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Powered by one AA battery, the Little Honey is a nice tease of a traditional vibrator. If you do not require a lot of power to achieve climax and like smaller toys, then the Little Honey is a nice toy to add to any collection.
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The waterproof Little Honey discreet traditional vibrator by Shaki Toys is designed primarily for external stimulation but can also be used for shallow vaginal insertion. Externally, it can be used to tease and caress your body during foreplay, over all of your erogenous zones that enjoy attention and being stimulated such as clitoris, labia, vulva, and nipples or a man’s balls and shaft. It is not designed for anal insertion so do not use it this way because you could have an embarrassing and unwanted trip to the emergency room if you do.

All users can appreciate its waterproof capabilities, allowing for some great fun in the tub or shower. Beginners will appreciate that it is small and does not look like a realistic penis, making it not intimidating at all. It is best suited for those that appreciate small toys that do not offer a lot of power.

You can use this solo or as a couple. The material is too hard and unforgiving to be used when a partner is directly on top of you, but if you are in a position where you can hold it onto your clitoris without a partner in the way then it can be used that way.

Material / Texture

This vibrator is made out of a hard plastic and does not have any flexibility to it at all. Plastic is considered an 8 on the safety scale and is non-porous so it won't harbor any bacteria. It is also made from food grade material and is considered phthalate free, latex free, and hypo-allergenic.

The only texture to it is the front and back: both have a slightly raised floral design. The design is for aesthetic purposes only and cannot be felt when inserted. You can faintly see where the seam runs the length of the vibe on the sides, but this seam cannot be felt.

It is best for those who enjoy toys that are firm and offer no additional texture.

It did not have any smell or taste right outside the box.

Design / Shape / Size

According to the package the Little Honey comes in three colors to choose from pink, black, and blue, but Eden only carries the pink. As far as pinks go, the vibrator is a very pretty medium toned pink with a silver ring around it where the cap twists off for the battery. It has a slightly raised floral design on the front and back of the vibrator, giving it an attractive decorative look. The floral design is what I like best about this vibrator as it gives the vibrator a feminine appearance.

It is very small and fits easily in the palm of my hand. It is lightweight and does not become cumbersome when using for long periods of time. It has an overall length of 4", with an insertable length of 3" and a circumference of 2 1/2". Due to its small size, you can easily fit this in your bag, purse, or pocket if you want to take it traveling with you.

As far as the overall design of the toy, I prefer smaller toys so I like this toy, but it would not be suitable for those that prefer larger toys. It would just be a teaser to them. It’s a nice simplistic toy with no bells and whistles. Basically, what you see is what you get and nothing more.

Functions / Performance / Controls

It requires 1 AA battery that is not included. The battery is located under a twist cap at the base of the toy. There was a little enclosed white slip in the battery cap that showed which direction the battery went in. Make sure to remove this before putting in your battery. It is not a battery guzzler at all, I had it on for at least 1.5-2 hours and the battery was still going strong.

This vibrator has two vibration settings: a low and high and no pulsation patterns. The buzzy vibrations can be felt throughout the shaft of the toy, but are concentrated mostly around the top and middle. This toy packs a nice punch for such a small vibrator, but for me, the vibrations are not powerful enough to get me to climax. However, that may not be the case for everyone.

It has an easy to use push button control that is located on the bottom of the vibrator. Click the white push button one time to turn it on and it will automatically go to the first setting. Push one more time and it goes to the highest setting. Push a third time to turn off. The button reminds me of a game-show buzzer and audibly clicks when pressed.

This is 100% waterproof, and I did take it into the shower with me and did not have any issues with it afterwards, so it is most definitely waterproof. There is an o-ring at the twist cap where the battery is located to protect it from getting water into the battery compartment and damaging the product. I do not see how water could seep into the battery compartment, but if you're concerned about it just make sure the lid is tightly closed.

It is quiet and cannot be heard through the covers, outside the door, through thin walls, or while in the shower.

Care and Maintenance

Since it is waterproof, cleanup is a breeze. Plastic can easily be cleaned with antibacterial soap and hot water, using your favorite toy cleaner, or by wiping down with isopropyl alcohol.

Always remove batteries when not in use to prolong the life of the toy.

Plastic allows you a diverse selection when choosing a lubricant because it is compatible with water, oil, silicone, and hybrid lubricants.

It does not come with any additional storage pouch. I keep mine loose in my lingerie drawer with my other toys because it does not pick up any lint and debris like silicone toys do.


The packaging was minimal. There's a slit where you can see the vibrator through the hole. The top mentions a blurb about Sex Toys, and the back mentions this factory was the first to ever be certified by National Medical Supervisory Bureau and again has the blurb about sex toys. So this package is not discreet.

Personal comments

Now to the fun part, I reviewed the Sex in the shower vibrator by Sportsheets a while back, and besides the color it’s the exact same toy. They are the same size, have identical vibrations, and have the same design patterns on the front.


I received this as a free gift with any purchase and did not realize I had something exactly like it. When I received it, I was in for a surprise. I immediately told my husband, I know I have something like this and went on the hunt for my other vibrator. I showed them both to him and although there may be a slight variance with the length of the vines on the design of the vibrator, he agreed these were the same toys.

I tested it out for experimental purposes, and just like my other one, I was not able to achieve climax with it. Neither version is strong enough for me and is best used as a teaser.
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I love the decorative design on this vibe, but other than that it doesn't d
much for me but tease. I need more power than this toy has to offer.
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