider myself a little more experienced with warming/tingling sensation play products.

By that I mean, I've tried Jo Volt V12, Jo's Premium Warming Anal Personal Lubricant, and Sliquid Organics Stimulating (Warming) Lube.

I will not provide much detail regarding all of these products. I am saving that for future reviews, and will only focus on the Jo Volt V9 for this review, but if I had to rank them, in an order of weakest to strongest, I would have to go: Jo's Premium Warming Anal Personal Lubricant, Sliquid Organics Stimulating (Warming) Lube, Jo Volt V9, Jo Volt V12.

That being said, I highly recommend the Jo Volt V9, if you enjoy strong sensation play products. I personally do; the stronger the product, the more I enjoy it. What is more, the Jo Volts provide not only a "warm" feeling, but a tingling one as well. That is what really sells me.

I personally do not notice a difference between the Jo Volt V9 and V12. It takes about a full bottle of Jo Volt V9 for me to begin to feel its effects, whereas I often only require half a bottle of V12 to feel warming/tingling. Although, the more I use V12, the more that it takes a full bottle to feel as much warming/tingling as well. I personally feel that the products are virtually the same and rely a great deal on the placebo of seeing different "voltage" numbers.

Because I adore the colors black and yellow next to each other and they remind me of the Pokemon Jolteon (no pun intended!), I might consider getting the Volt V9 over the Volt V12 in the future; again, I noticed little difference in their efficiency. Yet, I rated the Volt V9 a 4 because it felt like it took a little bit more of it to get any effect at all, yet it had the same effect as the V12 once it did have effect. Although, again, this could have all been placebo.

I feel extremely loyal now to the Volt series, and would like to try the Volt V6 now. I prefer it over any sensation play lube because it not only warms, but tingles. The Volt series also, interestingly enough, does not contain menthol, unlike most other warming products I know of.
    • Comparable to jo volt v12
    • Menthol free unlike most other warming products
    • Pretty for being yellow and black
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