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Great for Vaginal Exercises!

The Aneros Evi is a neat, new addition to the Aneros line. While it may not work for all females, it has a design that feels more "pleasurable" and more useful than many other vaginal exercisers.
Feels better than most, Workout definitely can be felt, Well-weighted, Good instructions
Price, Doesn't fit all anatomies, Not orgasmic, No storage bag
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The Aneros Evi is one of the first vaginal exerciser products that Aneros has put out. Known for their male prostate massagers, this is a new type of toy for them. Made of silicone, this non-vibrating toy is about four and a half inches long with a diameter of about an inch and a half. Designed to be a dual-stimulation toy and a kegel exerciser, this little silicone vaginal toy is optimized for vaginal use (though could still be used for anal use if you wanted.)

The packaging for the Aneros Evi is pretty extensive - and a bit overkill if you ask me. There's a sturdy, cardboard, inner box that comes packaged in a light outer cardboard box, that comes with a cardboard sleeve over top of that. Inside the inner-most cardboard box (which is really sturdy and could actually be used for long-term storage). It does not, however, include a pouch or anything like that. Which would have been nice considering the Evi is relatively small and would have been great to store it in something ASIDE from the monsterous packaging that it comes in. The Evi does include a two-page manual about how to use it and how to make the most of it. This instruction manual shows you a graphic picture of how to insert it (so you won't be confused which is a good thing!), instructions on how to prepare to use it, how to use it, and how to get even more out of it.

I have to admit that I feel that the Evi is pretty overpriced. It is just a solid piece of silicone. For other similar toys of this size, non-vibrating, made of silicone, the price tag usually runs around $40. The Evi is going for around $70. This seems very overpriced compared to similar sized items. Especially as I don't think the Evi is completely silicone - it seems too rigid to be just silicone. I'm sure the *covering* is definitely silicone, but I think there may be plastic or something underneath to help the Evi hold its shape. I'm sure the nice packaging and extensive marketing might have something to do with the price, though.

I think that the Evi works pretty well as a vaginal exerciser. I'm not sure that I'd call it the best toy for pleasure though. Most vaginal exercisers feel pretty decent on their own, and if you squeeze and focus on them, you can make some decent pleasurable, internal sensations. What sets the Evi apart is the fact that squeezing and massaging gives you an internal *and* external reward. And that can make the difference when it comes to wanting to use and exercise your muscles.

On that note, though, I wouldn't call the Evi orgasmic by itself. It's not bad, and it's pretty pleasurable, but even with tons of practice, I don't foresee this becoming orgasmic. The suggestions in the pamplet are good, and again, it feels nice, but it's not really an "orgasm" toy for me. At the same time, though, the pleasure that it provides, compared to some other kegel toys, makes it a better choice as a vaginal exerciser for me.

And as a vaginal exerciser, it does nicely. The Evi is well-weighted, and it actually does a fantastic job making me feel like I'm really exercising my muscles. Compared to a lot of the other exercisers, it feels very substancial, and it feels like I'm actually doing something compared to other ones. Plus, the external sensations that come as a "reward" definitely make the exercises much more interesting to do.

However, that's not to say that it really hit my clitoris or my g-spot. It really didn't hit either with too much precision. It felt nice, but it didn't give g-spot pleasure or on-the-spot external pleasure either. Judging by the other reviews, it has worked for other women, but it just doesn't do the same for me. Judging by all the reviews, it does seem to have that "hit or miss' quality, and the "Works for all women!" claim that Aneros makes may not be a completely accurate one.

So, with that in mind, I give Evi 3 stars. The packaging doesn't seem to claim that it's "orgasmic", so I won't hold it to that standard. It does, however, promise a good hands-free experience (which Evi does), an easy Kegel workout (which it does), and gives you a sensual experience (yep). At the same time, the design will not work for everyone, and it's not going to be the be-all, end-all sensation that causes orgasm. So keep those things in mind. If you primarily want it for a kegel exerciser, though, I do recommend it.
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    That price is a pretty big con
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    Thanks for the review! I don't need it to be orgasmic. I just need it to be an effective kegel exersizer. It sounds like it might be just the thing to add variety to my kegel routine!
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    Great review, thank you for your candid opinion.
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